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Coming back here after a while was quite surprising... In that not much has changed, and yet, some things have. I was also touched that after all this time, I'm still getting new watchers and faves and such. So heartwarming to see. 💖 So thank you to all my new watchers, and a big shout-out to all my previous watchers as well. I've had this account for 12 years, it seems. So many years have gone by without me noticing it as such. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and thank you. ♥️✨
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Hey, guys!

1. So... did anyone see the end of Dragon Ball Super? It was great! A little cliche, perhaps, but I still liked it. Honestly, anything that has to deal with a 'tournament' of some type is like a cop-out story line to me... but what do I know? lol
Though (obviously) DBZ is better, I did enjoy DBS for what it was. I understand now though, that perhaps I shouldn't have totally given up on my Trunks' Date story ~because of DBS~ because, besides the canon, people can believe whatever they want to believe anyway. Also, I didn't like the canon anyway, haha (Trunks & Mai). So, me, stopping, really doesn't matter when it comes to that. Moreso, it's just not having enough time to do it (the fancomic), I think. Or more like... I should be doing my original art more, you know?
#whynotboth ? Still wondering that though. I should just do whatever gives me the most energy and inspiration. -_- Who's to say how my "success" should happen or should look like? I have been trying to make/force my own rules and paths for far too long....

2. I did do some site updates, though, they may not seem so apparent to you guys, haha. Just changed the feed source to the site updates on the right side of the main page, and added a few social media buttons on the top~

3. My comic, Mystery of the Black Water, is now being sold in this store! 🙌…

& It may be in another local store as well! Very excited! Though, now, I need to make more comics to have more of a variety in those stores, haha... :) #wishmeluck
Thanks for sticking with me! 🌟

4. Sorry that I have been absent from DA for a very long time! I should at least check in to let people know that I'm alive! lol. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I should do some fanart sometime... (At least one...) 👧🏽✨ Most of my current life updates can be found on my main site though!

EDIT: Here's Chapter 8's script! :)...
Trunks' Date- Ch 8. -Script version- by genaminna
Trunks' Date- Ch. 9 -Script version- by genaminna ...And 9!
Trunks' Date- Ch. 10 -Script version- by genaminna 10! :)

And by DBS, I mean Dragonball Super, of course... :XD: :)

Well! Let me just say that I am super happy that Mirai Trunks is back! (But will it ever be explained on why his hair is blue now? XD... idk, lolz)
Anyway, I realized that a lot of what has happened has been very similar to my Trunks' Date story (in later parts, haha... minus the Trunks/Mai thing... I would've never thought of that! lols).
Agh, so therefore... I got even less motivated to finish my story. XD -__-

Though, I wish I could, but at this point in my life, it's not really realistic. I really need to work on my originals and such. Besides, I kind of made the DBZ characters my own, sorta... but that's just generally what happens when you're doing fanmanga/doujishi, right?... But the original reason I did it was to practice, and also because there was basically no hope in ever getting DBZ revived (as in, Toriyama writing a canon for it). But now that we have that, I dunno... I'd like to respect the canon (even though the idea of Trunks/Mai is still a little redic/plot holey to me for now). But yeah.
(I'm semi-honored that things are sorta similar, lols.) I mean, I guess my story is just a sorta alternate reality type of thing... as all fanfics are...

To not leave you hanging, would you all like for me to upload the story in script form? You can choose to read it or not, if you are still hoping/waiting for the comic-version of it and don't want to be spoiled... XD (Of course, things might change once/if I ever do the actual drawn-out version. But at this point, I don't know. You might be waiting a super long time. XD (Get it? Dragoball Super? ok, I highly doubt I will have the time/motivation to do a full comic version, so at least you'll get the story of it?... For closure purposes... that is, if you even want it.

(It's not even all of the way done, but I could at least aim to finish the script in a realistic time frame. Right now, there's 19 finished chapters. Working on #20 now. Might be 24 total?)

So, let me know. :aww: ^_^; (Gomen!)

P.S. If I ever get the time to finish/motivation the drawn-out version one day, I hope you don't mind the 'spoilers'! That's mostly what this post is about. I truly do love my story! But aghh..... real life obligations and such...

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Heya, guys!

Trying something new in 2016; I mean, doing more original stuff.

Nekoturr's Realm: The Prelude! (pts. 1&2)

Well, some of this was posted beforehand (in 2015 and beyond, lol), but I adjusted the story in the  meantime, and re-edited/redrew some pages (to make it more like the version I made in High School), entirely. So, here it is! (11 pages so far--including the title-- but more to come later!)

It's not your typical happy-Gena story, but I hope you'll like it, regardless!

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Yo, peoples! It’s been a while. (My blog/journal seems to always have these large gaps in the middle of posting, lol.) Sry. Real life, ya know. Anyways.

Life lately has been strange. A strange mix of events.

For the good news (if you haven’t already heard): Hey Arnold! is returning to Nickelodeon!!…
Whooohoooo!!! (<–Honestly, this doesn’t fully express my excitement, because I’ve known about this for a while now, and have expressed it more fully in other places, lol.)
But what great news!! This was a group effort though. All of the fans, Craig, Nick, etc. After all of our hard work campaigning, and getting Nick’s attention… buying all of the merch that we could… finally… (It’s coming back as a T.V. movie for now (TJM!!), but maybe we’ll get another season or series if we’re patient and nice. :) (And if the movie does well in ratings/sales…)
Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t give up on something, if it’s something that you really want! Anything can happen! :)

Which comes to my next problem. My personal art goals are all over the place, man. The TJM news is very inspiring, sure. It’s helped to bring me back into my writing/drawing mood. I’ve felt– for a long while– that I’ve just been doing stuff “for work” and not for me… bu that’s not how my art began as, you know? It later turned into just pleasing others via commissions or with companies. Sure, in order to have a job in art (or anything), you have to serve. But shouldn’t there be a balance if it’s your personal way of expression too? I’ve felt like I’ve given up multiple times on myself…
Although I used to blatantly tell myself that I would rather commit suicide than to give up on my dreams… well, after realizing that killing yourself would be sending you straight to hell, I opted out of that, but… I had already been dead, and been “killed”/ given up on the inside. That’s… just as bad, imo. Having no motivation, just living until you die. What kind of a life is that?

Secondly, I also want to honor God with my art/comics/stories. But just having a heck of a time in figuring out how. The way things are currently going… well… it just seems that things are going veryyyy slow. I have many stories in my head, but there’s no way that I’ll be able to finish them all if things continue like the way they are now. I just need to do something… different… I don’t know what that looks like yet. But I’ll figure it out, hopefully.

Thirdly, I just feel a sense of overwhelming guilt in not finishing my fancomic, Trunks’ Date. I really don’t feel the motivation to finish it (right now, at least). But I just feel guilty about it. Is that a good, bad or neutral thing? Other comic/art professionals I’ve talked to have told me that I shouldn’t do it anymore. I do understand their position. I feel guilty for giving it up, since it’s gone on for so long, and I want to move on to my personal, original art/stories more, but… maybe there’s an off-chance that I could go back to finish it once I get my original art-life in order more?

I am just out of balance, in general.

But such is life in figuring out how to live. Also, just trying to be more grateful for my friends and family– because you never know what might happen tomorrow. I want to prepare my soul for death, even if that does seem a bit morbid. but really, that’s just reality. You never know…
I’ve seen too many deaths happen this year– either to people I’ve worked with, knew offhandedly, or knew of friends’ relatives who have passed away. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes they knew it beforehand. But, the result is still the same: it just made me realize how short our lives can be, and how much we (I) take it for granted, sometimes. I want to live with no regrets. I also want to die with no regrets. I just have to continually ask myself (and really see this as my reality)– what would I like to accomplish if today/tomorrow/a week from now was my last day? What would be more important for me?

It’s not even having money, or being ‘successful’ which would be most important; but the depth in how much you loved others, your relationships, is what I think will be all that matters in the end. (My relationship with God is number one, and then my relationships with others, afterward.) How much did I love others, and honor/love God in doing so? So, instead of being in a defaultly selfish mode (as per the usual), I have these things to figure out. Because– as stated before– you just never know.
On my death bed, I would like to think that I “did my best.” But I have a long way to go.

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In case you haven't heard...:D (I've only seen one journal post about it!! Surprising.)…

Needless to say, I am ecstatic. :D (And if you know me on FB, you should already know that I'm super-geeked for it, lol.)
What do you think?

(I realllyyyy want Mirai Trunks to come back! lol)
Can't wait to see more Gohan as a daddy ^^ and baby Pan/Bra too :D (Please make GT un-canon! Haha.)
I guess Toriyama-san got inspired all over again after the Freeza movie? :D :D
So, now, we'll call it... "DBS"??? xD DBC?? (It's Dragon Ball Chou, in Japan XDD)
Hello, everyone. I felt like I should at least let you guys know what's going on inside of my head.

So, a little more than a month ago, one the past pastors from our church passed away. (He had cancer, but was actually fighting it for a while; it just spread. It was his time, I suppose). But, two years ago, he was completely fine. We just never know... :(

Also, nearly around the same time, my left hand had begun to hurt, like I was having carpal tunnel symptoms. (It runs in my family, but...) I thought, 'what?! I'm way too young for that! Plus, why is it in my left hand, and not my right?' (since I use my right hand more for drawing, I thought.) Well, thank goodness it wasn't my right hand. (I would have been wayyy tooo depressed. I'd already been depressed enough for it being my left hand.) Also, my older sis (33) had it for sometime after being pregnant... so it's not too out of the question, in terms of age...
Previously, I thought, 'if something ever happened to my drawing hand (right), then I could maybe train my left hand for a backup...' So much for that idea, I guess... -_-... I'm still kind of hoping that maybe I just hurt/bruised it one day in my sleep. It was weird; one day, it was completely fine, and the next, the whole hand completely hurt. O_o :(
Nowadays, it still hurts, but only a little, and only (mostly) the middle finger. (I wonder if this has something to do with the positioning of holding my 3DS though?)


What does this have to do with anything (or with you guys), you're asking? Well, this, among, other things, made me reevaluate my life. I realized that life is so fleeting; it is but a breath, and it can pass away at any moment. It reminded me of my own mortality, as in, "What would I regret not doing if I did-- indeed-- die tomorrow? In a week? In two years? What would I do?"

Like, what would I do if I had no fear?

So, it made me wonder... if the current life I'm living our of fear... or faith?... Am I really realizing my dreams, or even trying to? Have I given up? I don't know... but I do know that if I were diagnosed with cancer today, that things would be very different.

So, what's holding me back? I still don't really know. But I know that I do need to change something. So, therefore, how this relates to you guys is that I am not sure if I am really drawing what I want to draw, or if I'm drawing to simply please others, and not my deepest self/spirit. I am just not sure. I haven't drawn much in this past month, which is quite different from the usual artists' drawing block. I know what I want to do, but I just don't have the strength or courage to do so. I have so many unfinished things; I'd hate to start another and not complete it. But... how much time do I really have left? And... who's to say I will be allowed to finish what I already DID start? Is the finishing part the most important thing? Shouldn't it be, 'enjoying the ride while it lasts'?

Of course, I never intend to start things and never finish them. I always want to finish them; it just seems that something always gets in the way, or I lose the initial inspiration or drive to do so. So, I plainly wondered, 'what is the point in starting another 'something' if I'm going to lose the drive all over again?' So, I'm just now reevaluating my drive, my original purpose in why I am doing what I do, or drawing what I am drawing (or writing). Who am I trying to please, and what is my goal with this?
Or maybe I am just thinking too hard...

Anyway, that has been my thought process for the past month or so. I am not sure what the answer is; but I do know that something needs to either change or stop. (Sitting still isn't going to change anything; this is just me in the middle of my contemplation/reflection.)



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Almost a month and no real update!

Well, a few things have taken over my life:
1. My new 3dsxl
2. Applying for this Nickelodeon fellowship thingie (I have to try, at least)
3. Last minute decided to enter in the Silent Manga competition again. I may or may not get it done in time, but eh.
4. Doing more work for my actual job (painting work)
5. Hanging out with people/family xD ('cause I need a life too, lol)

The contests and all of that are over in March, but man, I still have a lot to do. And, I'm sorry.
(March is almost always busy for me...)

(Told you that block of free time was only temporary... lol -_-)

I am seriously '---' <-- this close to just uploading the Trunks' Date script chapters, for whoever wants to read them. But it's not even done yet. I still need to do some more DBZ research, so that it can make sense in my head, at least. I had a dream where the canon DBZ had (more) elements of my story in them, and I was like, 'See, that's why I can never get this done. It's already been done before! It'll REALLY look like I'm copying!' But, then I woke up, and realized, no, it was just stuff in my story, not the real DBZ, lol. I wonder what that dream was telling me though?... lol.
I just don't know anymore. >__<  -_____-;;;

(I have a headache, hence the mood thing.)
If you ever wanted to go back and read through the chapters (without having to search through my whole gallery), here's a shortcut to that! (Maybe I can make a separate website to post the pages later!... So you won't have to click through everything, lol.)

Chapter 1: Trunks' Date, ch 1, page 1 by genaminna
Chapter 2: Trunks' Date, ch 2, page 22 by genaminna
Chapter 3: Trunks' Date, ch 3, page 51 by genaminna
Chapter 4: Trunks' Date, ch 4, page 85 by genaminna
Chapter 5: Trunks' Date, ch 5, page 120 by genaminna
Chapter 6: Trunks' Date, ch 6, page 152 by genaminna
Chapter 7: Trunks' Date, ch 7, page 195 by genaminna
Chapter 8: Trunks' Date, ch 8, page 245 by genaminna
(Long journal up ahead.)

Okay, just giving you a little update. I'm aiming for 24 chapters now (orz, I know, right?... Too long...) But such is the story progression... better than me rushing it, and having it suck, right? (Well, for real, I'm at chapter 20 now, and it's only just now getting into the climax-- I am just estimating that it'll be around 24, but it might be more.)

Anyway, I said that to say... that I'm kind of depressed over it.
I mean, that's essentially 16 more chapters than what I already have... (And I have only done 8 (well, almost) in the past 15 years!... lol... Realistically... I have no idea when that will get done, based on my current uploading schedule. (I try to do 1-2 pgs. a week.) Of course, if this was my full-time job, I would have no problem getting out a chapter every month (or two months, if it's super-long, like Chapter 8 is gonna be, lol...). But... it's sadly not. And, I don't really feel comfortable in having people buy a doujinshi since it's officially against the law. (Plus, I don't think I have enough readers/interest to pay for that anyway). I'd like to keep it free, if I can. However, it just stinks, because that means I cannot do it full-time and make lots of pages for you all. I'm still on the fence on what I plan to do with it.

My current schedule: (hypothetically, if it ends up being 24 chapters)
Uploading 1-2pgs a week= One chapter a year (maybe two, if we're lucky, or if they're short).
= 16+ more years. Non-stressful, but loonnngg...

Uploading 7 pages a week= One chapter every two months or so (since they seem to be long...)
= 4+ more years... I doubt that could happen, unless I stress myself... or quit one of my jobs, orz (which I cannot do for a fancomic XD).

Regular manga-ka's schedule:
Uploading/ drawing 1-2 pages a day= One chapter a month.
= 1 1/2-2 years. Yeahhh.... not gonna happen (though I wish it would, lol).

...Well, at least those are better than my old, lax "schedule" which was like... 4 pages a YEAR, lolz. (Yeah, that would never be getting done!)


I really wanna get it done, but then again, I don't want to:
A.) Stress myself, since this is supposed to be for fun anyway
B.) Rush the artwork or story, then all of that time will be useless if it ends up sucking anyway
C.) Wait too long, and have to rewrite everything all over, because it'll be outdated.
D.) Wait TOO long, and no one is interested in reading it anymore, lol.

I like using TD for practice, like to show/update how my style has changed throughout the years. But I could do that with any manga, srsly...

Real Talk:
A part of me is feeling like TD is holding me back from being a true, pro manga/comic artist. Like, I'll always feel like I'll suck and am 'not good enough' until I finish this and stop doing doujinshis. It's an insecurity of mine, I guess. But, like I said, TD is good practice... but... is that all I care about it for?

No, I like the story of it too; though, it's questionable if others will like the direction it will be going in, later on (but this was the "plot" all along... lol). Honestly, it only had a real 'plot' since like... chapter 3, maybe xDD... It was originally supposed to be a one-shot, maybe 5 chapters, at the most (believe it or not)!
I get carried away in my stories. ^^;

But, it's hard for me to focus on this and another story at the same time. Maybe it's a weakness, I don't know. But it sure is distracting. Maybe once I write it all out, I'll be able to mentally move on to other projects (even though, I could still be drawing this on the side... the writing is the hardest part.)

Also, another thing that's depressing me about it (well, only a small part of me is depressed about it-- the other side is super-excited/happy!)...
All of the new DBZ content!
... I originally made TD as a homage to the end of GT and DBZ, and ORIGINALLY, it was an ORIGINAL story (I'm talking about where I am now, chapter 20+, in the written chapters). At the time, I never once thought that DBZ would be "revived" in any way with all of the new video games, comics (/side stories like Jaco, etc.) and even new movies/ t.v. specials!! It's actually awesome, really, and I'm super-excited for it!
However... with all of this, all of my (once) original ideas are becoming not so very original anymore?? I've had to change the story a couple of times in the middle (won't tell you where... but you might figure it out later?) because of the new content. I'd like to be as canon as possible, while still being original. However, I know that TD will never be completely canon anyway XD This is just my own little adventure-land, head-canon world, lol. Still, head-canon or fantasy-world, or not, I would still like if it it didn't seem that I was copying other stories! (Though it WAS original at the time...)

As long as they don't make a movie/comic dealing with Present Trunks and Mirai Trunks switching places (and have it be a romantic comedy), I think I'm good xD xD...
Essentially, that's what it is; a romantic comedy, with small fighting parts, which is something that DBZ only had small hints of (but I wish there were more!~~). And who knows-- at this rate, with all of this new stuff, we may get even more~!!

Still, you might see later, how it intercedes and or/connects with some of the current DBZ canon, which used to not be so... but, hey, that's what happens when you work on a fancomic. Stuff can change, if the original author decides to change it.


And, the last thing that discouraged me a little is... well, I remembered a convo/ q&a thing that an actual mangaka gave to me-- that I respect a SUPER LOT-- and they told me that I should do my own original stuff... instead of doujinshi.
Now, usually it wouldn't matter, but let's just say that this particular manga artist holds a lot of weight for me in his/her words. (And for them to even speak to me/answer my questions, period, was a huge honor!)
I kinda agree with them. I just need to get this story out somehow... ughhhh.......

So... I am really at a loss on what to do. I can't even promise 1-2 pages a week, really. This just so happens that I have a small block of time lately, where I can work on extra stuff. (But I can't guarantee that it'll be here, months down the road...) Let alone, my drive to do this comic again. (Which is why I'm at least trying to write it all out before I lose the drive/motivation again.)

I wanna do what's best for you all, too. I'm trying to imagine myself as a reader, and what I would want. ...If you read all of that, bonus points, lol. I also may be looking for a one-man/woman beta reader??... But I might not use any XD Just wondering if there's any interest XD (I kinda like no one knowing what will go on in my story...). But I will have had to know you for a while, and trust that you won't give out spoilers (and don't MIND being spoiled. lol.)
Most of my motivation for drawing it is to have people guess what will happen next. If I upload the whole story to some, and not others, well, that drive will totally go away, I know it. If it's just one person, it should be okay. But, mehhh......... it's just a maybe. ('Cause I might end up changing the story anyway; but maybe just the latter part, which is not written yet... I kinda like how it is now, up to chapter 20. (I might just do little edits...))

So, why am I continuing to do this?... With no set schedule in mind to finish it?...
I'd hate to completely 'give up' on it, but... realistically... when will it ever get done?
Am I just trying to escape from reality?

... I dunno...

Also, I'm sick again. -_- lol, isn't helping my mood a bit...

Here's some inspiration though!!…

“Homer said: ‘Always lead with your best stuff. Always put your best shot up there first.’ It’s great advice. He was a mentor for a lot of guys.” —Richard Blakeslee, filmmaker

“One of the absolute greatest things I have ever heard about the artistic impulse came directly from Homer. He just kind of tossed it off as a whimsical remark, but it stayed with me: ‘The object of painting is not
to cover the wall. It’s to empty the can.’ It’s the perfect impression of the artistic impulse and love. The object is to get this thing out of you. Neither Sophocles nor Shakespeare could have put it better.” —Mahar

And with that, I'm outie!
/90's quote


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(About: How far Gohan lives from Satan City (manga version))
Erasa: "East 439?! Get OUT! That's like hundreds of miles from here!"
"How do you commute?! That's five hours by jet-flier!"

So, wait... does this mean that... Videl flew FIVE FREAKIN' HOURS each DAY when she went to go learn how to fly??? (5 each way= 10 hrs each day!!)




(But heck, I would do it too XDDDDDDDDDD)

(Hehe, maybe her plane is super fast?? Who knows :XD: :XD: :lol: )


In other news! I super wanna get Dragonball Xenoverse. Sounds so cool (and it has Mirai Trunks/ Time Patrol Trunks)! Are any of you getting it? :D


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(ノ´﹏`)ノ 彡 lɐuɹnoſ

I apologize for taking so long for any updates with TD, in general (not these past few weeks, but the years before that). I understand that not many people are as interested as they used to be in it, because of the lack of updates... and for that, I apologize. (I don't blame you.) Regarding that recent poll, you guys really don't care (well most of you, lol) if it takes me another 15 yrs. to finish the story??

As for the others who just wanted the text version (if I take too long), I at least want to reach a certain point before I think about ending it. Whether I make it all the way to the total end of the comic or not (which, when mapped out, seems to be 16+ chapters), we shall see. I don't think I would like giving the script to some, and not to others. Too many spoiler opportunities...:P But this has gotten so far along in my head, that it's like a cancer almost, lol, so I need to get it out, somehow. Hence, why I am writing it all out first. But still, things may change as I draw it, so...

But the same sort of goes for my original works too. I need to get them out, also. And I don't have much spare time between work-work to do both (at least, consistently). So... We shall see...

I just need to practice, in general, more. XD Whether it be originals or not, lol. (But how will I get better at my own, original stories (and ever be a real pro) if I don't practice doing them?)

Don't get me wrong; I would still like to finish it/TD (in drawn/comic form), someday, but if people are just not as interested as they used to be, then what can I do? (???) Now, this doesn't mean that I ONLY do my stories to please other people-- that is what I am actually trying to avoid (being a people-pleaser)-- but I WOULD like it if others were to like it... If I can brighten someone's day or make someone think with my stories/art.

Maybe it is just ME who is not all that interested... I mean, I AM, but, I still need to work on my original comics too... maybe I can do both? It just seems so very heavy to juggle such long projects at once... and I don't like seeing things, unfinished... (As for "that" one Gh/Vi fanfic I did long ago... don't think I will complete that one, but *that's* for other reasons...(other than time, etc... >_> ))

I'm trying to figure out which choice I would regret the least... like if I died tomorrow, which story would I feel the worst at not completing?...

I just don't know >_>... (Well, I kind of know, but do I have the courage/will to act on it?)

I just feel bad for submitting, and I don't have time to check out people's pages like I used to, properly, to thank them, etc., or just because I'm interested to see what they're doing. DA is kind of... not as big/important to me as it was, in the past... (is it just me?) But it doesn't mean the people are less important... I just suck at keeping in touch with others. (Facebook/in person is easier. XD) So, the problem is just probably all me XD. I just have to figure out what I am going to do with my incongruent self... -_- (since all of my inner parts are basically disagreeing with one another). Well, that journal kind of came out of nowhere! lol.

Goodnight! :P (Gotta try to get over my cold...)

The Veil of Anonymity

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 2:21 AM

Man, people think that they can do whatever they want without any repercussions. From driving crazily (which is only half ‘anonymous’, because chances are that you’ll never encounter/remember that person’s car/self again), to internet bashing, to leaving/writing unnecessary comments to someone at work. People are so ‘brave’ once they’re anonymous, right– doing things they wouldn’t dare to do in someone’s face? As long as you don’t have to actively encounter that person in your day-to-day life, it’s okay to act like a complete jerk to them? There’s lots of power in that supposed anonymous state.

But, it’s more like a ‘veil’ of anonymity… It is not REALLY covering you. Sure the person whom you are attacking/being rude to will probably never meet you in real life (unless they REALLY tried to track you down), but… YOU know what you did. Your karma knows, your soul knows. Also, God knows. Don’t believe in God? Then, let’s just stick to Karma. Or let’s call this, “The Golden Rule.”

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31)
7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. ” (Galatians 6:7-8)

And about the karma aspect…

Karma is about actions. No, it is mostly about intentions behind the actions. For example a surgeon will cut a body with a knife. This is a healing act creating, hopefully, healing results for his patient. The same cutting action with a knife performed when someone stabs another person in anger has the opposite intentions and the opposite karma.”

Also, there’s science:

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion:
“When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.”

“Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction?
This is the third of Sir Issac Newton’s laws of physics, and one that is very important to space flight. Here’s how it works. If you push on anything, it pushes back on you. That’s why if you lean against the wall, you don’t just fall through it. The wall pushes back on you as hard as you push on it, and you and the wall stay in place. If you throw something, you put more force behind it than just leaning on it, so it pushes back with more force. This is hard to observe, because usually, if you throw something away from you, the friction between you and the floor makes resistance to keep you in place.”

Stick with me here; I am going to apply this in a spiritual/emotional sense. Now when you do something, even in ‘secret’/anonymously, you are not only affecting the other person you are doing it to ‘anonymously’, but yourself, as well. Because, speaking spiritually, every one of your actions is equally sent back to you as well, as the ‘opposing force’. Eventually, that negativity will catch up to you. God is not condemning you; you are condemning yourself. Sure, God is the “judge”, but you are the one doing the actions. You are your own jury (by your guilty conscience) because you know what you did!

So, it makes sense that we should leave the judging to God. Whatever they did will eventually come back upon themselves anyway.
“It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.” (Deuteronomy 32:35)
11Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?” (James 4:11-12)
12What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.” (1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

But you know, it’s not even just an ‘eventual’ thing; it is an instantaneous force that happens automatically (upon one’s soul) when we do these actions with good or bad intent. Tell the truth; you can feel it in your heart and soul… ‘something’… some kind of force (whether it be god or bad) which comes with your actions. When you give food to the needy, it makes you feel good about it, right? (Well, you have to have the right heart to do it too– don’t feel compelled to give, or else, it’s not really being ‘giving.’)

Basically, all that I’m saying is that whatever force you put out– good or bad– it will come right back to you (instantaneously, not just eventually), but in your heart. Basically, having the right heart is everything. And why taint it by doing evil things? Sure, it may take some people a long time to eventually see their just ending. (They are simply running faster and faster away from their fate.) But you can only live behind a cloak (and run away) for so long. You will eventually run out of breath.

So, “why do bad things happen to good people?” Because people have free-will, and they choose to use their actions to hurt other people. People get caught up in others’ bad karma all of the time. But God giving us free-will isn’t bad… would you rather be a robot– being forced to do whatever? Would you rather have your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife feel like they are FORCED to be with you, instead of them choosing to do so? Which version is closer to love, in your eyes?

Therefore, it has to stop with us. We have to start taking personal responsibility for our actions. Blaming others for them is soo Adam and Eve. Get over it. It is coming out of your own heart! Or ARE you a robot– only being “programmed” to do certain things?

I am not asking you to be perfect (because no person–except Jesus– is), but to just think about how your actions will affect others before you do them. Otherwise, we will CONTINUE to live in a vicious cycle on this earth of promoting negativity because, “Well, he/she did it to me!” And eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is so very Old Testament. It does not apply to this current life, so please stop using it.

Being anonymous is a great excuse to be ‘brave’, and do something that you normally wouldn’t do. Actually, it’s a great way to show others what is REALLY IN YOUR HEART.

What was that saying…? “Actions speak louder than words”?… Yes, they do. They are also the things which will come back to haunt you– in your karma and in your heart.

And of course, I have an ABBA song that goes with this theme! 😁😁

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When 'doing what you love' turns into...

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 11, 2014, 12:59 AM

"...doing what you must."

…When turning your ‘hobby’ into a career, there is a dangerous chance that what you originally did, just to please yourself (and maybe a few friends, here and there) has turned into this monster– this insatiable monster– wherein you must create, create, create to reach this never-ending road to perfection. By perfection, I mean this perfect life that you supposedly dreamed up for yourself.

When you were little (or just younger), what did you dream of becoming? Has it manifested itself into reality lately? If not, is there something holding you back? By ‘you’, I am speaking of myself here too. I am always holding my own self back, it feels. People-pleasing has always been a big thing for me to overcome. And even once I feel that I’m over it, the need to do so sucks me right back in. And why?

Of course, I want others to love and appreciate my stories, but to the expense of who I am– who I feel I really need to express? That is not a very fair trade-off, is it? I wouldn’t want my friends to sacrifice their very soul just ‘to be liked’, or what have you. I would like them to ‘express the real you’; everything else will just be a shadow of themselves. Not what I’d really like to see.

So, what’s the big deal then with me, you ask? I’m not quite clear on it, myself, but from what I do know, it seems my ‘people-pleasing’ has turned into ‘company-pleasing’. Instead of sacrificing myself/art to satisfy a certain group of people, that group/audience has merely shifted into people who are in charge of other people– a.k.a. comic book companies. When’s the last real time I did any art JUST for myself, huh? Or just to please myself, or just to get something out, huh?

I mean, I have a few good stories out there that I’ve done in the past– just for myself– but what about now? What, in the last two years have been really for myself, and not for the sake of ‘getting a job’ or whatnot? Of course, I’m not saying that getting a job isn’t important (and even more so if you want to ‘follow your dream(job)s’), but when your dream doesn’t even feel pleasurable anymore, when you lose the original meaning to why you did art in the first place, well… I just don’t get why I’m still doing this anymore.

I’m not saying that turning your hobby into a career is NEVER going to feel like work; it is actually a LOT of work. (I am not there yet, but it is work so far). But there is a difference between doing work that you LOVE, that you don’t MIND how many strenuous hours it takes, and doing work that you despise, don’t look forward to, and ‘must distract yourself to get through it’ work. I can always tell when I am working on a drawing or a story that I love vs. one that I don’t because I don’t NEED any other distractions (in terms of background music/movies and frequent breaks); and in fact, sometimes I cut it completely out because it’s more enjoyable to be in the moment of story-telling  and making things as perfect as can be, that to be partially enveloped in someone else’s story (for distraction purposes). Also, by perfect, I simply mean that you want to get your emotions and meaning in your artwork and words as close to how it is in your head onto the page. You will always be/feel better or worse that someone else, so there’s no use comparing there. (Plus, art is subjective, anyway! :P )

What I really mean to say here is that we/I need to be careful when doing/combining something so natural (self-expression through art) with a ‘work’, so that it does not become systematic and chore-like.

I need to draw/write more– a LOT more– if I ever plan to really do art/comics as my ‘career’. I’m 29 already. When is enough going to be enough? Although I believe it is never too late to start on your dream, when are you (I mean “I” going to take the roadblocks off of your own path, and quit pretending that you’re making progress, when all that you’re doing is driving SOMEWHERE, ANYwhere and getting lost? As long as you get back on the road, you’ll be fine (nothing wrong with failure, as long as you realize it and try to correct it), but be careful not to waste any gas by going in a direction you know you never should have traveled. And why should a road trip like this be painful to the very end? As long as you’re enjoying the ride, then it shouldn’t matter, really… but that’s the thing; you have to ENJOY it in order to make your trip (through life) worthwhile. Otherwise, what’s the point? If all you were going to do was have a monotonous art job that you don’t really enjoy, you might as well have done that OTHER monotonous job without wasting all of that practice time.

The difference, I feel, between doing something you regret and ‘normal sadness’ can be found in this slightly old fan-comic that I did about Death Note, oddly enough. (This is an explanation of ‘driving where you know you shouldn’t.’)

100 percent- L's Philosophy, page 1 by genaminna

Even if I never make it to where I (think I) want to be, I should at least enjoy the ride, wherever I am going. Who says that I know the exact direction anyway? Who is really driving this thing?!? Lol. :)

When your soul will never be satisfied by your work until you achieve the ‘end result’ that you had for it… well… isn’t being focused on the end result, ONLY– being attached to the outcome– the sure-fire way to not be happy with whatever turns about? After all, how can we expect to control everyone’s reactions to our work?? Maybe it is not up to us on HOW we will achieve our dreams. And maybe that’s a good thing.

I still would like for people to like my artwork and stories, HOWEVER, there is a limit to performing like a scripted clown, hoping that people will laugh VS. a person who is laughing on the inside (or outside) as he is performing.
You get me?

I bid you adieu!~

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (Matthew 16:26)


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Been watching random eps of DBGT for 'research'...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 11:21 PM

Lol, why the voice changes?! Ugh. Why the plot changes?! Why the random character inaccuracies?
(Honestly, I understand why they have to change voice actors/actresses sometimes, but the rest is eh!)

Much rehash
Very dialogue
Such cliche


Whenever they mention Vegeta's mustache, I'm all *twinge* xD

I've honestly tried to get into this series from the beginning (ever since I first heard of it a loooonngg time ago), and eh... XD
For those of you who don't know, my comic is not based entirely on DBGT; random facts from it, yes, but I try to keep it as like it was mixed with the canon DBZ ending/timeline... and... yeah... (though, it's still fanmanga/comic, nonetheless.)

I'm trying to learn to become a better writer though. Not just in this comic, but in all of my comics/stories. It's sometimes better for me to write it all out and THEN go back over it and change things (into 1st, 2nd and 3rd drafts, etc.). Kind of like how a fuzzy idea turns into a sketch, and then into a complete drawing. Maybe that it just my process; I dunno. It's funny; 29 years into the making, and you really never DO stop learning how to do things more efficiently... (or well, you CAN (voluntarily) stop, but there is always something new to learn-- that's a good thing!!)

Btw, these are really good books for writing!……

(I got the audiobook for the second one XD)

But back to DBGT... maybe I should at least give it a chance, huh (and ignore the inaccuracies)? Have any of you ever finished the series (or at least, most of the eps)? What did you think of it? (*gigglesnort* Am I just asking for it?) XD

P.S. I am SO SAD that I didn't know more about the DBZ "story mode" games... I should play them sometime... (though I generally dislike fighting games... maybe the story mode will keep me enthused XD)


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Hola!~ (after so long...) Here's some thoughts...

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 12:01 AM
Heya! I just wanted to, again, thank the lovely :icondbzchick: for her awesome generosity in giving me (and another person, at that) a one-year sub on DA!! <3 <3 <3 Isn't she just so nice? :heart: (I know she wasn't looking for so much public praise in return, but I can't help it :XD:). It's not an obligation; it's of my own free will though, therefore it's more significant!!... Right? :0 RIGHT! :XD: XD... Annywayyysss... lolz.

I've been an interesting person in the last few months... er... more like a year... or so...

That is an understatement for being so upside-down and backwards in my thinking that I was even amusing myself with my own destructive thoughts... XD There, that's more accurate, lol...

SO, I can give you a quick run-down (if you care to read this; I just need to get out a personal declaration of a sort).
Btw, before I begin, I just finished The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (as an audiobook). It was really good, but, very sad! Though, I think I needed to read it.

As a story-writer, I can kind of understand this too:

"18 Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden. 19 One of you will say to me: “Then why does God still blame us? For who is able to resist his will?” 20 But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’” 21 Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use? 22 What if God, although choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath—prepared for destruction?" ~Romans 9: 18-22

I was feeling very bitter and angry toward God, and just my surroundings in general (I hated people and myself, among other things...). "Why am I in this position?" I thought. "Why does nothing ever seem to go right?" But then, I kind of reflected upon my past thoughts in the last year or so.

I'd become very idolatrous.

This means that I've been "worshiping" idols-- things, people, places, anything else-- instead of the one, true God. Now, now, if you are going to retort back to me in your disbelief, please either 1.) Keep it to yourself. 2.) Let me know how you feel, though don't expect to convince me.

I will now continue.

When there is something that I know I should be doing and do not do it, it comes back to haunt me. Anything, from drawing something I should be drawing, or helping someone in need, or even thinking a certain way I know I should--but don't-- think... it always catches up with me. (James 4:17) And in this past year of reflection, I've finally figured out why. Call it karma if you want; whatever it is, I call it divine retribution, or rebuking.  There is only so much you can do before it comes back to haunt you. If you've realized your mistakes, and don't take the time to correct it, it will be even worse than if you didn't realize it and were punished for it. (Luke 12:47-48) All in all, I knew that something was wrong; I knew I was idolizing things, but it never occurred to me how to change it, or that I needed to seek help. I thought it would go away all on its own. Not only that, I did not realize the depth of idol worship that I had been doing. I had become blinded by what I believed my idols would do for me-- what I THOUGHT would make me "happy" once I got them. But, boy, was I fooled.

" come being happy and making your dreams come true are two different things? Even now, I still don't know why..." ~Nana Komatsu (Nana manga)

I feel like I'm beginning to understand it now... I don't totally get it, but I'm beginning to understand.

They are just empty promises; promises grounded on sand rather than solid ground; promises that can break and shatter at any moment. Who ever promises that, with wealth, brings everlasting freedom, or that no one can ever take it away? Who ever promises that your "love"-- that you devoted your entire life and heart to-- will never fade into nothingness? How can we build our faith and happiness on our dreams, after all? Who says (for example), that even if I did sell a million comics (hypothetically), that I couldn't lose as many fans that I'd gained just as quickly? You see it happening all around you, right? Stars and celebrities (even internet celebrities) that gain fame and lose it just as quickly-- if not, quicker-- than how they've obtained it. People driving themselves into starvation for the purpose of composing the "right" body image, and going mad when they find that it's unattainable, unless by developing a permanent sickly status. (Well, eventually, you won't be sickly. You will be dead.)

But isn't that just like anything else though? Eventually, our cravings for these temporary, replaceable pleasures will only starve us, always leaving us wanting more, more MORE. It never satisfies; it never COMPLETELY takes away our unhappiness. In the dead of the night, in the minutes before breathing your last breath, will the worries of those even matter in the end? What will truly matter to you then? What you wore to your homecoming? What you ate for breakfast before 'that' big day? What dates you went on? Those-- used to be believed-- "unrecoverable"  bad days you used to have?

Life goes on, doesn't it...? What should really matter? What about saying what you want to say; the stories that YOU want to say-- despite the wanted recognition and/or monetary result that you want? What about helping to improve the life of another person? What about loving someone-- your family, a stranger, your friends-- here and now? What will really matter? (Loving God and others, of course!)

I know that people who don't believe in God-- or anything 'solid' and unchanging for that matter (except change, itself) will not understand, nor try to. Don't worry; I do understand where you may be coming from. (I will never be able to completely understand, but I can see why you would not believe.) After all, people have been distorting God's words in the bible, and using it for their own selfish purposes for years and years. The distortion is inevitable. However, we have the free will to choose what we want to believe. You wouldn't want someone to love you out of compulsion anyway, would you? But I also believe in the basic facts and principles about this world.

Especially when I see this world in such chaos, it is very unsettling to think that God is just "letting" this happen. But, then again, I think about people's free wills. If we didn't have them, we would just be robots. WE have the choice to make the world a better, more richer place, OR we also have the choice to make it into a destructive, suicidal place. The choice is indeed ours, but we need to ACTIVELY EXERCISE the GOOD in us in order to rule out/even out the BAD in others. There is NO way to erase the darkness in the world without lighting a light. You can't battle darkness with darkness!

Anyway... I will just say that in these unstable times, it truly is God who never changes. God is my rock. But how do I know? Maybe you think it's because I'm crazy? Maybe you think it's very stupid to believe in something/someone that is invisible (in the normal way we see anybody, anyway). But since everything we CAN see is temporary (just name it), I'd like to believe that what we cannot see is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

Faith is called faith for a reason though. Blind faith, I do not believe. I need reasons. But I see them when my eyes and ears are open to them. (Matthew 13:11-17) Otherwise, I feel the world is a dreadful, unhappy place. Again, we have a choice-- to see the world in darkness or to see the world in light. If parts ARE dark, what will you do? Sit there and moan or mope about it? Or will you let your light shine onto it? If it is light, will you expose your own personal darkness onto it, thereby inevitably affecting someone else by your negative shadowed world? It is your choice.

Before I finish, I just want to say thank you to :icondbzchick: again for her gift of generosity. I was feeling very down. Ready to give up; not really minding if I had died (Would anything be different for me then? But I would never commit suicide since I knew God does not like murderers...); but then someone's light affected me. The simplest acts of kindness can often go unnoticed (by people), but even so, it can make a huge difference in the world. No matter what we do-- whether it's good or bad, the world will feel your light or darkness. It DOES affect everyone else, no matter how much of a small island you want to live on. It will not go unnoticed forever. If EVERYONE decided to constantly commit acts of kindness, how do you think the world would look? So I/we need to stop blaming God for "letting this happen". WE are letting this happen!!

So if you DO want the world to become a better place, it's about time to see what you can do to light it up, right? For every act of evil in the world, perhaps do an act of kindness. God does work many wonders THROUGH us too. We have a spirit with a conscience. In this bleak and dark-ridden world, it will remind people that there is "some good in this world, after all." :) And, boy, do we all need reminders...! :)


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So, I've stayed up just about 24+ hours now… the first part was spent drawing and eating, and the second (like 5:00am-6pm– that's an estimate… I really don't remember how long it was, OTL…) was spent re-reading Hana Yori Dango/ Boys Over Flowers vol. 23-36 (the end). …I really need a bigger bookcase (but I just 'inherited' one from a friend! Arggg!) Technically… I went to bed at like 6:30 pm last night, and took a three-hour nap, and woke up at 9pm-something… I'm strange…

Anyway, while reading it (that super-addictive, but really good manga), I realized something:

If I were Japanese, I'd probably be bald by now.

Why is this? Cutting your hair is a symbol of having a fresh beginning from unrequited love/rejection or heartbreak.
Though, I know it isn't simply a Japanese/"Asian" custom to do this, it is usually found in mangas a lot… and I'd always been told NOT to cut my hair (though I've thought about it often.) It would make it more manageable for sure.

Regardless, if I did believe in that, the amount of times that I would need a 'fresh start' from rejection would be many. However, while reading the manga over– and thinking over some things the past month-ish– I realize that rejection is inevitable, and possibly necessary for getting what you really want. I was talking to a friend last week; she wants to publish a book that she wrote (super-long… very research-based, but still fiction). She'd been working on it years and years since 2003, and finally got it done recently… but now, she is getting "Cold Feet", you might say, about sending it to publishers. And, me– who's been rejected dozens of times from unrequited love, to comic submissions, to other jobs/interviews, to friendship/social circles, etc.– finally thought that I could help encourage someone with all of my "rejection experience." I think I did cheer her up though! But, it's up to her now… I will keep cheering her on though.

I just wanted to say to everyone (who actually reads this), that I've found that it really is a necessary step in reaching your dreams. Now, sometimes "getting what you want" doesn't always mean that you're guaranteed to be happy. Happiness comes from within, not from being "successful". But, for those of you who DO feel like you were put on this earth to fulfill a dream that will help others, you should go for it! Continue to do it until your fingers/brain/ears bleed (or whatever you use for your talents/dreams)!! Sometimes, I think maybe God is testing us to see how much we want something. But even if it's not a test, if it's important to you, you shouldn't just give it up so quickly/easily!! If you love doing it, then go for it!

I realize that there are 7,000,000,000+ people in this world right now… each with their own dreams and aspirations… maybe there are hundreds of thousands wanting to get a "job" or pursuing a dream just like yours. But you are the only one able to write your own unique story… in my case, there are mannnyyyyy people who can draw and write better than I can (comics-wise)… but… that doesn't mean that I should give up, should it? There has to be someone out there who will be able to learn and be happy and appreciate what I wrote/drew, right? I'm the only one that can tell my stories my way, and the same goes for you too.

Of course… we can't control people's reactions to our creations; we can only make them and hope for the best. Just try your best so that you'll have no regrets! And make it for yourself (and God) first (if you don't like it, how can you expect others to like it?); make it to help others, secondly. People-pleasing is the first step to failure, because you are listening to others' dreams for you and not following your own heart or direction. Helping others doesn't have to turn into people-pleasing though (help people to help God); sometimes you just have to be honest about certain situations for the sake of truth (but in a kind, gentle, loving way).

But you know… all of the rejection CAN be disheartening after a while… I still don't know why I keep on trying. But what is the alternative? To lay down and die? To wait until I croak? I have to do something! So, I just wanted to say… don't let the fear stop you! I'd like to think there is a 'right' (not perfect) husband and job there for me… but there are some things you just can't force. We never get there totally on our own power, anyway. God will choose when is the best time for everything… just keep trusting and keep trying. Show them that Tsukushi Makino weed-strength!! (Read HYD to find out more xD; )



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Hey, guys! Be sure to check out my comic (contest) entry, called "Baggage"! (And be sure to "like" it if you actually do like it, lol!)…

I didn't win the competition, but it's still nice to be able to see all of the entries on their website...! ♥ Hope you enjoy it! Btw, it's a "silent comic", so... no dialogue!! xDD

P.S.- I like how they titled it "Smiley"... lol... (that's my last name, but not the story's title xDDD)


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Hey, peeps! Though I still don't have much time for DA (I mean, being social...), I'm still trying to work on my art projects, at least. Trunks' Date is up to the middle of chapter 9 (in the writing stage, lol, not the drawing XD). I mean, it's already outlined from beginning to end, but I figure, if I just write it all out, it'd be easier to sit down and randomly draw it when I have the time. And perhaps writing the story itself will get me more excited to draw it! :) (at least someday... lolz)

I'm still looking for another job, but in the meantime, most of my time is spent either drawing or writing for submissions, etc. So, in my (rare) free time, that's when I get to do fanarts or giftarts that I (still, lol) owe people. "Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law." (Romans 13:8) So, I may comment here and there, but please don't expect too much of me. :( I'm sorry though; it stinks. I should do better. Perhaps when I find a different job, it will be better...? (This is why I didn't start on a full "The Jungle Movie" comic... XD Too much work, lolz (unless it'd be my full-time job...) Plus, I didn't want yet another thing unfinished! ...Plus, I'd just rather have the real TJM! lol))

I also got accepted to (digitally) publish "One-Shot!" on!! Probs won't be on there till the end of May though... if anything...
Plus, the Hawaii Manga Star Project thingie ( Their website is temporarily down though) won't be out again until August... but I'm trying to prepare the comic beforehand (My "Mystery of the Black Water" stpry), so I won't have to be on such a schedule of eight pages per two months (in case I get even MORE busy later). XD... I know it doesn't seem like much, but I know it will be if I have a full time job, plus juggling other projects by then!

I submitted this comic for a contest in Japan, but I won't know who won until July...D: (I probably didn't win, but the suspense-- OH, the suspense!!) lolz. That, and working on writing like three other stories to submit to companies... >.> Taking up all of my time, lolz. But, hopefully, it will pay off later!
I'm also trying to be more optimistic about my future. I'd been rather depressed as of late b/c of my job, and not feeling like I was getting anywhere (or just progressing too slowly) than where I thought I should be. But, then I realized that God put me here for a reason, and it's more about enjoying the ride anyway, than basing your happiness of ONLY arriving at your destination! (I semi-sounded like Gerald there... :P "The journey is the destination, man" lols.) I got myself into this mess (well school debt), and I need to get myself out!

But, it's true. We have to be happy right NOW-- not in the future, or we will always be striving to "achieve" happiness, than to simply "be" happy. (Or, our proposed "happiness" will always be in the future! Never attainable!)

On a random note, I re-discovered Pepper Ann! XDDD Hahaha, it's so good! (Won't take the place in my heart for Hey Arnold! though!) But, it's seriously good! Haha. Working on a half-finished fanart as I type XD. I really need to get back to doing my originals though, I just kinda do fanarts/fancomics sometimes to think through problems I'm having with my originals. (Like researching on comics/cartoons/movies... it's just normal for me to want to do fanart for it if I really love it! lol) Coming up with solid ideas/worlds can be really challenging sometimes! But in this difficult period, I'm learning a lot, so thank goodness for the difficulties! Just as long as you keep on pushing, and working through them, the difficult times aren't so bad... (Oh, and relying on God first, of course. :heart: )

I admit! I did kind of get in over my head with the whole "Trunks' Date" thing, but it's basically half-done now. It would be a shame if I just didn't finish it... (even if it does take me forever...) There's about 15-16 chapters projected (according to the outline XD... but we'll see, lolz.) But also, please remember that I do have other priorities... (getting a job, submitting my original comics...), so if I take forever, or even have to give up on it, please don't be mad! But I will try not to, even if I just do it slowly...
If nothing else, I'll have the script XD.

C-ya~! :wave:


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Hey, guys! There is some art theft going on in the Hey Arnold! fandom. One of them involves my artwork:
Another's is :iconlimey404: and :iconrebeccaartheart: and many others, I'm sure.

Please do us a favor and report them on! I've already done it, but the more people the better, you know? Plus, they are using copyrighted images by Nick, itself (without their permission too)! Anyhow... I've had my art stolen before, but it's still annoying each time it happens. So, please report them, and thank you!! :)

Their store name(s) are: Custom Box/Custombox (no spaces), Customcasediy, Lovelovediy, stardiy, Minicase and Melodymall

Copyright Agent Legal Department
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Fax: (206) 266-7010

Thanks, guys!! :) :D

P.S.- Examples:…
It seems Amazon removed some of the listings since we started reporting this, but still, Limey404's and Rebecca's work is still on there by other sellers! It's ludicrous how many "shops" are selling these copyrighted images. I wouldn't be surprised if the same person or group is behind them all. :( Thank you if you reported them though!! Progress! :)