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Warcraft : Priest

Well, I posted this in my new gallery to open it un-officially but no one saw it ;_; So I'm double posting it here!

This is my Warcraft shadow priest, in a bit of a different style to the usual. Hope you enjoy it.
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Love the use of gradients in the shading on her skin...I need to try things like that, it helps make the image less two-dimensional. Nice work!
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Awesome I Have a Mage ^^ Her name is Gallatea
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oh oh oh i play world of war craft and my main charater is a priest!!!!
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I am not sure if its a blood elf or a night elf and yes I play WoW one of my friends recruited me and I like it plus I like the horde and the undead (that's what most of my characters are undead).
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Vahhhh~! Ive been wanting to play WoW again... I was planning on doing so sometime this week. This makes me want to play it NOW!! :iconirelandplz:
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Awesome! :D So much detail..woaaahh
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Pretty dress! Something you'd expect to see on a troll instead of a blood elf, but hey, horde is horde, lol.
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looks good ! Congratulations !
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She's very lovely!
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This is great! I love WoW!
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Simply LOVED IT!!!* adding 4 my fave:deviation:
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Simply LOVED IT!!!* adding 4 my fave:deviation:
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She's really pretty! I must say,priest are one of my favorites.

She is a Night Elf,right?
im liking this picture, great job
I like the off beat style, less fantastical than others, and yet, innocent. If I had any critique of it, I'd say, Shadow what? But the Priestess is gorgeous and wonderfully rendered/drawn
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Love her dress, the picture's made of win in general x3
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Your right. it is a little of your usuall path but it is still quite good. thumb up.
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I like the style, the pose and specially the coloring technique. Definitely want to see more, so whats the name of your other gallery?
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So... Warcraft as in World of Warcraft, WoW? I assume it´s a blood elf...

So many of the WoW fanarts look completely unpersonal, but you´ve pulled it off well! I´m just curious, but could I possibly see a screenshot of her for comparison?
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