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Daenerys Targaryen sculpt

Made for practice :)
Love her character in Game of Thrones
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Very Good Job!!! You share it, STL files
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It seems this has been done by full body scanning rig and then put together in Agisoft and rendered with Z-brush , The girl is sad , it's classic art. 
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Sooo. I'm only one who thinks she is horrendous miscast?
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Not eally a miscast, just a terrible actor,
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Did you use Zbrush?
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Billion poly scenes like this are always Zbrush ^^
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Wait, is this a resin or clay sculpture? If so, do you do commissions?
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that's... that's.... AMAZING :iconwtwplz:
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And I don't use caps lock lightly 
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This is INSANE
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Oh wow, you have a lot of skill!! Great work on every aspect, especially love the detailing on the boots and the materials on the clothes. Well done!
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Nice work ... Its looks like a reel cool..
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Millions ahha
It's a zbrush sculpt only
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Just one critique! The heel looks really odd not sitting on the ground with the shadow
Other than that though dangg
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GENCi would you consider uploading an obj version. Wanna rig these and texture em badly. Will give Credits fo sho :D 
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Sorry, i won't upload her anywhere. I just want her as a sculpt for now :)
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GENCi can you please Upoad an .obj File :O <3 love your sculpts wanna texture em so bad. or even rig the m
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absolutely breathtaking
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