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What is the biggest factor that makes you want a character to receive a wedgie (aside from personality)? 

35 deviants said Just a general admiration for the game/movie/show/book/etc they are in, combined with a wedgie fetish
23 deviants said What the character wears: a modest character getting humiliated by being stripped, a more provocative character receiving karma from her revealing attire, etc.
14 deviants said The character's position of power/stature/place in society/etc in their story, and how a wedgie would destroy it/ruin their reputation?
8 deviants said The setting, whether it be more likely for wedgies to occur there or where regular rues of reality don't apply
6 deviants said A rivalry between characters, and how a wedgie thrown into their world is an interesting twist for them to utilize on one another?
5 deviants said The powers associated with the franchise, such as super-strength, magic, trickery, gadgets etc.
1 deviant said Other (please comment below)

Devious Comments

gustavodurao Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
to me is the curiosity about what would their reaction be like.
yuiopoi Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018
This is hard but in general I’m mostly drawn into the humiliation aspect and it hits harder if the person is high ranking in society, granted that doesn’t apply to ever character I like to see wedgied, but most.
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