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Caspara Cat

Remake of an old character, Caspara Cat. Brand new outfit, really like how she turned out!!

Enjoy =}
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can you do me a BIG faver? i cant draw like at all, soo could you draw my character please?…
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This account is no longer active.
BrITtLeCaNdY's avatar
I get that. Plus this was a long time ago if you can't see
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Would u like 2 be frends?
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i like everything about this one!!!! great job on it! :3
leaWolf90210's avatar
can you make remia the cat 4 me??? she is white but has multicoulerd hair!!! she wers a white jacket and gloves, shoows and socks like silvers, u no silver, right??? p.s. shes actuly ment to be me, plz dont think its selfish :>. i reely like ur pics, 2!!!!! THNX GEN IM A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D LOL XD
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How to make such pictures?
MangaMangaFox's avatar
that is cute can you draw my character she's on my page
Tsukuart's avatar
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JUst go and type annathefox" a picK Kandi the Kangaroo
annathefox1's avatar
Look up "annathefox1" and could you do Kandi the Kangaroo???
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Hi gen8hedgehog!!! I was wondering if you could do my character as one of yours like you did with Generation the hedgehog.
LavenderBlueDreams's avatar
don't waste your typing. she left this account more than 2 years ago, and is now on :icongen8:, but even if you asked her on that account. she still wouldn't budge because she only does commisions.
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Oh man! Shes soo cute!!!!!! I wish i could adopt her! Thats very artistic!!!
ryuunosukes's avatar
Nice pose! I like her boots!
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silvia-the-hedgehog's avatar
what do you use to make that love it
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x-Sneaky-Panda-x's avatar
GOOD GOSH THAT'S ONE BEAUTIFUL CAT!! Hee ~^^~ She's very cute I just LOVE her boots and her hair is FABULOUSE!! VERY VERY well done! ~^^~
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i love this! the boots are awesome, really crisp colours alwell... awesome :D
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