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Warcraft : Pally Power

Problem with drawing characters with upgradeable appearances is that 3 months on they are bound to look a little different =}

Hack-style Warcraft Paladin, MY Paladin who shall only be known here as Q!

Drew her a while back but her new armor was just so cool I had to have another go, hope you like her!
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wow! what a babe;3
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i'm nutral cuz i have 2 alliance and 2 horde so i'm nutral but... FOR THE HORDE!!!!!! drawl an alliance one next plzplzplz if you dont i wont stop bugging you!!! >:3
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i just hate how all the Be are pallys oh well i kill em all anyways ;P
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Hey do you play WoW???
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WOW (no, literally, it's amazing... not as in W.O.W. the game, but.... oh, you know!)
that is a really good picture1
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Do you take commissions? :3
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I HAZ A HUNTER!HUNTER PWNZORZ PALLYS!You should mee tmy dad's pally XD
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Blood elf Paladins last longr than humans.
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Whe you started drawig, did y use the whole skeleton outline like in the books or did you just start sketching?
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nice work on that armor ! I really like this <3
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Icky! Blood Elf Paladin! Death Knight Night Elf for the win!

Anyways love the drawing!
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Yes. Pally Power Roolz.
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didnt know i commented on this.. a year ago sorry ^^;
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what server do you play on? :o
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GAH Sorry I just noticed that thing on her arm was a shield D|

._. -- I mean 1H not 2H XD

Again sorry for the second post :<
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Does she have a 2H Mace, or 2H Axe? XD It's kinda sorta late here and I can't really tell XDD

:3 She's really cute btw n_n
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Nice drawing, I like it :D
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