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Robert Downey Jr Portrait WIP



I've been a fan of this man since Ally Mcbeal (maybe from earlier - I was real young, can't remember)I recently realised that I've been a fan since I saw Heart and souls, then I watched Ally Mcbeal and managed to actually see practically every episode he was in (he was the only reason I watched the show)...then err...stuff happened (again) and he dropped off the radar (my radar - mainstream cinema)... so to speak. And then BOOM he's back in the mainstream with a vengence! I'm so happy for his success, he deserves the recognition.

Rooting for you Robert Downey Jr!

now that I'm feeling better I've been able to work on this more. So now he has one hand! Yaaay! And considering how well that seems to have turned out I'm going to have to go back and revamp his face a little to match....

I'm wondering if I'm going to be painting this for the rest of my life...

coming soon...Robert get's a right hand!!!

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Very amazing work. If I hadn't noticed the right hand was still not finished, I'd have continued to think that this had been a photo that had been painted over! (It actually made me stop to look more closely!) The likeness is uncanny. Only thing I can suggest that hasn't been mentioned, is I noticed his beard has a different cut on the left side than the right. BUt overall, amazing. (I know I couldn't do it.) Love the ribbon on his hat - my mind can feel the texture, if that makes sense. (P.s. sorry so long!)