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Anime Face Maker Mobile preview #3

Just a quick update on how the mobile version of the Anime Face Maker has been progressing, I know it's been a while since I had anything to show for it.

After a long hiatus of production, Kritter and I are back into the swing of it and have been busy the last month or so getting some things working and added to it. First off I can announce the official name of it will be Anime Face Maker GO (yes I know, like the poke-e-mans one) we did however have the name picked out 12 months ago but didn't have a logo to go with it ^^

Coming back to it fresh after a short break meant we could focus on what was missing, so in addition to features listed on the other previews, here are some more awesome things to look forward to:

:bulletgreen: Brand new category: Hands!
:bulletgreen: Now with 50 colours to choose from
:bulletgreen: A save option (save the face to your device)
:bulletgreen: Many more items added to most categories

Sound FX and visuals are added in too, making it a bit spiffy.

The next step is to start testing on Android devices, which as of today has already begun.

We're working hard to try and keep on track and get the Android version out possibly this year. Pending how the testing goes that might well be a reality! I'm really excited and I know a lot of you are too, so thank you for your patience and hopefully it's worth the wait =D
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Excuse me Gen8, I have a little question to ask. Will there be periodic updates on the Anime Face Maker GO? Like new accessories, or new face features? Just curious.
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how come that demon guy (second down left) looks like Hellbent from Planet Dolan? is it just me?
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
Can't get it on my iPad cause I accidentally changed settings that I can't undo.
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You had a 48 comment.                I'm had a 0 comment(why?! ;-; )
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Wonderfull games !!!!!!!! Can I use characters for my scrapbooking cards and sell them after,  please ?
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It's done!…

If it does well, we'll hopefully work towards making a Chibi Maker app down the line.

Makyo689's avatar
Is this in the App Store?
Kritter5x's avatar
Almost! At least on the Google Play store. We're sorting out a few small business things and we're hoping to get it out very very soon. Still aiming for this year if that's any indication of how soon.
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If you haven't already, please have a black (not the race/ethnicity but the actual color BLACK) skin tone? I have a few oc's with a pure-black skin color... Eh-heh-heh. 
Kritter5x's avatar
In addition to normal skin colours, we have a number of skins that can be coloured, including a plain skin that you can colour black, white, green, pink or whatever you like :)

The red demon guy in the above example shows that off.
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Nice I like it. Good project. Hope to see more of it
Hail-Trans-Jesus's avatar
can you make an online version or something?
dfox20's avatar
check out the comment below this what I said, probably the easiest way so they dont have to worry about porting it.
dfox20's avatar
You said can you make an online version and this is a solution to it, just get bluestacks its an android emulator.
gantzbr01's avatar
make PC version? *--*
dfox20's avatar
worse comes to worse if this isn't out on PC, there is always bluestacks, it's an android emulator where you can either transfer apps or basically use it as a app system. Very useful. I'll probably do that since I rarely use my android as it is compared to the computer. 
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