Mending Hearts - 3

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        (Well, I wasn't going to post it, but enough people asked for it. Just to let you all know, this chapter is VERY angsty and perhaps a bit chocking in some parts. It features several HUGE emotional break downs between a few characters and if that's not yer cup of tea turn back now. As always, excuse the wonky paragraphing. RP with TaylorRose16 and I from a while ago.)

Fluttershy ran and ran, strangled, hysterical sobs squeaking out from her throat. Her leg was on fire and felt as if a hammer had smashed every fragment of bone into tiny bits, but she kept right on running, probably looking hilarious (minus the tears) with how weird she was running. She tried to lift up into the air, only to slam ungracefully to her face. No, her wings wouldn't move; they just stayed snapped shut against her body.

        Element of Cruelty...!! She wasn't – she didn't mean it! She loved him and the princess, and she only wanted them to be happy! She loved much.. This was just the worst idea in the world, and she had caused such pain. She had made him cry. She had made Discord cry! How does anypony DO that unless they beat him nearly to death?

At last, the wailing pegasus tripped over a rock sticking out of the earth, and fell harshly onto her face, wailing and wailing into the grass right in front of Twilight's library.

Spike had been watching out the window, and he had watched the frail little pegasus run in an unsettling way, bawling. Then, he saw the blood."Twilight! TWILIGHT! COME QUICK!!"

Twilight's ears both perked up when she heard Spike yell for her, and she immediately dashed out from her studying room and into the library. "What? What is it?" she asked urgently, throwing her head around, looking for her little assistant. She heard him call for her through the open front door and ran over quickly, not at all prepared for what she saw.

"Fluttershy?!" she gasped, kneeling down in the grass next to her injured friend. "Oh my- what happened to you?" The purple unicorn moved the pegasus's mane out of her face, brushing back some stray strands that clung to her skin because of the endless amounts of tears.

Fluttershy was hyperventilating uncontrollably, nearly screaming the sobs into the grass, and into her best friend once Twilight tried to hold her. The pagasus was unable to get anything that sounded even remotely coherent as she bawled – which only escalated when Spike tried to look at her leg.

"Shh-shh!" Spike tried to soothe, "I-I'm trying to remove the bits of....wood?" He looked at Twilight.

Twilight's eyes widened when she observed Fluttershy's leg. "We need to get her inside," the unicorn stated, standing up and back. "Stand back," she warned. She ignited her horn and softly lifted Fluttershy into the air, moving her through the open doorway. Without putting the sobbing pegasus down, Twilight also popped a soft mat into existence. She then gently placed Fluttershy down on the mat.

"Shh, shh, Fluttershy, please, try to calm down," the purple mare said, stroking her friend's mane with a gentle hoof while Spike tried again to touch her leg.

Fluttershy was doing anything but calming down, wailing and pretty well screaming her sobs; she was positively inconsolable, crying harder than she ever had in her life. All that kept haunting her were those...evil and angry red eyes, his baring fangs. ....His hatred.

Spike shook his head, starting to carefully remove the wood, holding back tears at her anguished response. "Um..Twilight, we have a problem here." He examined the wood. "It's her table."

"What??" Twilight responded, nearly shrieking the word. She looked down at the injured leg, holding back a gag at the amount of blood. When she saw the pieces of wood Spike was referring to, she easily recognized them as once belonging to the little table in Fluttershy's living room.

"What in the world… Fluttershy, please, tell us what happened!" Twilight urged, trying to stay calm herself.

Fluttershy trembled and wailed, crying uncontrollably, body heaving, looking ready to vomit into the mat. Which she did.

"Yes, Twilight, it's her tab..." Spike blinked, brushing away the blood on the shard, and noted it was...glowing..golden. "Twilight, it's glowing. Magic was used on this." That made Fluttershy wail even louder, trying to speak through the harsh panted hyperventilating that threatened to take her consciousness.

"Magic…" Twilight stared at the light golden hue encasing the shard of wood, trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. "But he… wouldn't… Discord wouldn't hurt her," she mumbled, more confused than ever. She knew how close both of them had grown to be, and she knew that the spirit wouldn't ever harm the little pegasus, especially this badly. But… maybe… maybe it had all been a lie? To get their trust?

"Spike, I want you to call a doctor for her," Twilight ordered, getting back up from the floor. "I need to write a letter to the princess immediately."

"B-but I want to stay.." Fluttershy was a very dear friend to him, and she needed someone at her side. Well, she had Twilight. Still.. Wiping his eyes, the baby dragon climbed to his feet, quickly scurrying off.

"He...he didn't me...mean...mean.." It was lost in another loud wail as her leg and heart throbbed even more. "He..he..d..didn't..m..."

"Shh," Twilight silenced her, levitating over a piece of parchment, some ink, and a quill. "As much as I want to know what really happened, talking only causes you more pain."

'Dear Princess Celestia,' she wrote, scribbling the quill across the paper quickly. She finished the letter just as Spike returned and handed up the rolled-up parchment."Send it, Spike, hurry!" Twilight urged, tears in her own eyes.

Fluttershy whimpered and gave up trying to muddle an explanation into her sobs. She merely went back to loudly crying, trembling, and hyperventilating especially. She was in such agony, in every way. She wanted to see Discord, but at the same, she didn't. She was terrified of him. She didn't want him near her.

Spike wasn't as composed as Twilight; being a baby dragon he was naturally just more sensitive to this type of thing, especially when it came to his friend. With trembling lips and tears profusely streaming, he blew the letter into ashes, that floated off into the night.

Twilight ignited her horn again and began gently plucking little pieces of wood from the wound, flinching every time Fluttershy wailed. "Spike, did you call for a doctor like I asked?" The purple mare was so caught up in what had happened and what was still happening to her friend that she didn't notice how emotional the little baby dragon had gotten over the whole ordeal.

"I," he tried to force out, "yes, I did." He backed up a bit, wiping at his watery eyes. "He should be here soon.. Don't worry." Still trying to keep composed, the little dragon toddled up the stairs on shaky legs, where he curled into his bed and cried.

Celestia got the letter, but it took a while for her to look at it. She was busy soaking her pillow with tears of despair. However, she noted it was late at night now, and Twilight would not send a letter for just anything. When she read it, what was left of her world felt like it was collapsing.

Twilight turned her head. "Spike, wait!" she called after him, but he only continued climbing the stairs until he disappeared. The unicorn frowned but didn't go after him. "Oh, I'll worry about him later," she said to herself, turning back to Fluttershy. "Did you hear him, Fluttershy? A doctor will be here soon. We'll get your leg fixed, I promise!"

Fluttershy shook her head, crying and crying. Didn't Twilight get it? "I don't about my leg!" she sobbed, shaking her head and wailing. "It's not why I'm crying! He...he..." She could only remember his tears and the fire in his eyes, and she started crying even harder.

The door opened, and the pony that trotted in..was barely Celestia. The beautiful colors of her mane and tail seemed faded somewhat, and her fur and feathered wings were ruffled and unkempt. Her eyes were puffy and her face was still wet. She looked horrible.

Twilight threw her head towards the door with a wide smile on her face. "Princess-!" Her smile fell instantly when she saw the alicorn. "…Celestia?" she whispered, taken aback by the mare's appearance. Never before had Twilight seen the princess look so… well, awful. She looked like a ghost of her formal self.

"Princess… what happened to you?" the shaking unicorn asked, completely confused and fighting back tears of her own.

Celestia swallowed the sobs, Discord still gnawing at her mind as she tried to shake him off. She gently nuzzled her student's face, trying to quiver a smile. "I'm fine, darling. Wh...where is Fluttershy?" That's when the alicorn saw the frail and bawling little pegasus on the couch. She shook her head. How many ponies had to cry today? Little did she know, she hadn't yet seen the most inconsolable of the night.

"Sp-Spike called for a doctor," Twilight mumbled, still baffled by the princess' appearance. "He should be here anytime now." She moved over to where Fluttershy lay and ran a hoof down the pegasus's mane. "Spike and I managed to get some bits of wood out of the wound, and… and they were glowing yellow," the unicorn continued, holding back her tears. "It was… it was magic, princess. Magic did this to her. And… and I think you know as well as I whose magic it was." Discord wouldn't do that, never. He loved Fluttershy; he risked himself for her, and he came to her for help! He needed her...she loved him and he loved her.  He wouldn't hurt her.
She stomped her hoof, violet eyes burning. " wouldn't! He wouldn't!!"

Fluttershy gasped through her sobs, sitting up and looking over.

Twilight gasped as well, jumping back a bit at Fluttershy's sudden movement. "Fluttershy!" she cried out. "What- what are you doing? You're injured, you need to lie down!" Twilight tried gently pushing the pegasus back down onto the couch.

The pegasus whined and started crying harder as she was pushed down gently. She tried to struggle up, but it was to no avail.

Meanwhile, Celestia was shaking her head wildly, her mane whipping back and forth. "NO!" she yelled again, crying uncontrollably once again. "NO!! He wouldn't!"

Twilight was so incredibly confused. Tears began spilling down her own cheeks as she looked over at the princess. "Princess! Wha- what has gotten into you?" the young unicorn asked, almost scared to see such an attitude from her mentor. "I-I know that we all thought Discord had changed, but maybe he… maybe he didn't mean any of it! Maybe it was all a lie!"

As Celestia's sobs got louder, Twilight's face got wetter. "What am I supposed to say?!" the frightened mare exclaimed. "For some reason, his magic injured her!"

At that, the mare felt her anger reach a boiling point, and he hoof slammed with a resonating boom against the wooden floor, as she started to snarl, "Don't you DARE say it was all a lie-!! He would NEVER-" She then stopped, eyes widening, head snapping back in shock when she heard her own vicious tone and saw her student's tears. What..was she doing? Was she – losing – her mind? Screaming at the pony she had taught and raised; her student, her daughter..

She shook her head. No, no, no! None of this was right..He would never hurt her! Never! She had to get to the bottom of this. Taking a leap, she jumped out the window, soaring off towards the cottage.

Twilight's ears pinned back and her tears progressed as the princess screamed at her. Celestia had gotten mad at her before, sure, but never… never that mad. "Princess!" Twilight yelled when the alicorn flew out the window. But then the young unicorn was overtaken by her own sobs, and she fell into a heap on the floor next to the couch. She felt Fluttershy's hoof on her head, but shook it off, completely disappointed in herself for making her teacher so angry with her.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the library door. Twilight jumped back up onto her hooves, sniffling and wiping the tears away as she made her way over. When she opened the door, she was more than relieved to see the Ponyville doctor there. "Oh, doctor, thank goodness! She's right over here…" Twilight led the doctor inside and over to Fluttershy, who was still wailing.

Celestia soared through the air, finding her entire body wavering as she did, and as she tried to keep hold on her emotions long enough to complete her flight. If she broke down screaming and sobbing she'd crash into a tree. At last, her hooves touched the....crimson grass. The princess swallowed vomit when she saw the small dripped trails of blood going over the hill from where the injured pegasus had obviously tried to run from.

Cautiously, she made her way into the cottage..and she sure as hay didn't expect the disasters that met her sight. It looked like – like everything had been destroyed, of course with addition of that stupid table. She could make out his tortured cries in the dark, and was almost afraid to whisper his name.

Deeply consumed in his own turmoil, the anguished draconequus didn't notice the princess' presence. He only continued to cry, keeping his face hidden behind his arms. His throat was sore and his entire body exhausted, but he just couldn't stop crying. The tears never seemed to cease.

Celestia could hear him bawling and she could make out the trembling, hunched form there on the floor. He was hard. It destroyed whatever was left of the princess's heart. Oh Equestria...she didn't think she would see this day. It wasn't like it was one she – wanted – to come, but if anything it clarified he still felt sadness, and guilt.

"Discord.." she whispered, walking slowly up to his crying form. She shakily lowered herself to her knees and pressed a loving hoof to his face. Her eyes were so sad, disbelieving, and sympathetic. Her voice held not even a touch of anger. "...What have you done."

When she touched him, he drew back, snapping his eyes open and snarling at her. His tears still refused to stop, and they only escalated when he realized who it was that was there with him. He squeezed his eyes shut again, burying his face in his arms to block out her face. "I… I d-didn't m-mean to-hoo," he muttered through his tears. "N-no… no-ho-ho-hoooo!"

Celestia wanted to bawl like a baby herself, but she needed to be strong for his sake. Nonetheless, she still cried and wrapped her hooves around him; her wings delicately and lovingly enveloping him as well as she tried to nuzzle the tears away. She just couldn't keep up with them.

"Oh, what have you done.." she sobbed, nuzzling him and smoothing a tender hoof over his shaking back. "Shhhh..."

"No-ho-hoooo!" he moaned, burying his face into her chest. Despite the anguish he was in, he still felt that loving spark in his heart when she held him. Not even thinking before doing, he gently kissed her neck, only to fall into sobs once more. "Ti-hia…" he whispered, his voice hoarse. "I lo-hove yo-hou… a-hand he-her… I do! I do-ho!"

"Oh, sweetheart," she sobbed, not particularly stunned by the fact he loved her, but the fact he actually admitted it. She knew that regardless of Fluttershy's fear, she would always love the spirit.

"D-Dissy.." she sobbed. "I-I love you too.. And so does Fluttershy.." She kissed his face. "I will always love you..and so will she."

He shook his head, unbelieving. "N-not a-hafter what I sa-haid to her," he mumbled weakly, still sobbing. "N-not a-hafter what I… di-hi-hid!" He buried his face again, Fluttershy's frightened face cemented into his mind. He remembered her cry of pain when the shard of wood from her table pierced her leg… the injury he had caused because of his unjust fury with her.

He wept even harder, clutching to the mare roughly, not meaning to dig his claws into her. She gave a soft yelp, and Discord's head shot back up. He saw what he had done and immediately wriggled out of her grasp, backing away from her. "I-hi'm hurting… everyone I lo-hove!" he screamed hoarsely, fighting away from her hooves.

She watched him claw back and away from her, screaming and freaking, but Celestia wouldn't allow him to leave. "Discord-!" she tried as he bawled and went crazy, "DISCORD!" She couldn't believe that the shout caused him to cry more, as if she had frightened him. She was only trying to get through to him.

"Discord," she whispered, gently pinning him with magic, and tilting his head so he would look at her. "Discord, Fluttershy does not hate you. She will never hate you. Try to hear me, darling," she said softly, smoothing a hoof down his face. "It will be alright.."

The spirit sniffled weakly, still sobbing uncontrollably. His sobs were tearless now, however, his eyes having run out or something. His body heaved with dry sobs, and he felt more guilt then than he ever had before. "Wh… wh-where is she?" he asked quietly, trying his hardest to regain control of his emotions.

"It's okay," Celestia whispered, kissing his tear stained face. She closed her eyes, knowing this would get a beyond anguished response from him, but.. "She's at Twilight's, and...I..I don't think you should go see her yet," she said softly. "The doctor is fixing her leg; it's broken.. She's pretty...shaken."

His eyes widened when she said this, and then his lip trembled and he buried his face in his arms once again. "I-I… broo-hoke her leg?" he whimpered, trying not to picture that image in his mind. He was sobbing once more, but no tears hit the floor.

Celestia shuddered at the memory of the mangled looking leg, that definitely was in need of stitching..and a splint. She kissed his trembling face, holding him close and softly kissing his head. "I..I think so.."

He buried into her fur, the guilt weighing heavily down on what was left of his heart. "So-ho… so, so… so-horry-hee," he mumbled incoherently through his sobs. "I-hi… didn't me-hean it, I swe-hear!"

Celestia held him, swaying as she did to create a soothing rocking motion. She nuzzled the drenched and unhappy face, kissing it. "I know, sweetheart.." she whispered, wiping her tears and continuing to comfort the bawling and broken spirit. "I know... Fluttershy will understand and she will love you will I."

So what if her 'reputation' was ruined if anypony found out. She didn't care, and thought something that, if he wasn't in such a state, would shock him. To hell with what Equestria would think...

He sniffled, bringing himself out to look up at her. "N-no… I'm not… g-good for you," he whimpered, closing his eyes. "I'm your… opposite. W-we… we can't be… we c-can't be…" He couldn't hold it together before another agonizing sob broke him off.

"I don't care if 'you're not good for me', you're sure as hay better for me than you were before..when you were.." She wouldn't say 'evil', and he hadn't been evil, he was just.. "..more screwed up."

She held him to her, somewhat propping his head over her shoulder, holding him against her shoulder and speaking in a loving and stern voice, "Stop mentioning matters that will just make you more upset." She kissed him again. "Okay?"

He was unable to hug her, and was barely even able to correctly comprehend what she had said. He looked into her eyes, still trembling, but finally taking control over his sobs. "Wh-why are you so certain things will b-be so easy for us?" he asked, sniffling a little.

"I'm not," Celestia gently responded, nuzzling his furry little snout and running a loving hoof down his face. "I'm not at all, but...that is not what I want you to worry about right now. Right now all I want is for you to get some rest.." She kissed him, folding her wing over his tiny and shaking form like a blanket.

He tried settling into her, hugging himself under her wing. But when he closed his eyes, all he saw was both Celestia's and Fluttershy's tear-streaked faces. He clenched his teeth and tried to chase the images away, but was unable. In his head, he heard in their voices, Why, Discord? You hurt us! Why would you hurt us??

Screaming hoarsely, he scrambled out of Celestia's hooves and crawled under the bed he had spent the last six months sleeping in. He curled in on himself, trembling profusely. "I didn't mean to!" he yelled in response to his thoughts. "Leave me be! I'm sorry!"

Celestia was already starting to drift off (she had a long day, after all), when the spirit screamed and bolted away from her. She jerked up in the dark, only able to see the tip of his tail before he went completely under the bed.

Anypony would think he was being ridiculous (once they got over the initial fear of him, not to mention the shock of him crying), but Celestia, although stunned by how frail he was tonight, was at least relieved he was finally letting everything out.

"Discord.." she whispered under the bed, approaching him much like she would a terrified child. "Discord...darling," she sighed, "come out."

The frightened spirit shook his head, although he knew she wouldn't be able to see him. "N-no!" he shouted, his wide eyes darting back and forth. "No, I… I didn't mean it! I didn't-!"

Discooooord,Celestia's angelic voice said in his mind. You don't think things will work… you don't love me…

He sobbed again, gripping both sides of his head. "Y-yes, I do! St-stop… stop yelling at me!"

You broke my leg… Fluttershy's voice hissed gently. You chased me away…

"St-sto-ho-hop…" he whimpered, fresh tears coming to his tired eyes as he tried to close out the voices.

Celestia just stared in horror as the creature trembled underneath the bed, wailing and sobbing, and letting out anguished screams now and then. She was beginning to dreadfully fear for his sanity.

"Discord," she sobbed. "Please – sweetheart, nopony is saying anything!" She tried keeping up with his anguished wails. "Wh-what? You do what? Stop what? Discord??"

Desperately, the princess cast a spell on him, a mind soothing spell to get rid of the voices plaguing him. Then, she wriggled herself under the bed.

His mind was immediately put to rest, saved from the haunting voices of the two ponies he loved. When Celestia wriggled under the bed with him, he clung to her as if his life depended on it. "T-Tia…?" he whispered, closing his wet eyes and nuzzling his head under her chin. "Y-you don't hate me… r-right?"

Celestia wanted to slap him across the face for ever questioning that, but there was no doubt in her mind that that would make him bawl like a baby while he was still in such a state. As he clung to her, she moved a loving and gentle hoof down his back, kissing his forehead softly, and gripping his face, forcing him to look at her.

"Discord, by the sun and moon and stars in the sky, I will love you forever."

His last tear of the night slid slowly down his cheek as he pressed his trembling lips softly against hers. "A-and… you know that I love you… right?" he asked when they parted. He was still shaking, remembering those dreadful voices and thankful that they were gone.

Celestia chuckled softly, lovingly, nuzzling his face and smoothing his fur. "Yes..yes I do.." She nuzzled that cute little nose with her own, smiling when he gave the glimmer of a smile.

"Now sleep, dear," she whispered into his mane. "Sleep and build up your strength for tomorrow." She didn't mention it was to see Fluttershy, figuring that would thrust him back into hysterics.

He nodded, kissing her one more time before resting his head down on her soft chest. "You won't leave… will you?" he asked inside a yawn, closing his exhausted eyes and inwardly smiling when no horrific image of either Celestia or Fluttershy appeared behind his lids.

"You have my word," she whispered, kissing him once more and suppressing an endeared giggle when he yawned and blinked over to her with teary eyes, before finally closing them.

"I will stay tonight...and until you both are better." Oho, Luna would be pleased. Of course, Luna cared for the group of ponies, so she knew she would understand as long as she kept Discord out of the equation.

His reply was merely a tired sigh as he quickly succumbed into a peaceful sleep. She loved him, and he loved her… and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Celestia walked with him down the grassy hills three days later, only striding her usual royal dignified walk because other ponies were watching her. It also kept her own limbs from shaking. She was terrified of what would happen. Doubtlessly, Fluttershy's emotional scars were deep.
What if she ran away, hid, or started crying? She knew the pegasus well enough to know that she was very frightened.

Discord walked tall, despite the fact that he still felt nervous about going to see Fluttershy again. He had no idea how the little pegasus would react to seeing him, and he really didn't want to scare her again.

As he and Celestia walked through town, he didn't even pause to slam pies in anypony's face if he heard them talk bad about him. He probably deserved to be hated and ridiculed after what he had done.

Celestia honestly wanted to slam some pies or...blunt objects into the faces of the ponies. She settled for stern glares, watching, satisfied, as they'd immediately go back to their business.

When Twilight answered the door, Celestia immediately nuzzled her and draped her wings around her. "Twilight, I...I am very sorry about the other night."

Twilight immediately threw her forelegs around her teacher's neck, pulling her into a tight embrace. "I'm so sorry for yelling at you! If-if you're mad, you deserve to be!" The frazzled little unicorn pulled back, rubbing one of her front hoofs sheepishly against the other and trying to avoid the alicorn's gaze.

"My dear.." Celestia surprised her with a gentle, motherly kiss to the forehead. "I am not mad at all. I am mad at no one." She turned to Discord. "No one."

From across the library, Fluttershy was hobbling her way over the wooden flooring, evidently still trying to get used to this splint. She looked...terrible, and not just the bandaged, injured leg. She just broken. Broken and frail, and Celestia saw Discord already looked ready to weep.

When his eyes took in the sight that was Fluttershy making her way across the floor, he almost couldn't fathom it. She never looked that awful, except for when she had almost lost her life to the hydra. Her mane, tail, and coat was messy and unkempt, her eyes were red and teary, and she just looked… horrible. "Fl-Fluttersh-shy…" he said, his voice barely a whisper.

Celestia gently nudged him through the door, walking with him and keeping a loving wing draped around his back as his knees began to shake. Twilight's eyes held only coldness, and were devoid of forgiveness. Celestia snuck a glance back and gave her student a hard and stern look.
Fluttershy froze as the spirit advanced to her..and Celestia felt her heart sink when she began to shake.

Twilight made her way past the two of them and over to Fluttershy. "Don't feel like you have to stay," she murmured to her friend, nuzzling the side of her face.

Discord's heart, or what had slowly been able to mend back into place, broke again when he saw the look on Fluttershy's face, and he didn't even feel angry at the look on Twilight's. It was what he deserved, he knew it.

Please, Fluttershy.. Celsetia inwardly begged. Please..he won't be able to take it if you act so afraid of him. Please..he needs you. Hope sparked in her heart when the pony took a brave step forward, but when all Fluttershy saw was his rage and almost..murderous look when he had screamed at her, she gave a squeaking whimper and hid in her hooves.

Twilight's foreleg was around Fluttershy's neck in an instant and she shot a glare over at the horrified draconequus. "Um, I don't mean to be rude, princess, but I don't think this is the best time," the unicorn said, unable to keep the distaste out of her voice. "And Rainbow Dash said she'd be coming over for a visit soon… it's probably not the best idea for him to be here when she comes by."

Discord wasn't even listening to her – her vicious tone didn't even register for him as he continued to stare down at the quivering little pegasus. How could he have done such a thing to her? How had he let himself get so angry, so out of control? What… what had he done?

Celestia stomped her hoof lightly when Twilight glared; it visibly made him tremble somewhat. "Twilight," she warned, and then her eyes widened, once again narrowing when she  spat his name as if it was a disease.

Rather than fly into a raging fit, the princess merely draped another comforting wing over the broken spirit's back and quietly ushered him outside, Fluttershy's eyes on them the whole time.

Discord's head was hung so that his chin touched his chest and his eyes were closed as they exited the library. "She hates me," he muttered. "I could tell. I could see it in her eyes. She hates me!"

"No" Celestia said firmly. "Discord, she does not hate you.. She just..she's a little afraid." Little comfort, but what else could the princess tell the broken creature? "She'll always love you.."

Celestia helped the distraught spirit back to the cottage, nuzzling him as she did, and ignoring the ponies around her. In fact, she didn't notice she was showing such feelings around the ponies.

Discord allowed her to pull him along, but he couldn't help but glance over his shoulder and look back at the tree house. He wanted to see Fluttershy, to hug her and apologize to her… but he knew he would have to be patient.

"What am I going to do, Celestia," Discord breathed, his eyes on the ground as he walked. "Just… wait? For how long? What if you're wrong, and she never forgives me for what I did? What if she's afraid of me for good?"

He felt a strange sensation flutter through his stomach – it wasn't like the usual butterflies, but more… a feeling of pure anxiety, stirring in his stomach and making him start to feel sick.

"You can't make somepony forgive someone else," Discord argued, getting to his feet. He looked out towards the hill he and Celestia had been on a few nights earlier, looking at the stars, before… before everything started falling apart. "I think… I think I need some alone time right now," he said quietly, not waiting for a response before starting towards the hill.

"I'm sorry you had to see him," Twilight said, helping Fluttershy over to the couch. "I saw how uncomfortable it made you."

Fluttershy shook her head, chattering out her response. "I...I'm not sorry I had to see him. I've missed him..." She sniffled and wiped at her eyes, curling into the couch. "I just...I don't know.." she whispered. "He's in so much pain from what he did – it was not hard to tell from his puffy eyes that he's been up all night cr...cry.." She sobbed.

Twilight frowned, hugging her friend close. "You honestly think he feels sorry for what he did? Fluttershy, don't be ridiculous! I know the two of you have grown fond of each other, but he's still the spirit of chaos! He's still Discord! The same Discord that manipulated us all and almost broke our friendship forever!"

Fluttershy angrily pushed Twilight, a little too hard, watching horrified as she made the stunned pony tumble off the bed. Swallowing more sobs, the pegasus shook her head vigorously as she helped her friend up.

", he didn't mean it. I know him! You – you don't know him like I do! I've lived with him for.." She shook her head. "Almost..four months now! He cares about me, and – and I know he feels bad," she whimpered.

"I know I don't know him like you do, but I just don't want you getting hurt any more than you already have been!" Twilight said, slightly stunned at how hard Fluttershy had shoved her. "You can't let yourself be blinded from everything bad just because you think you know somepony inside and out! Truth is, you may not…"

"You're wrong!" Fluttershy shouted, her voice high pitched and hysterical. Gee whiz, poor Twilight was being yelled by EVERY pony! "You are wrong.." she sobbed. "I love him and he loves me, and – and he didn't MEAN it!" Dissolving further into sobs, the pegasus only seemed to crumble into the blankets.

Twilight, hating to see her friend so broken up, wrapped her forelegs around the sobbing pegasus, trying her best to help her friend feel better. "Okay, I'm sorry for saying that, it's just… well, it's not that hard to believe that he would turn back to his old ways coincidentally right after he fully recovered and hurt you. Even if it's not what really happened, it's easy to believe that it did."

Twilight hugged her friend closer, feeling her sobs start to settle down but not completely. "I just don't want you to be hurt anymore," the unicorn murmured, one small tear sliding down her cheek.

Fluttershy shook her head, refusing to believe that that spirit would hurt her on purpose. She could SEE it in his eyes – he had been tearing himself up all night. He was crying, and she could see how puffy his eyes were. He had been crying all night."No," she said, voice low and almost cold as she pushed Twilight off lightly. "No. I..I won't believe it. He loves me, and I love him – let go." She backed up from Twilight, hiccuping sobs. "I want to be alone."

Twilight was a little surprised when Fluttershy pushed her away, and she reached out a hoof towards her before pulling it back. She could understand if Fluttershy would want some time alone… maybe she just needed to think. With tears in her eyes, Twilight mumbled softly, "I'm sorry," and turned to exit the library. Maybe she could go talk to Applejack about this whole thing… she always had a wise head on her shoulders...

Fluttershy stayed there on the couch and cried her heart out into her trembling, sweaty hooves. She sobbed until she was sure he had no more tears left; her pillow had truly suffered the worst, as had the blankets. She had to see him.. She just..had to. Okay, keep a hold of yourself.. Fluttershy whispered to herself, fighting back the sobs as she shakily limped to the door. It's Discord and he cares  about you; he saved your LIFE. Don't forget that..

"I'll try not to," the pegasus sniffed to her conscious, reluctantly making her way out the door.

Discord had been staring up at the sky for an hour, watching the clouds go by and not even turning a single one of them into cotton candy. He was far too distracted by his thoughts to even consider chaos, and had been ever since he had screamed at Fluttershy a few nights prior.

Shaking off the memory, the tired draconequus shut his eyes, listening to the wind whisper through the leaves on the surrounding trees. He let his thoughts take their own path, trying to avoid anything having to do with a physically or emotionally hurt Fluttershy, and fell asleep rather quickly.

Fluttershy had been holding back soft cries of pain as she walked. She tried to just walk on three legs and that seemed to work fine, except the doctor told her she should try to exercise it slightly. Seemed she didn't know what 'slightly' was. It wasn't long before she saw him, and her heart quickened, breath catching in fear. She couldn't do this. But no – she could. Could she? She had to! They had to get past this..He didn't hurt her. He'd never try to.

When Fluttershy saw the unfathomable pain etched across his face and the still puffy eyes, she was surprised with how easy it was to hop onto his chest and nuzzle right in.

He was having the same nightmare Fluttershy had been having the first time he went in to save her, only for his version, he hadn't been transformed into a giant demon – he was still himself. Everything was playing out exactly as it had in her nightmare, though, and it was coming up to the part where he was supposed to swoop in and save her… but he found that he couldn't. He couldn't move, he couldn't scream or making any noise whatsoever – he could only watch the scene in front of him. Just as his demonic double was about to go in for the kill, he felt some invisible force jab him in the chest.

And at the exact same moment, he woke with a start, letting out the scream that he couldn't in his nightmare. He turned his head in all directions, breathing heavily, and sighing in relief when the realization dawned on him. He looked down at his chest and into her big blue eyes, and screamed again suddenly, instinctively trying to back away from her in surprise.

Fluttershy had felt him jolt under her, and she tried to keep hold without having to use her injured leg to dig in. She jumped when his wide red eyes stared right at her, a little frightened, and produced a scream of her own as he did, going tumbling off his chest. The pegasus held up the injured hoof before hitting the ground, protecting it from further injury.

Discord quickly got a hold of himself, realizing who was there with him, and turned towards her. "…Fluttershy?" he breathed, his eyes wide. He rubbed at them, trying to make sure he wasn't just seeing things or, rather, still dreaming.

Fluttershy shuddered inwardly when he spoke, but she forced it away instantly and smiled at him, flapping her wings and crawling up onto his stomach. She trotted up to him, and nuzzled his face.

Discord raised a shaky talon and hesitantly placed it on top of her head, smoothing her mane. "Wha… what are you doing here?" he asked quietly, trying to be very cautious with her. Despite the fact that she was there with him and putting on a brave face, he could tell she was still afraid of him.

The pegasus smiled, fear washing away every time she looked into his anguished face. "I'm not allowed to see you? Or..come home?"

"Not when you're as injured as you are," he replied, pulling back and looking down at her leg. "Did you come here alone? Where's… Twilight?" He almost had trouble saying her name, remembering the look in her eyes and the tone to her voice when she had seen him earlier…

"She went to Apple Acres," Fluttershy said quietly, continuing to nuzzle the apprehensive face, smiling inwardly, heart glowing. How wonderful it be..near him again! "I had to see you.. I..I missed you so much.."

His eyebrows rose and he put his talon on her chest, stopping her nuzzles. "But at Twilight's, you… you looked so afraid. As if you want to… run and hide from me." The look in her eyes had been added to his memory, unwilling to leave him alone.

"You hurt me," Fluttershy whispered, closing her eyes and trying to will the nightmares to stop gnawing at her state of mind as well. "You hurt me and screamed at me, and..." Element Of Cruelty... "I..I couldn't just..not be afraid," she sniffled. "You know how much of a cry baby" She wriggled past the talon, nuzzling him determinedly to try and reassure both him and herself that she wasn't scared. She didn't need to reassure herself that she still loved him.

His heart broke as she reminded him, but he finally decided to nuzzle her back gently. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him carefully, trying to avoid any more pain. "I am so sorry," he whispered into her ear, his voice a bit shaky. "I was just so frustrated at… well, myself, but I took it out on you, and I'm so sorry for it, I am."

Twilight trotted back towards the library, having had a very nice talk with Applejack, when she was approached by Pinkie Pie. "Twilight! Isn't Fluttershy supposed to be staying at the library with you?" the pink pony asked. Twilight immediately became worried.
"Yeeees…" she answered. "…whyyyyy?"

"Cuz I saw her heading out of town earlier all alone! She was limping really badly and so I went to the library to check for you but you weren't there, so I tried asking Spike, but he was waaaaay too down in the dumps and so I just waited and waited and waited until you came back!"

She took a deep breath. "Fluttershy looked to be heading back towards her cottage, but she didn't look like she should be traveling, let alone all by herself, so I was really confused."
Twilight's eyes were wide and without even responding to Pinkie's ramble, the purple unicorn turned and darted down the path that led to Fluttershy's cottage.

Fluttershy kept nuzzling the saggy and unhappy face, catching a few tears and feeling her heart break as she did. When he wrapped her arms around her, she froze..but only for a minute.
A hug was, coming from him. She had gotten a few nuzzles and he had gently smoothed his talon through her mane, but a hug never seemed to be something he was comfortable with. In her mindset, the arms seemed too tight at first and she almost panicked, thinking he was going to hurt her.

STOP it! she scolded herself. No – look at him! He won't hurt you and he never meant to...' At peace with her thoughts, the pegasus wrapped her hooves around him too (safe for the back hooves, where the injured one was), and she nuzzled his face.
"It's okay.." she whispered, burying into the warm cinnamon fur. "It's okay."

"You don't think… I hate you, do you?" he asked, lessening his grip on her. "Because I… I don't, you know… really." He thought back to when he had yelled at her, trying to remember if he had ever shouted "I hate you"… but found that it was all just a blur to him. For which he was glad, if he was honest with himself; he never wanted to relive that again.

Fluttershy tried to say no, but the words got stuck at the end of her tongue. He had showed..every evidence he possibly hated her that night. From screaming, to his almost evil eyes – oh, and let's not forget breaking her leg. Yet she knew he didn't mean it. He was such emotional despair. At last she shook her head.

"No..I know about me," she said softly, nuzzling under his chin with the tip of her nose.

He gently pushed her back up again, looking earnestly into her eyes. "But do you know that I…" He went silent, staring into her wide blue eyes. Sure, he cared for her, more than he liked to admit, but he knew he needed to admit it to her. Maybe… it'd help her be sure of his words and actions. He swallowed before murmuring, "…do you know that I love you?"

"," she whispered in spite of herself. She always knew that..but..he caught her so off guard.. It was just.. "I...yes..yes.." She nuzzled him.

Discord smiled slightly at her, hugging her to his chest again, although still trying to be cautious. He knew it would take time, but he was determined to set things back to the way they were.

Twilight galloped up the path towards Fluttershy's cottage, and just as she was crossing the little bridge in front, she turned her head and saw them both lying out on a hill. She skidded to a sudden stop atop the bridge, and then bolted over and jumped into some bushes a little closer to them.

"I love you too…" Fluttershy murmured, and Twilight's eyes slightly widened. She had almost been ready to jump out and get Fluttershy away from the spirit, but she was halted by what he did next.

The purple mare couldn't hold back her gasp as Discord hugged Fluttershy to him, a genuine smile on his face. Discord's ears perked up when she gasped, but she stayed silent and hidden in the bushes to try not to ruin their moment… even though she was still appalled that Fluttershy had left and come to see him all by herself.

Fluttershy buried deep into his chest, nuzzling into the warm fur; it felt so nice on the cold night. She nudged her snout lightly against his chin, looking..happy.

The ordeal was over, and although the scars might remain for a while, Fluttershy was comfortable with him again. She was ready to come back home too. "Please don't beat yourself up over this," the pegasus said softly.

Discord chuckled lightly. "You mean you can't tell?" he asked, looking down at her. "I've already beaten myself up over it. You should've seen me the night it…" He paused. "… never mind, you really shouldn't have," he finished weakly, his eyes darting to the side as little bits and pieces of the fuzzy memory crossed his mind.

Fluttershy nuzzled his chest lightly, sighing and looking at his still red and saggy eyes. Oh, she could tell. She nuzzled him more, rubbing a hoof over his face."Put a smile on.."

Discord looked back to her eyes, and couldn't help but put on a small smile. How could he not? She was Fluttershy! He smoothed his paw over her mane, tucking it behind her ear. "Thank you for being so… brave," he said. And then, chuckling, he added, "You were braver than me in this situation, that's for sure."

Fluttershy smiled, leaning into him, looking down at her injured hoof, and then shrugging, tucking it behind her. "I had to be... I knew you were having trouble being brave, so I had to be." She gave him a tiny kiss on the nose, still not realizing the stunned unicorn was there.

Discord snickered, nuzzling his nose against hers lightly. "We should probably get you inside and get that leg iced or… something." He had no idea how to perform medical treatments. "If you walked all the way here, it needs a rest."

Fluttershy situated herself in a cradling position in his arms, not opposed to treatment of her leg. She looked at it; it looked like a mere little scrape now compared  to how she first saw it."I'm so sorry for running off.. I just...." She closed her eyes, when the one thing that really hurt her repeated itself: "Element Of Cruelty..."

Discord noticeably flinched, remembering back when he had yelled that at her as she had been running away from him. He hugged her to his chest as he got to his feet, making his way back towards the cottage. "Oh dear, I didn't mean it," he whined quietly, hoping beyond anything that she would believe him. "I was stupid and blind to what I was doing and saying and… I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

The little pegasus fought her saddened tears away, though it was hard. She just kept hearing him whisper that..until however he hugged her again. The thoughts went away with her sadness as she nuzzled his face and smiled.

"I forgive you...It's okay.." She smiled up at him. "No need to beat yourself up anymore..If you do.." She smiled slyly, lightly nuzzling his belly and giggling when he jumped slightly.

Discord let out a few joking chuckles at her, before he frowned – he hated being tickled.

Opening the door to the cottage, the first thing he laid eyes on was the alicorn sitting on the other side of the room, just waiting. He smirked a little when he saw the surprise on her face at Fluttershy's presence. "Don't worry, Celestia, I was very gentle when I kidnapped her," he joked as he walked into the room.

Fluttershy only giggled more when he pouted, and she beamed at the alicorn that gasped and rose from Discord's made up bed, where she had apparently dozed off.

"Well, look at you!" the princess exclaimed happily, trotting to the two and lightly, affectionately nudging them both. "You're looking a little better today, dear."

Discord grinned and returned the affectionate gesture. "Apparently she walked all the way over here by herself," he said, a little sternly as he eyed the little pegasus in his arms. "I figured her leg would need some icing after that trip…"

Indeed the hoof was visibly swollen from the walk, and the pegasus lowered her head sheepishly at his sternness. "Um.."

"Shows how much she still loves you," Celestia pointed out, poofing an icepack into existence and applying it to the yelping pegasus's foot. "She could probably also use a nice dry tissue for those tears." She kept the ice there by magic until Discord manually held it, and then she made her way out the door to the kitchen.

The spirit looked down at the little pony nuzzled into his chest, already on the verge of dropping. Quietly, he made his way to bed to let it drop and just went over to sit on his bed, keeping Fluttershy in his arms and the ice on her hoof. The exhausted duo found themselves drifting off even before Celestia returned minutes later.
I wanted to post something. I had no time to write anything or draw anything, but I wanted to post a mix of Dislestia and Fluttershy and Discord. So I edited the final part of "Mending Hearts"

Poor Discord; my heart broke at his breakdown, and it broke even worse at Fluttershy's. ;_;

All characters © Lauren Faust
© 2012 - 2021 gembutterfly
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I'm SO glad this finally worked out! Discord's emotional breakdown was way overdue, poor thing :( at least he earned some comforting kisses and was able to keep calm when Fluttershy appeared :)
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