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Warcraft : Blood Elf Paladin

Well this thing has been on the go for about a month and a bit now! Glad it's finally done =}

Thought I'd draw my Blood Elf Paladin character from Warcraft. She's so cool! Gave her some random armor, stuck her in some random woods, and there you have it.

Pretty proud of this, I got some great practice on skin tone and realistic faces/hair. Although I started with a photo reference for the face, can't say it looks anything like the model X} Please enjoy!
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Excellent work!

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ISNT World of Warcraft fun!! P.S. VERY AWESOME!!!
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Omgz, i need to meet you on there. NOA.
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(It's so awsome!)
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omg! i saw you're drawing on google i tried to draw it too i failt soo hard!
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I was a blood elf Pally on WoW..~ I miss it so much now.
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She looks fierce for sure and definitely beautiful. I adore her hair and eyes. :love:
excellant! she looks very beautiful and yet she looks like an elf you do not want to mess with or else!!
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Wow this is pure epicness!!!!! I have a Blood elf Paladin too but she has blue-ish hair color.
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This is SO amazing! You are a great artist, and don't let anyone else convince you otherwise! If I was an amazing artist like you, I would draw all the time!
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Wow this is awesome :D
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beautiful grate job
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And we have a winner. that is simply amazing
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recognize that scene. for 'random woods', it certainly looks like a certain part of eversong XD
superb work by the way =3
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yes FTH ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!
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the expression is very well done!
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OMG, *nosebleeding*, if you know that anime scenes when they guys begin nosebleeding because they saw a nice girl, i´m nosebleeding like that
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