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[SFM Resource] AugEnh Models V1.022
[SFM Animation] - Derpy's Workout
[SFM] - Trixie's New Year Rocket stolen
[SFM Resource] - Tempest Shadow Walk / Run V1
MY QUEEN do you know da wae?
[SFM Resource] - Fast Flight V1
[SFM Resource] - Luna Stationary Flight Cycle V1
[SFM Resource] - Derpy Rocking out.
[SFM Resource] - Derpy Rocking out.
[SFM Ponies] Little Pip (Thumbnail)
[SFM Resource] Alpha V0.5 Foldable Wings
[SFM Resource] Alpha V0.5 Foldable Wings
[SFM Resource]DMX Animation Resources Pony Pack V2
[SFM Resource] AugEnh Models V1.022
[SFM Resource] Scalable Eyes Mane 6
Under the Midnight Sun
Pichu Twirl
Pichu Twirl
Donations update
Hi all. I wanted to post an update on the donations I opened up last month; they still are open. So far AU$244 (US$175) has been raised from PayPal donations, and I want to thank those of you who have donated so far; it means a lot to me. :D The good news is that I have also received some money outside of donations which has helped me; a few months back I did a gig in a pub and recently received the pay from it (AU$200/US$143), which has allowed me to purchase my main goal earlier than expected. Now as I said above, the donations are still open to go towards the long term goal (mechanical keyboard and RAM upgrade), and the raffle I mentione
[DL]Spike The Dragon
News on the horizon
Now its no secret I've busy with my commissions and my doom mods well mod lately. commissions: doom mod: but little do you guys know that I was secretly working on two new pony models. caught you off guard with that little reveal, hahaha one model will ended being free while the other model will end up in my "Funding for new pony model or models" service.
[SFM RESOURCE] - Buck Cycle Download
[SFM RESOURCE] - Buck Cycle Download
KDA Akali
Thanks for 500 Watchers! + (QnA)
Holy moly, where did all you people come from?! I'll be honest, this milestone completely blindsided me, so I didn't have time to prepare anything special. Still though: thank you, each and every one of you. I truly appreciate all the support and interest for my work. You've made me a happy bat! = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  Have a WIP screencap of a happy Snowberry.  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = She got her butt kicked, but she's still smiling. (No, I'm sorry, this isn't a sneaky reveal showing that she's still alive. This is from a small side-story I'm working on.) =========================================
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Alpha Wings V0.5
SFM: Rainbow dash with Alpha Wings… Hello all, this will be my final post for awhile or never. My life have left me in a position where I can longer work on these projects. This was the last thing I was working on, and it was still work in progress. So I am leaving it up for the public, to do whatever you want with it. You do not have to credit me, thank you all for the support! See ya. --The skin weights needed to flesh out for the fk rig. --There are no Ik support atm, though you can use a human rig at lock it to the arms. --Made presets so that folding the wings could be alot easier --Presets are
Remove Lip Color texture replacement AugEnhV1.021:
This is a removal of lipstick color on body texture!! The texture replaces: Fluttershy Applejack Twilight Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Will do others later: DOWNLOAD LINK: BEFORE: AFTER:
AugEnh V1.02 Changes Notes:
Fluttershy Notes: +New Textures on hair and body +Add bump maps on hair +Fix mirror mane size +Fix some jiggle bones issue (still kinda broken) AppleJack Notes: +New Textures on hair and body +Add bump maps on hair and hat Pinkie Pie Notes: +New Textures on hair and body +New Textures on Pinkamena Diane Pie (in bodygroups) + Dark Mane and Dark Tail re-texture as well. Rarity Notes: +New Textures on hair and body +Bumpmap Horn and Hair Twilight Sparkle Notes: +New Textures on hair and body +Bumpmap Horn and Hair -Rimlight makes the hair weird on some maps Rainbow Dash Notes: +New Textures on hair and body Eyes Update Skins
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Your profile pic is really cute for some reason.
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Just a reminder that you're loved and appreciated <3
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appreciate the watch genma!
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Chewy-Tartz|Student General Artist
do you take requests? if yes, can you make one of my ocs into a 3d model?
Note Breaker  by Kerfluffle15   Bittersweet Ref Sheet 2018 by Kerfluffle15  
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Hi. How are you?

Do you take request or commissions?
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