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heeyy everyoneee. :]

so ommmggggg, tomorrow i'm seeing nickelback in concert here in luxembourg!
:woohoo: :la: :excited: :dance: :sing: :music:
hah, wooooohooooo, should be awesomee ;] loadsa people i know are going.
i'm pretty excited hah, i'm looking forward to it really. :]

and wow, i could get into this feature thing regularly, haha. it's cool.
once again, here are some faves of the past few days, literature and photography.
enjoy people! :heart:

featured photography</b>:

:bulletyellow: eclipse-of-faith.deviantart.co… by ~Eclipse-Of-Faith

:bulletorange: lans-bejbe.deviantart.com/art/… by ~lans-bejbe

:bulletyellow: blackdahlia911.deviantart.com/… by =blackdahlia911

:bulletorange: aimeecw.deviantart.com/art/lit… by *aimeecw

:bulletyellow: photonerd16.deviantart.com/art… by ~photonerd16

:bulletorange: sevimnur.deviantart.com/art/fa… by ~SevimnuR

:bulletyellow: kisstwilightfan.deviantart.com… by *KISStwilightFAN

:bulletorange: aldisco.deviantart.com/art/YK1… by ~aldisco

:bulletyellow: wissenwaswird.deviantart.com/a… by *WissenWasWird

:bulletorange: sorabelle.deviantart.com/art/J… by ~SoraBelle

featured literature:

:bulletblue: athazagora--phobia.deviantart.… by ~athazagora--phobia

:bulletpurple: pink-promise.deviantart.com/ar… by ~Pink-Promise

:bulletblue: xxintention.deviantart.com/art… by *xxintention

:bulletpurple: corina90.deviantart.com/art/wr… by =Corina90

:bulletblue: amertie.deviantart.com/art/whe… by ~Amertie

:bulletpurple: lorddrinan.deviantart.com/art/… by ~lorddrinan

:bulletblue: inmyroom.deviantart.com/art/yo… by ~inmyroom

:bulletpurple: wrenwatcher.deviantart.com/art… by ~wrenwatcher

there we go; my features for the last few days. wowww, some awesome stuff there! :giggle:
so please, go take a look and fave a few of them at least 'cause they're all fab!
i love them all, the literature there is amazing, thought-provoking and so sweet,
and the photography is all amazing too, gorgeous and absolutely talent-filled, seriously.

so please fave and comment on them; the photographers and writers deserve the faves!
thank you everyone, i hope you fave some; last time people did, so thank you. enjoy!

- gem. xo
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Thank's again for the feature. I checked out yourphotography, and I think it's amazing. Great work =) Keep it up, you are on my watch list!