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Complications [CHAPTER 4]
"Can I just start off by saying that what I said was wrong of me to say that." Khan rushed.
"It's okay. Calm down. Don't worry about it. If you want, we can just...carry on like it never happened." I suggested.
"Yeah," He nodded. "Sure, so, uh...I'm guessing that means..."
"I can't returns those feelings, man." I told the truth.
Disappointment flickered across his face.
"Yeah, it's okay, dude. I'm sorry for putting you on the spot like that," He grinned, trying to lighten the mood after the slight drop it just took.
"Wanna come over to mine to hang out?" I asked, trying to not make it awkward.
"Ah, sorry, I can't, Sky, my parents want to eat out as a 'family' tonight. Some bullshit if you ask me." He rolled his eyes.
"Have you told them you're...?" I trailed off sentence.
"Nah, not yet. I have a feeling they won't take it easy, though. You know how my parents are. They care way too much about image and they'd hate what I'd do to theirs."
"Maybe they won't care. Yo
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Complications [CHAPTER 3]
I got back into the routine of school.
Khan would either meet me at the corner or come to my house.
He was still flirting with girls. Especially Angie.
I got to talk to Nicole a lot more. Whenever we were ditched by Khan and Angie, we'd just talk to pass the time.
Things seriously fricking changed in one week.
There was no reason for it and I didn't even want to bring it up because Khan gets pissed so fricking easily and I didn't want to start an argument.
Maybe he was changing. People do that in high school, right?
He cared too much about his appearance, he cared about what people thought about him.
He was popular with the girls and that made him popular with the guys.
He was becoming egotistical and over-sensitive, which is basically the stereotype for high school kids.
Apparently, we care too much about our impression on others, we want to look good too much and we want to be around people that will ultimately do nothing good for us in the long run.
...Yeah, now that I thi
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Complications [CHAPTER 2]
"Hey, man, what happened there?" I asked when we were walking home.
"When?" was his short reply.
"At lunch," I reminded him of the only fricking thing I could be talking about.
"I dunno, I don't like Nicole. She's a bitch," Khan shrugged.
"Well, Angie called us geeks," I protested.
"Fucking hell, can't we just forget it?" Khan sighed heavily in annoyance.
"...Okay," I replied and kept silent.
We stayed like that for a while. The silence was deafening and I really wanted to say something but at the same time, I was stubborn and I didn't want to just act like everything was fine.
"Hey, can I come over to yours for a while?"
My mum and dad were home and smiled warmly at Khan. They hadn't seen him in ages and they fricking loved him. Like he was a second child.
Dad was cooking and the smell of the food invited us to sit down at the table.
The atomosphere, it was normal. Really normally, actually.
The tense behaviour of Khan at school was completely different and here
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Complications [CHAPTER 1]
How the hell am I supposed to know how to know how to do the question?
This is why we have a fricking teacher.
I was having a great day until this god damn Math lesson.
"No, I dunno." I shrugged.
"Well, it's quite obvious what the answer is." Mr. Carter sneered.
Well, I'm sorry that I don't know something that I've never been taught.
It wasn't my fault I wasn't in for a week.
The lesson went on, Mr. Carter deciding to stop trying to humiliate me, like he does every fricking day I see him.
The rest of the lesson was basically me trying to figure out what the heck I was doing without asking the ass of a teacher to help.
I would not let him have that victory.
It...went better than I expected. It didn't go good, but it could have turned out a lot worse.
It was lunch time and that was a relief, imagining multiple ways to kill your teacher is exhausting.
As I exited the classroom, I spotted Khan talking to one of the members of the female basketball team.
Khan was my best friend.
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From Me to You
Hello, you.
I am your biggest fan.
I positively love you.
I know absolutely everything about you.
What you like, what you hate.
I know who your friends are, who your family are, who your enemies are.
I know what music you listen to in your spare time.
I know your dreams and aspirations.
I know what you want to do in life, even if you don’t fully know yourself.
I know your every thought.
And your every insecurity.
I know everything.
And more.
I am always watching and studying.
I am constantly amazed and fascinated by what you do every day.
I am so fascinated that I do it myself.
It’s not like I just try it out once, I have to do it.
It’s like a puppet, only more fun.
You see, compared to me, you’re life is so brilliant.
You can get noticed and acknowledged.
I can do nothing but do what you do.
Don’t get me wrong.
It’s fun because I get to know things, though.
You probably think I am undoubtedly insane and stupid.
However creepy I seem, I am not.
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Let's Play A Game
Let the game begin...
You haven't clue.
You have bitten off way more than you can chew.
You are not in the loop,
You are not aware.
I try holding back my laughter but it’s too much to bear.
You don't even know,
As my eye stare deep into your soul.
As you carry on, I will reluctantly wait.
I will always be here
And what comes next is your fate.
Nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to run.
Your pain, your torment
Will be only half the fun.
Being able to live a life you don’t deserve?
How are you not ashamed?
How have you got the nerve?
Tired of waiting, I stalk after you.
I will destroy anyone who gets in my way.
I really don’t care who.
Tired of having to wait so long,
I plan to take you to where you belong.
Getting you alone,
And keeping you low
I promise to make your death nice and slow
As your time runs out, you slowly realise
There is no point in optimism,
There is no point to cry,
There is only but hate.
I can’t believe it took you this long for goodness sake.
You final
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