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Trunks' Date- Ch. 9 -Script version-
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Published: August 15, 2016
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(Click download to read the script/pdf!)

Oh, mai... (lol, double entendre now that DBS is out..) 😂

Wrapping up certain arcs and such... :D :D
Hope you like it!!! :)
(I don't want to say too much bc of actual spoilers, lolz...)

You see how long it is though? lol. Oh, you just wait...


Script lingo:
"V.O." means "Voiceover" (as in, thinking in your head)
"O.S." meas someone is speaking "off-screen"
"M.T." Means Mirai Trunks, and "C.T." means Chibi (Present) Trunks.
I still have the page number breaks on this one, haha...)

I originally made Trunks' Date as my own, internal continuation of DBZ after not being satisfied with DBGT. And, since it seemed pretty concrete that DBZ would never get another true, canon series, I made this in response. But now that I've seen the latest eps of DBS (Dragonball Super, which is awesome-- after the movie extension parts, that is, lol), I have lost a big chunk of the motivation that I had before. It's actually hard for me to think in the ways I used to when I originally made this story/script, with all of the new canon information. I really am about respecting the canon of any series. So, I suppose, take this as an alternate dimension type of thing. (I mean, any type of fanwork is an AU type of thing, but ya know~)

If you don't want to be "spoiled" on the chance that I end up drawing it someday, then feel free not to read. (But, honestly, you might be waiting your whole lives, lol.) I may change a few scenes later, and it's not even completely done at the point of writing this, but yeah. I will have to completely re-think some things over to have it make sense with all of the info from the new canon. I still need my head canon to make sense, even though it is an AU! lol. Who knows? I may draw it all out, one day. But when/if that day will come, I cannot say-- so I thought it to be fair to at LEAST give you SOMEthing to munch on, lols.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! I still super-love this story! I just don't have the time to draw it all out, orz, haha... xD;

Oh, and also... near the ch. 19 area, you'll notice some "similarities" between DBS' canon, and my story, lol... total coincidence! (But I thought it to be awesome that 'great minds think alike', hahaha :D (Big Grin)) jp.
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KashianXantheHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my goodness, the longest night ever has ended... jk, you know I love this story!

OMG the draaamaaa! I can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder how Trunks and Pan's shopping trip will go? I hope everything ends up well with Bra and Goten, but I suspect some more dramatics are otw (I've always loooved them as a pairing). Poor Marron tho. And yay! 18 forgave Krillin! ^^

Keep up the great work!
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genaminnaProfessional Traditional Artist
Haha! It was, indeed, the longest night ever XD (You know you are overly influenced by Freeza-saga time when...)
Btw, thanks!!
More drama, otw~! o3o
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KashianXantheHobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL OMG that's hilarious XD Can't wait!
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genaminnaProfessional Traditional Artist
lol, ch 10 is now uploaded 😁😁
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trunkimsHobbyist General Artist
Yess!! Good job Bra, you destroyed the tape, just what I was hoping you'd do too! I'm a TruMar shipper, so you go Marron!! lol  I wonder what it is that Goten will say next.

That Kx18 part though... awwwww.

Can I punch Pepper and Maron in the face?!! Steven Universe punch icon 
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genaminnaProfessional Traditional Artist
Haha, sure??! :XD::XD:
Thanks muchly! :aww:
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