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You Had Your Chance

                                         StopStop UMMMM! MAYBE STOP HERE BEFORE YOU READ ON?StopStop 
                                (although you can already see the photo before you read the description. But still...)

                                    Alert - alarmPOTENTIAL MINOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST JEDI YETAlert - alarm  
                                       (it's not super big, but i just want to put the warning just in case anyway)

Honestly, Kylo.
You had your chance, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BOI PLS! Belle Roll eyes plz Damon eye roll eye roll 
(Although, I do love Adam Driver a lot. He was awesome in the movie. :heart:)
So basically, Kylo's still evil. That was it. [F2U] Chara shrug icon
Sorry for being dramatic and anticlimactic :XD::XD::XD:
I guess it's still a spoiler, but really, I think it's hardly a surprise.
They can't just suddenly make him turn back to good after what he did in TFA.

[Pose reference from the Legend of Korra: Book 4; can't remember the episode number/title!]  
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This is what I say to Reylo shippers. It's not gonna happen. He had his chance, twice, and he chose the Dark Side.
samvadar's avatar
Rose is so smol! I almost didn't see her! So cute!
TheWedgeOfAllyra's avatar
Haha, this is totally true! But there is still a chance for them... ;)
pinkknight88's avatar
they didn't hug kylo. CAN I HUG HIM?!?!
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
Go for it, dude! Kylo needs some hugs, too. :D
Although it wouldn't hurt if he stopped being mean to everyone first and just join the light side already! :lmao::XD: 
pinkknight88's avatar
Yay! “Hugs him” and your right XD.
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Sorroki's avatar
lmao I got so excited when he killed snoke and fought with Rey but NOOO
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
I thought he was finally going to shift to the good side at that moment...but NOOOOOOOOO!
Okay, group hugs for you, Kylo! You're missing out. LOL! :XD:
McbridePublishing's avatar
Uhh, lets face it. Disney is going to push that romance for sure. Great piece though I like the art style. This scene makes me thing of Korra for some reason.
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
Yeah... :(
I have a feeling they'll do that. -sigh

Thank you so much! .
I actually got the pose reference fron The Legend o Korra. :D
McbridePublishing's avatar
That explains it. When I saw Ray in that pose it immidiatly made me think Korra.

Maybe if we are lucky a new Mara (though I guess it would be Mark) Jade will hit the scene instead of the obvious choice.
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
Haha! Yeah! I thought that hug scene from Book 4 after saving Prince Wu was perfect for this. :XD:

I'm still holding out for Finn or Poe for her. But it'll totally be okay if she just be "a strong independent woman who don't need no man" :D :cool:
Neville6000's avatar
The filmmakers aren't going to bring in a Mark (Maro?) Jade after not bothering to feature a Mara Jade or anything else from the EU/Legends; at the end, she was looking at Poe with interest.

Loved your pic, and think that it's screamingly funny and true.
McbridePublishing's avatar
I prefer it if she chose no one over Kilo.
Snarzer's avatar
How do you come back from what happened with Han Solo?
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
Right?? He straight up saber kebabed his dad. He dug himself such a deep hole. If they make a way for Kylo to redeem himself I hope it's epic.
Snarzer's avatar
Yeah but what’s the point if he becomes good, look at everything he is done and look at our current heroes, would any of them with the exception of Leia(tho that is rather skeptical) want to safe him from the dark?
Disneybrony's avatar
Considering Rey slammed the door in that little bitches face, i highly doubt she'll come crawling back kylo. Plus, disney would never make an abusive relationship happen. They're dumb, but not that dumb. 
Snarzer's avatar
True, Crylo ren is in a powerful position however, He just
need to not be the emperor from the original saga 
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
I really really hope so.
Will be keeping my fingers crossed during the 2 year wait for Episode IX. Still hoping for Finnrey or Demerey, but if that doesn't happen I hope they just make her single.

I mean, I started to have some sympathy for Kylo, but now I think he's beyond saving. Sigh.
GeMIkanXIII's avatar
True. You got a point there.
Rey tried giving him a chance, but he had his own agenda.

Although, I don't know about most, but I actually like the idea of Kylo staying evil until the bitter end. :XD:
It'll be an interesting path to take, if they ever decide to. We get the bad guy turns good in most movies.

Just because he has the blood of the OG trilogy heroes doesn't mean that he will also turn out good. His fate is not set in stone regardless of his family ties.
Snarzer's avatar
And eneded up killing snoke so he controls the galaxy by himself.

True, Maybe in the end he can have his change in the last minute before he dies,
tho I will say some of the other characters that where in the film was rather sad to watch...

cause they where useless or unlikeable 
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