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Her hero's attire

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— Come on, Zelda, shouldn't be focusing on that...

That was what the princess keep telling herself since she was saved from her prison by a young man no older than her. But it was so dificult, so hard to stop.

They were just right there!

— Don't worry, princess, soon you will be in a safe place. I'll not let anything happen to you.

— Y-yes, thank you...

She felt bad after saying that. Zelda was almost unable to pay attention to what he was saying. Here he was, guiding her through the sewers under her castle, protecting her from the monsters that are there; and she was just...

Why, in the name of the Goddesses, I can't stop staring?!...

Zelda was glad that her savior, Link, was looking ahead of them, only checking from time to time that nothing was coming from behind her. She wouldn't had any possible explanation for the blush that she was sure was covering her entire face.


So, why is Zelda blushing so hard? I'll give you a hint: It's NOT because of Link holding her hand.

Hello, everyone! Once again here I am with a traditional color picture! I had not gave up in Digital Color, but with school, it's a little easier to do this in my free time!

Another Retro Zelda picture for you all! From A link to the past once more! Maybe I should start paying attention to other versions of ZeLink! What do you say??

Anyway! I decided to draw them when they are going through the sewers. Nothing original or new, I know, but I had never tried something like that! You people know I usually draw them posing together or something! And also, I wanted to try to play with the colors with the Lantern, or its light, to be more especific!

I liked the final result! What do you think? I hope that you people like it too!

See ya!

Lineart & Color: :icongeneral-link:

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Link, Princess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda/Nintendo
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Uno de mis momentos preferidos de A Link to the past.
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This is so funny. Don't these old tunnels sometimes have wind "channeled" through them? If a freak gust caused the bottom of Link's tunic to lift a bit for a brief moment, even with the presumed shadow....well, according to the illustrations in the instructions for both Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, he truly had nothing on under that tunic. I think it was Zelda games going 3D that forced later Links to wear SOMETHING down there! So Zelda may have gotten more than just legs! Or as the joke goes, she got a special from a chicken restaurant (two legs, and buns!)
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Princesa o no, las hormonas hacen su efecto XD
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So Link have nice back thighs heh? 8D
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Indeed he does. Just ask the princess.
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It's the hair, it's always the hair. Or hat.
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Well, of course. Why do you think he always wears it?
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Because it's a lady killer :D
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In my case it's because Zelda likes it!
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Gotta love your traditional pics! :love:
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Thank you! I'm very glad that you like them! To be honest I was kinda nervous I wasn't going to do a good job with the traditional style, it was something I usually avoided!
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You're most welcome! It's always nice to see some traditional works from artists who usually prefer digital. ^^
Heh, well to me the digital art is what I sometimes seems to be avoiding. It feels much easier to just pic up a pen and find some paper than wait until your computer starts and then click the programme. But everybody do as they like. :shrug: For me traditional is a lot easier since I've grown with it. The hardest part in digital art to me is drawing the lines. 
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I agree with you that is easier, definitely. At least in the process. But if I want to do some effects, it would be easier if I did it in the computer. Or also when I need to color the backgrounds, definitely easier when I'm doing it digitally. I guess I need more practice.

To me, the lines are not that hard. After all, it's just basically drawing over my sketch! But if we are talking about doing it 100% digital...then yes, drawing the lines is a pain.
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Let me think of more situations that I can make fun of from this game, and I'll do it, I promise!
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It's a joke concerning the fact that Alttp Link doesn't have pants covering his legs. You know how most men look at a woman's legs when she is using a short skirt? Well, this is basically the same, with Zelda unable to look away from Link's legs.
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Oh. Oh okay. Gg Zelda.
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