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Merxes Avatam: Fantroll
Name: Merxes Avatam
Screen name: mercurialPsychopomp
Typing Style: spaces_replaced_with_underscores no_punctuation
Sign: Mercury ☿
Strife Specibi: Staffkind
Top-teir Weapon: The Caduceus
Blood color: Teal
Horns: Curved like the top of Mercury's symbol.
Dreamer: Derse
Land: Land of Alchemy and Flow
Lusus: Winged Snake
Role: Herald of Death
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 0
Kitsune Reference WIP
Alright before I get down to my ideas of what a kitsune is and does, let's start with the real-world idea of them.
Foxes are a nocturnal hunter, with an eerie, haunting cry, and a reputation for almost supernatural cunning and cleverness. It is no surprise that their mythological counterparts draw their inspiration from these traits.
Kitsune is actually the Japanese word for fox. But it can also refer to a type of Youkai (Demon/Supernatural spirit) in Japanese mythology, an intelligent fox spirit creature with magical powers, including Shapeshifting (particularly to human form), enchantment, illusions, Cold Flames, and supernatural wisdom. In fox form, they tend to grow additional tails as they get older, up to nine in total.
While their mythological origins have them as divine servants and even gods of a sort, they're also classic Tricksters who mess with mortals for shits and giggles. They usually play their pranks on men, while they have a tendency to possess women. (which shows up
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 0
No More Lies
I will stop you from breathing
Stop all the deceiving
Everything dies
Everyone lies
Everyone tries to hold on to their lives
While it all dies
Everyone tries to hold on to their lies
When there is no one left alive
You stand for nothing
Seemed to missed something
I will bring you down all on my own
Oh your anger
I can taste it
I will take all my hatred
I am the chosen one
I will burn all that is sacred
When everything dies
Look to the sky
To see the end of all creation again
See with your eyes
My army of lies
When no one is alive
You have lost all sense of unity
Bring you down to your knees
So that it is just you an me
Bring you down to see you bleed
No one cries
When everyone dies
Then there are no more lies
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 5 5
January 2011 Desktop by Gene-Inari January 2011 Desktop :icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 0 October 2010 Desktop by Gene-Inari October 2010 Desktop :icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 3 6
Shadow Archetype
It's underneath
I don't know why
It's a constant fight
Deep inside
And I want to forget it
I am your enemy within
I am your enemy without
I am what you are in the dark
I am your shadow
I'm always afraid
Of what's inside me
I'm always afraid
Of what's inside my head
I'm on the edge
No matter how much you deny
I am as much as you
As you are me
Where there is your light
There is my shadow
Take this away
Help me escape
Take this away
I can't do it
You can not hide me
You can not control me
Come take me back
Or else become me
It's not me
But it is
I confess...
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 3 2
Thicker than water?
She takes the blade and runs it across her skin
Her blood to bleed
Sweet release
A warm trickle
Scent chokes the air
Watching her sweet nothings run down her arm
Basking in her suffering
But sleep cannot come, not yet
Taking the light
Burning her blood
She's just beginning
The rush
The release
The redemption
Adding to her story
Each and every scar
Till ragged and raw
Yet she will never finish
Not till the finishing touch
By death do we part
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 2 7
Stuck Up Here
Sitting up here in my room
Listening to the dark
Thinking of you
Our hour is too short
I wish I could bleed for you
As you bleed from your heart pulled out
I think of you
All the trials
All the trouble
All the times I wish I were there
I think of the deep inside you
I shake, tremble, quake
Feeling the deep inside you
Take the guilt for myself
So it's harder for you to leave
Wish I could bleed
But I'm too far out
They don't know that's your heart exposed
All I know is
Our time is short
Our dream is long away
Dreaming I take it all away
As you lie dreamless
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 4
I Dare You
I found you in your corner
Should I open up on my end
Or just ignore you all?
Should I open up my eyes
And believe you were changed?
I looked at you in your corner
You seem lost
With no intention to be found
I listened to you:
My future's bleak
I've got nothing to lose
So let me be
That's all you can take from me
The more the light shines to me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend to be burning bright
There's nothing ever right
I know I've crossed a line
There's always something new
Some fact I'm supposed to choose
I looked at you:
You're not that strong
Weak inside
I knew all along
This made-up army
You fight in your head
Wonder why you make-believe
You live your life's strength through me
Question me and then you lie
I will not justify your ways
Will not show you that escape
I do not know you anymore
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 6
Laying here in bed at night
Listening to our songs
I wish we didn't have to wait
But I know it'll be worth it
Thinking of you
I cry
I'd sacrifice all my nights to be with you
You always say
I'm the one
Now as I lay here in the dark
Listening to our songs
I realize like never before
You are more than the whole world to me
Times before I've tried
Reached for what we now have
I'd grasp a passing wisp
Feeling still unfulfilled
Now I've found what I've reached for
I swear I'll never let it crumble
Never let it go
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 2 2
Who'd of Thought...
Who'd of thought it would have been like this
You'd be the someone that I want to be with
We can talk about it all night long
And I can feel you pace around the phone
I know you don't want to be alone
You cried when you missed my call
Who'd of thought it would have been like this
To be that someone you want to be with
Listen to all your favorite songs
Hear them everyday
Sing along with them too
Till you run out of breath
Who'd of thought it would have been like this
To be that someone you want to be with
You can tell me about it all night long
The day you thought it would all be over
That it would all bring you down
That you would die alone
But now it's all behind you
Now I make sure that you're smiling
Who'd of thought it would have been like this
You'd be the someone that I want to be with
Somewhere deep inside
We just knew
We would be the ones we want to be with
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 1 1
Of the One Who Watches Within.
You left me here. I'm not lost because no one is looking for me. I'm not searching for anyone either. You told me you would do this. I obviously didn't believe you. I obviously regret that doubt now. My hands are cold and my breath is short. Just like you told me they would be. I was unable to muster the emotion because I was indifferent. I am still unable to feel anything, but I feel I can blame some of my empty state of mind and being on simple, physical numbness. The icy cold that plagued my being earlier is still there I'm sure, but the pain is gone. Perhaps the only reason I can still feel that biting and crisp, yelling slices of fire on my finger tips is because I am able to move them, breath on them, see them. I am aware of their existence--unlike anything within my realm. You warned me of this oblivion. You forced the words into my ears as you forced your opinions into my heart and back out of my own mouth. All I can see is darkness, even during the day. The light blinds me whe
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 4
October 2007 Desktop by Gene-Inari October 2007 Desktop :icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 0 2
Pirates - The Unmarked Map Ch3
Gene was sitting on a dock not to far from where his little encounter occurred. He was staring into the horizon and watching the waves of the sea, slightly disappointed that Nightwind got away, but his mind was on other things. If... If I wasn't part of the Navy. If... If Kyllik was still alive. If only things could be different. If I could turn away. If I could turn back time. If only I refused to... It was sunset, the sky was a brilliant mix of pink and orange and the reflection in the waves only made the scenery more beautiful. Gene took a deep sigh, I forgot how nice the sunset can be...
Valaree walked up behind Gene and dropped his rapier and pistol beside him on the dock. "You need not leave these things of value around", she said as she crossed her arm and snarled at the scenery. "I hate the sun set on days like this. Days that I have done nothing but waste away." Valaree glanced down at him. "...Anyways I'll do what I do best." With that, Valaree sat down beside
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 1 8
I trusted your intentions
A trust you took advantage of
Now you are sitting in the hole that you dug around yourself
You've lied so much
You think it's true
As if you really knew what truth was
Do you know what the truth is?
I trusted you
I trusted in you
Did you forget the damage you have done?
All the things you've done
Coming back to you
This time you're going to feel it
Your conscience slowly suffocating you
In time you will regret it
Say goodbye to all you've gotten used to
Life will find a way to bring this karma to you
Everything must come full circle
It kills me that
I feel this hurtful
I wonder what they think of you
And of all your excuses
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 1 2
Pirates - The Unmarked Map Ch2
Night pushed himself through the crowd. He took a glance around and there was no apparent sign of Gene on his tail. He slowed his run to a fast walk, keeping an eye for any signs of his peruser. He ducked down into a tent of a shop, inside were pieces of extravagant and soft cloth. He spotted a red strip of cloth that could be used as a nice bandanna and he told himself he must have it. The shop keep who Nightwind stumbled upon, sold the red silk to him and wrapped it around his waist for later. He stepped out back into the bright sun and packed streets. He looked back and saw Gene catching up "Ah, yes, forgot about that." Night said as he quickly went back into the crowd.
"Hiding in the thick of the crowd I see." Gene said walking quickly through the mass of people. His sharp eyes searching for Nightwind, darting from one place to another as if tracking a fly. Gene then saw Nightwind's blue hair standing out like a pirate's red flag.
Nightwind heard people behind him yell, as if being
:icongene-inari:Gene-Inari 1 1

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United States
♥ To every guy that said, "Sex can wait"...
♥ To every guy that said, "You're beautiful"...
♥ To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her...
♥ To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down...
♥ To every guy who has given her flowers just because that's how he rolls...
♥ To every guy that said he would die for her...
♥ To every guy that really would...
♥ To every guy that did what she wanted to die for...
♥ To every guy that cried in front of her...
♥ To every guy that she cried in front of...
♥ To every guy that holds hands with her.
♥ To every guy that kisses her with meaning..
♥ To every guy that hugs her when she's sad...
♥ To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all...
♥ To every guy who would give their jacket up for her...
♥ To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe...
♥ To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes...
♥ To every guy that would give his seat up...
♥ To every guy that just wants to cuddle...
♥ To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what...
♥ To every guy who told his secrets to her...
♥ To every guy that showed how much he cared through every word and every breath...
♥ To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one...
♥ To every guy that believed in her dreams...
♥ To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them...
♥ To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams...
♥ To every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door...
♥ To every guy that gave his heart...
♥ To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he's not with her...

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore. And because of this, there are not many left out there. I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not repost this because they care more about their image.

- If you are a nice guy, repost this in your journal with the title: "Nice guys STILL finish last";

- If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way, repost this in your journal with the title: "To Every Guy".

Because that's how it should be.



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