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Love is Like Oxygen

If you can't already tell, I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with 3D abstract fractals =P The second in two days!

Once again done in 3DS Max 9 and Photoshop.
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this is awesome but creepy. I swear I see a face in it!
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i like your way to use 3Ds max but i wonder if you use 3Ds max for 3D stuff then wear's the photoshop cs5 artwork in this art?
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Is the 'Love is like oxygen' quote from Moulin Rouge by any chance?
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That is trippy and awesome looking! Chaotic but somehow it just works. Well done!
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wow :omfg:... this... is so cool!!!!!!
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PS. It does look kinda like oxygen. ^_^
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Music poster...yup, looks like it.
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So how exactly did u do this?
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I followed a very good tutorial for the most part, before scrapping what I was doing, and starting again my own way using what I now knew XD

The 3D image was made in 3DS Max using a lot of modifiers on the one object, then rendered it out with an alpha, and used lots of layers and brushes in Photoshop.
Deviant Mj00 has a wonderful tutorial explaining the 3D part ^_^
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I dun have the $ for the program.
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Oxegen = you can't live without it. so you can't live without love?
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You get too much you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die *sings the song the title is from* ^^ that's the idea anyhow!
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This one came out really good as well! You're getting the hang of these real quickly! :O_o: I wish I knew how to do those too!

The resulting image in this one gives out a very pleasing look, and the lines/splines in this picture are really well executed as well! Their material blend in nicely with the background, and the overall picture looks really neat too. :) Nice work!

Seriously, Gen, you've grown to be a very powerful artist by now. I'm glad to see how much you've gotten over the years!
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I appreciate your kind words! I've been worried I'm not spending long enough on these to get them looking "polished" enough, but I will work on that as I get better =}

Ah your words have made my day <3
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Hey no worries :) Trust me, you got the talent and the proper motivation to do all sorts of things, so all I'm going to say is to keep going at that especially if you really like it :heart: Here's someone rooting for ya!

Glad to know I did :D I actually ought to thank you as well for many reasons, I just don't know where to start :XD:
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very pretty work!
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