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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a gem/gemsona?

A gem is a precious or semiprecious stone, technically speaking. A gemsona on the other hand is a Steven Universe (a cartoon television series) fan character based on the gem species in the show. To really learn more about what a gem is, in the Steven Universe definition, check out the Classroom Gems where they define what a gem is.

What is the Rebel Army? What is Homeworld? What happened in the war?

First off, Homeworld is the home planet of the Gem race seen in the show Steven Universe. It is an intergalactic empire ruled by the Diamond Authority. Four Diamonds (Pink, Blue, Yellow, and White) represented the main authority up until The Rebellion occurred. The Rebellion, aka. the Gem War, occurred approximately 5,750 years ago. The ones who called themselves the Crystal Gems fought to protect the Earth, and the diamond who wanted to colonize the Earth, Pink, was shattered by their leader, Rose Quartz. The war lasted for about 1,000 years but abruptly ended with the rest of the Diamond Authority set of their most powerful weapon. It corrupted the unprotected gems into monsters and beasts, except for three: the leader Rose Quartz, the Pearl who belonged to no one, and a gem fusion named Garnet. Many believe the Earth has been destroyed, but it still lives thanks to the remaining Crystal Gems.

Where are the Crystal Gems?

The Crystal Gems are not to be included in this group! Gems-of-Earth is only inspired by the Steven Universe world, where only canon events and influences are included. Canon characters and their whereabouts are not. The concept of the Crystal Gems are included because there were more than just the main gems in the past. On Earth, their whereabouts are unknown.

What about Beach City?

Beach City still exists, but again, none of the canon characters reside there. Many lost gems somehow tend to find their way there, and most of the NPCs can be found there as well. The Crystal Temple still exists, but still, none of the canon characters are seen there. It has been refurbished by other surviving Crystal Gems to their desire.

Can my gem be aligned with the Crystal Gems?

Of course! Any gem in this group can be aligned with the Crystal Gems as long as they aren't anybody who personally knew them so much that it could affect the canon story line. Please remember this is just a fan group!

What is an NPC?

NPC stands for a non-playable character, which is a character that is not controlled by anybody. This term is more used in games. In roleplaying, it means that they are more of a background character in an rp. Here, an NPC can only be human, as there are more humans on earth than gems. For right now, you can only have one human NPC.

What are the main ways to RP here?

Our chatroom is the main place to rp with others here. We primarily rp in literature format, where the posts are bolded (this can be done by placing < b > in front of each post, minus the spaces).

Why was my submission declined?

This is most likely because you submitted it to the wrong folder. Check the folder specifications located in the gallery before submitting. If that's not the case, it's probably because you didn't read the rules correctly. A moderator will provide any information on why it was declined.

How many gems can I start off with?

The maximum number of gems you can start out with is three. This is because we don't want a mass of characters being thrown into the group at one time. Also, if you want to have an NPC, you still have to start out with a gem, as this is a gem based group. You are allowed to have/create an NPC after you have joined the group with said gem.

This FAQ is still in progress. If you have any questions not answered here, please comment below! If you have any other pressing questions that need to be answered right away, note the group for the link to our discord!
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