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I don't really upload on here anymore, I prefer to upload to behance because you can show the story and stages of your projects.

I've just uploaded my most recent project done for a university brief, feel free to take a look :)…
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I don't really upload on here anymore, I prefer to upload to behance because you can show the story and stages of your projects.

I've just uploaded my most recent project done for a university brief, feel free to take a look :)…
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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 6:09 AM
I haven't posted a journal for a while so I just thought I'd let you all know what's been happening in my life recently.

It's the summer holidays now, I start university in like 6 weeks, I'm really excited but like really nervous as well...
I'm moving out and I'm going to be living in halls so I've had to buy like a whole kitchen practically but I've pretty much got everything now so I don't have to worry about that anymore yay.

I've just been to Spain for 8 days and it was great, I usually go every year now but I've not been in summer before so I got to experience the heat for the first time, it was nearing 40 degrees! I loved it though, spent loads of time just chilling in the pool. 

I also bought a macbook like the week before I went, my first mac! It broke my bank but it was well worth it, I got the 13 inch one with 700 gb hard drive space and 8 gig of ram. I just figured my windows laptop just started going so slow and it wasn't going to do me any favours at uni so I needed this badly. I loveeeeee it a lot, I got used to the system like straight away so that's good. I also love how it connects with my iPhone with the notes, reminders and imessage, so convenient! Everything runs smoothly as well, the graphics card is pretty average but because of the memory, everything runs really fast.

As for the design side, I've just been trying to get better at drawing in Illustrator and I did that little illustration on junk food which I'm pretty happy with.

I have a website now as well, at the moment it just redirects to a prosite I made until I have the time to create one from scratch, but you can find it at: so check that out! And that's all really :) xoxo

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Follow me!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 29, 2013, 7:08 AM
I got my grades yesterday and I got an overall double grade distinction* whatever one of them is. But I love the little star that's added to it.
So from the 12 units I've done so far, I got 9 A's (distinctions) 2 B's (merits) and 1 C (pass)
I'm reallyyyyy happy I didn't think I'd done that well. And I'm not really bothered about the pass as it's from the unit Game Design and at University that's a completelyyyyy different course to Graphic Design so I'll never do it again anyway.

So now I'm about to start my final project which is over a period of about 10 weeks and then I'll have finished college forever. And in a few months it will be time to move out and go to uni. It's quite a huge step for me but I'm looking forward to it as well as being a bit nervous.

I am working on something right now, which should be up in the next couple of weeks, and then I'll upload all my project work from college because I'm doing vector illustrations and I'm quite looking forward to it. So much drawing will need to be done for it but I managed to draw that owl and it came out alright so I'm not too worried.

Also, in the past couple of months I signed up to Instagram and Twitter because people kept telling me to get them so I could follow them and whatever so I did! I also signed up for Behance like last year but never used it and have now decided to upload some work to it.

So follow me on them and I'll follow you back!

Twitter -
Instagram -
Behance -

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Just a few updates + finally getting a degreeeeeee

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 1:31 PM
Well, I have now reached over 800 watchers, which is awesome!

I'm trying to build up my own stock and textures collection because I want my artwork to be 100% mine. I have help from people I know as well who do photography as they let me use their photo's and I've been taking quite a few pictures myself with my camera and my parents which are both dslr's and take good high res photo's. I don't have a big enough collection at the moment, but I'm going to America in february 2013 and I've never been so I'm pretty sure I'll come back with some good photo's that I can use!

I've also recently been accepted in to university which I'm so excited about, I've been waiting to get my degree for three years now! College just bores me and I don't learn much, I more or less teach myself everything.. so all I've wanted to do since I started is go to university and now it's happening!
Come September 2013 I shall be moving out and going to get myself that degree, the course in the first year lets you do a bit of everything and then in the second two years you get to choose what you want to specialize in, I haven't decided yet but it will probably be based on what I do now as when I went for my interview, the tutor that interviewed me told me that I should pursue this type of design I do now, even though I said it was just a hobby.

I've also had an email to say I can get a scholarship.. as my reference said I'm expected to come out of college with three distinctions, I can get a scholarship with three b's at a level or equivalent which is what the course I'm doing is. I can get a cash prize and potentially the first year of my course half paid for. Couldn't believe it when I read it! I get certain people criticizing my work and saying certain things so this made me a lot more positive!

Thanks to everyone who supports my work anyway, I really appreciate it. Watch this space.

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Why are stock images so expensive?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2012, 7:12 AM
I wanted to start making photo manipulations to sell the files so that they can be printed or whatever as there is a lot of interest in my style from people on here, family and friends etc..
But to buy a license on a stock image site so that you are able to sell the images you buy, the prices are just ridiculousssss!

On shutterstock the one I wanted to buy from as I love the images they sell, it's like over £100 just to purchase two images under a license that enables you to sell them on. That's a lot right? And even then the site/seller is still allowed to claim copyright..

But then on the other hand it's probably cheaper to buy an image on there than travel across the world to get a picture of let's say.. New York?

So yeah.. not really sure that it's going to work out, which is a shame :(

I have also nearly reached 800 watchers, I have something like 760 which is pretty awesome to say I'm just an average 18 year old girl.
thanks a lot guys xoxo

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600 watchers.

Journal Entry: Fri May 18, 2012, 10:41 AM

I hit 600 watchers today! Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuu to all the people that like my work and watched me for it.

I haven't really got any other news, apart from I'm turning 18 four weeks today. Not really excited. Only for the cake. Three tier cake.

Anywaaaaaays going to do my first feature, some work that I think is awesome and you should all look at.



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