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Hi all!!!

So, there’s some big stuff that is going on right now!   First of all, the new Alpha is coming around the corner!!!! There’s a lot of work to be done… But it will definitely be worth it!!! I am aware the download link is currently not working for most of you. I will be just updating the Alpha and thus the download link in all one fell swoop. Now onto the cooler stuff :D

First, Viridian City will be explorable in this upcoming Demo. It is taking a bit more work to get it in, but I am adding a lot of content into it. As I posted on the Facebook page, I’m going to add “the weekend trainer”, as I called him. You will see a guy who is in town only on Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday he just doesn’t appear. However, if you talk to him more than once during the week, he will tell you about how he likes to hang out on Route 2 on the weekends. Soooooooo, only after that you will find him on Route 2 during Saturday and Sunday, and you can battle him! If you beat him, his dialogue will update in town as well. This, among other things, will be in the next demo. I want to do some cooler evens to keep you all occupied :p

In other news, I am going to be adding the “new beginning” to Gen 0 for the next update :)   I’m doing completely away with the traditional “get talked to by the professor-type person and then start” and I’m going to make it much more like a traditional RPG opening.  As for the details, I’m currently keeping them on the DL. However, I have been posting some teaser pictures of maps I will be using in them.

With the coming of the new openings, I also came across another great idea….. Jarod, a fan I have on my Facebook, and I were talking about Gen 0 and tossing ideas around.  We were discussing how there’s going to be the Poke’journal, but how the dex entries won’t really be able to be different for Oak and Agatha, given current coding and stuffs.   Wellll…… He gave me an awesome idea.  Since you can only have one dex entry “per game”, why not make 2 games?

Essentially, I’m going to break Gen 0 up into 2 separate games.  One for Oak and one for Agatha.   So when you decide who you want to play as, you will do so at the download link.  This will also allow for a separate save file for each game, and thus each person.

This helps in many ways:

*I can make the dex entries different, so I can make Sam’s observations different than Agatha’s for more story flavor
*Events will cleaned up a LOT for me since I won’t have to worry about the If you chose Sam/Agatha contingencies for every event.
*This makes the start of the actual game less cluttered, taking out the need to “choose” right away, which player you want.
*It keeps the same style as any Pokemon game with having 2 choices.
*It allows for more freedom of difference between Agatha and Oak’s journey.
**Let’s say Same will reach town ____ before Agatha, but you want the levels of Pokemon the routes to match well. Having diffferent games allows this.…

Here it is, guys!!!! The newest Alpha Demo as of June 17 2013.   You'll find all of the necessary information in the topic linked here and also the download link. Enjoy!!!!!!
So as of late things have been a little slow.  Work has gotten very hectic, I have been sick often due to some problems with my wisdom tooth, and I've been putting off my single life for some time and I'm actually getting to see people lately and get to church more often.

Roman has finished the pictures for the new battle backgrounds, to which I will be paying him Monday for.  James is working on the music again now that he has more time, Henry has written a LOT of books, and I have gotten quite a few map things done with Viridian City :D

Got Viridian City completely explorable now, and I am currently working on getting all of the aesthetics completed.  I just posted some pictures for them as well.

In the near future I will be getting Henry's books implemented to the game and also post them here on the page ^_^ I'll also be doing another video with exploration of Viridian City, and use DeviantArt for more of these developer diaries.

With some recent issues, I need to get a new website and forum up.  I'll be taking the opportunity to re-implement the site and keep it more updated as well.  I'll do that once I can actually find the time, haha :p  

Updates are coming!! Thank you for your support and patience.  My game and team have been through a lot... But ya just gotta remember... Those who feel like they need to bring you down only do so because you're above them.
Thanks, and stay tuned!
Hey guys!!!!!

(I have to re-upload Deviations and whatnot, so expect this to be a weeeeeeee bare for a little while)

So.... I run about 6 websites and my team is getting larger. More work is coming to the table, and I want to make sure it is updated in every social media medium I have.  To do this more effectively, I'm venturing into the different features of websites and all that and seeing the best way to go about it.

In that effort, I've made this "Group".   I will be able to have my team post THEIR original content here that they submit for Gen 0, while I can post the maps I make still.  This way it is more than JUST me working on Deviantart, and it gives the team more involvement and active communication with all of you.

I will still be updating my "personal" Deviantart.  But my updates will be less formal in nature(the journal entries).  On there I'll probably stick to just the different maps I make or writing I do for the game myself.

Anyway, I think this will definitely help flesh out my Deviantart experience as well as yours as fans.  This page will be the more formal side of updates and contain all of my "Dev Diaries" that I post on the main website as Blog Entries.

Thank you all for your continued support and just plainly being fans!!!!! You help give me the motivation to continue working on this, and I love each and every one of you <3  
I hope to see you around and discuss Gen 0 with you while making the game alongside you :D

Please make sure to invite your friends who like Pokemon!!! :D (>'.')>

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