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Hero running cycle - pixel

Running animation test
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it looks like the hero from arcane...look it up on youtube it's really interesting

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That`s a really nice cycle you`ve made!  How many frames per second did you use in this one?
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Thank you! It was such a long time ago that I don't remember. But since it was one of my first pixel animations I think I was doing the classic animation timing of 24 fps and holding each image for two frames, or two's as it's sometimes called.
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Thank you for answering! I'm still getting started with 2D animation for games and your work is being such a great inspiration, still learning the basics of walking and runnind cycles hahah. Hope you can keep up the good work o/  
Is there an idle version of this?
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No, this was an animation test for a project which as to my knowledge, never came to fruition.
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Cool! What program do you use? 
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GraphicsGale a cheap pixel animation software.
Just found a kickstarter indiegame that uses a very similar style of pixel animation as this one:…
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Thank you for notifying me of this. 
i study pixel art, which program do you use? this is super awesome! 
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GraphicsGale is the software I use. I think it's great for pixel animation.
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This is cool, really cool
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Hey, how did you do this? I'm new to pixel art and would like to get to a level where I can do this. What program did you use? And advice or guidance is much appreciated. It's so good
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For this I used a software called GraphicsGale. A very affordable program which also has a demo version. Very good software for doing pixel animations.
As for advice I'd say read up on some of the animation principles. From it you'll learn the basics concepts. After that just looking at other peoples work or study spritesheets can give you tons of insight of how it's approached.
Hope you'll find any of that helpful:)
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Happy you like it!
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I like it!!! Congrats!
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Happy you like it;D
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