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StarDragons are a closed species by CuttleSkulls, Cloneclone, and Ryncakes.
You may not make your own.

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.:Meet the StarDragon Crew:.

✩ Itchy - FA - dA - tumblr
✩ Percy - FA - dA - tumblr
✩ Mabs - FA - dA - DMFA webcomic - Patreon

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'StarDragon' is the overall general term used to refer to the eight StarDragon subspecies:

StarDragons can be acquired via auction or batch from CuttleSkulls, please watch them to catch future batches! Customs open up via journal slots. Occasionally, this group hosts contests, raffles, prompts, and DTAs with prizes ranging from sketches to free designs. Come join the fun!

You do not need to own a Stardragon to join the group!

MYO slots are generally opened once a year. Please follow this group for openings!

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Hello folks! This is just a friendly reminder that we are halfway through the MYO event so you have until the 31st to buy as many Common MYOs as you would like!
AND DONíT FORGET Razielís Beach Bonza Bash! We are still accepting art, writing, and crafting entries until the 31st, so make sure you get those in!

You can find the Details on the Event here!And buy your Common Slots here!

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General StarDragon Info

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Gallery Folders

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StarDragon Traits
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StarDragon Info
Stardragon 'Weddings + Marriage' Lore by TheGemExchange
Stardragons 'Gestures of Affection' Lore by CuttleSkulls
Subtype - Shadow Weavers by CuttleSkulls
Stardragons 'Coming of Age' Lore by CuttleSkulls
Tales of JoArca: Page 39 by CuttleSkulls
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Tales of JoArca: Page 36 by CuttleSkulls
Sunny Pond by Agent-Cheshire
[CM] Last Pride by CheapJumpscare
Eldred Mini by timshelx
tuesday by timshelx
StarDragon Flora + Fauna
Gemstalkers by cuddlycuttlefish
[sd] blight flies by lichnasty
Worpels by LavvytheJackalope
SD Fauna: Starhamsters by Mikkynga
DTA and Freebies
Stardragon Freebie Raffle [CLOSED] by Ambaaargh
StarDragon Newbie Raffle (CLOSED) by Cloneclone
Stardragon giveaway time !! /CLOSED THANK YOU / by Mikkynga
DTE entry - Stardragon-Fawna hybrid by nocturnefox
Bastard on a Beach by Agent-Cheshire
Prim by the Pool [summer event] by CheapJumpscare
Beach Party [Collab] by AmethystAbyss
no refunds, kid by VenusRain
Colouring Book
Let's Make an OC: Stardragon Edition! by AmethystAbyss
Chinchilla Ears StarEater Base by sassmassacre
Mannequin base by Mikkynga
Stardasher F2U Lineart! by CuttleSkulls
StarDragon MYOs
Eden Cassius by ILoveRandomJellyfish


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DumetheTigon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a basic question, but of the Stardragon races which one is the most popular(overrated)? As in, which one is adopted/created the most? 
Cloneclone Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2019… We got some statistics rooty updates occasionally because they're an organized bunny.

Eaters were the only StarDragon for about two years or so before we introduced more to the species, so Shooters are likely the more popular, with Eaters only getting a boost due to being around longer. Hope this answers your question :D!
Ambaaargh Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Based on our numbers, Starshooters is the one that has the sizable popularity lead!
basilbub Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey there, wasn't sure where to look this up. I purchased and MYO slot that I never ended up using, but I did so over a 3rd party website during a large MYO event, and I can't find anywhere that there would be a list indicating I own this slot, not sure how to go about finding proof apart from paypal receipts?
Cloneclone Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018
We have all the information filed on a google doc ouo/

Paypal receipt is good enough proof for us :0 If you plan on selling your MYO, just tell the person to tell us they bought it from you once they submit their MYO
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