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Tues 4: Head in Perspective

By genekelly
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UPDATE: I added a little information on finding the center of a cube in perspective at the suggestion of tojisuzuhara. Thanks, Jon!


You might want to check out my previous foreshortening tutorial before reading this one! -->…


Why the #@%!! am I still awake? lol. Okay, so here's Tuesday's contribution to Anatomy Practice Week... which I'm in danger of needing to rename Tutorial Week, lol. Anyway, here's how I go about putting the human head in perspective. Maybe this will be helpful to you, maybe this is obvious and useless, maybe you have some clever ideas of your own to add. Any of those are good. :)

And tomorrow I am for really, really, really real just going to practice some anatomy drawing and not do a full blown tutorial... probably. (sigh) Good night!

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This is that kind of human head tutorial I've been looking for 
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Wow! This helps me so much!
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Cool! This was helpful. I have a hard time figuring out how to do certain head angles, particularly the above and below view. Lol it makes it even harder that I like to draw manga style and the wide variation in the facial features tends to make my drawing look off sometimes.. I like this box tutorial.
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Awesome tutorial!  Concise, informative explanations and crisp examples get all the concepts across while still still reading easily.  And thanks for the tidbit on finding the center off a box; that alone will be a real help!

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My pleasure. Excited to hear it's helpful.
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Awesome tutorial, really helpful!
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very informative
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Hope it helped. :)
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This tutorial...Is probably the most helpful one I've ever seen!
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I'm glad it's helpful! :)
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5 THUMBS uP....
box is easier than a circle....
i wiLL try this thing cause im having hard time on perspectives....
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That's a lot of thumbs, lol. Hope this helps. Thanks for taking a look!
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this is a good explaination ^_^
it is very confusing drawing people different ways o.o
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thank you for sharing, it's a real great tutorial
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Happy to share!
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This has to be the most helpful tutorial I've ever read! I've looked up countless head tutorials and this one trumps.
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That's nice to hear. Glad you found it useful. :)
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Helpful! Awesome!
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Glad to hear it. :)
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OHMYGOD, that just simplified it so well D:
that box technique...GENIUS~
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It's not anything I made up of course, but I'm really glad it's helpful. :)
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It is!!
Thanks again :D
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