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Nakiami on her jet-like vehicle called a Beat Kayak from a new anime "Xam'd: Lost Memories".
Enjoy ^^

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really want one of these
Замечательный арт. Без изысков, но глазу приятно.

И почему так мало фанарта с Накиями? К ней невозможно было не привязаться..
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
Большое спасибо! )
По Ксамду почему-то вообще мало фанарта :hmm:
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You did a Great Job. I'm pretty fond of Xam'd, was a great series. And this is a great drawing of my favorite character. you go!
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
Thank you :hug:
I like that show very much :)
nemo-h's avatar
so Do I so do I.

I assume you've seen the New Op and 2 endings of the Broadcast version?
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
I was watching it while it was releasing, in January.
And heard nothing about it after that...
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The TV broadcast in Japan (which happened after the PSN release) Added 1 new opening and 2 new endings. They're pretty cool, Have a looksie!

Opening 2

Ending 2

Ending 3
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It's so nice to see all of the heroes again... )
Thank you for the links :)
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This is awesome.:la:
I like jet's design.:love:
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
I'm happy you like it, though I just made a fanart :D
A-s-t-r-a's avatar
Просто здорово! О_О Ощущения лёгкости! =)))
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
спасибо )
A-s-t-r-a's avatar
Не за что!=)
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Oh, wow, that ship is so cool! :D
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
Oh yes ^^
and thank you :heart:
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I just saw the last episode (26) and i'm really confuse What happen to the emperor and in the end i saw akiyuki but i though he was turn in to stone and how he get back to normal
Please I really want to know!!!!
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
I haven't seen it yet (there are still no russian subs...)
As soon as I'll watch it I'll tell you my opinion ^^
BlueDemon13's avatar
Thanks because I didn't get it. may be you do
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
hmm... it is only my opinion, but I think he was FINALLY awakened by Haru.
Maybe, as Nakiami said in Akiyuki's thoughts, Haru called his name so many times, that he finally remembered himself ( and I think not without help of that little "ringing" creatures )

Anyway, that was a big secret of the creators, like the end of Code Geass ))
BlueDemon13's avatar
That makes sense but i still think the end was so dry, i was waiting for a kiss or a huge you know, something with the moment, that's why i thought she was dreaming or imagining akiyuki !!!
But what happen to the emperor? he took akiyuki's memory and than what?
GeminiGiltenkreuz's avatar
I think that he took only his name, but it still bringes a peace to emperor's heart. And than he maybe died (but he was already dead...), or disappeared in that energy explosion, that Nakiami made, when she cleared the sky and all people, who turned to stone... Like this "stone"-disease of that people...

And I still belive that Haru awekened Akiyuki, 'cos the second part of the episode starts with the black screen and Haru's words that Ongoro-flover blossomed near by like it's Akiyuki heard her. And maybe Ongoro means something too.

And about happy ending kiss - though it is another reality, thay heve a Japanese mentality, who are kinda... mm... restrained, I think )
So be glad that this end is much more better than "Eureka 7"s...
BlueDemon13's avatar
I saw eureka 7 And it was great to my opinion, well the end was no so great but it was more romantic than this one. easy to follow. They show more feelings than akiyuki and haru if you ask me!!!
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