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This is the introductory set of a closed species [by Gelly-Bear and Konett ], called Luxtura, that we have been developing over the course of several months. 

You can find more indept information about the species here: [link]


o1. CLoSED | o2. CLoSED | o3. CLoSED
Wild Rose | Sapid Sucullant | Jungle Verdure

Set Price - $30

The auction will run 3 days after the starting bid is made. 
please respond to the previous bidder 
snipe guard will be activated within the last 30 minutes of the auction.

R U L E S 
  • snipe guard will be activated within the last 30 minutes of the auction.
  • Payment is with in 24 hours of the winning bid
  • do not edit your bids, if your wish to pull out please reply underneath your original comment but understand this will put you under suspicion future auctions.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone who seems susicious, for example empty complete accounts or new profiles.
  • The winner will recive the full adopt file with gif and png versions after the auction is over
  • You are free to edit the adopt after purchase, but please refrain from changing the design's trait trypes. the only is that exception: translucency can be changed (halo, eco system, tail, ears.) 
  • You are free to resale the adopt, but please refrain from selling it higher than the purchase price. (If you do resale, it would be nice to know whom you resale to, so we can keep track for legitamacy's sake)
please make sure you comply to our TOS before purchasing 

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Would it be possible to get a copy of this gif with just #3 shown?
And for it to please be marked as closed? (I’m tea-fairy on
Gelly-Bear's avatar
I'm afraid I don't have the gif file since it was way back in July I posted these and I didn't save the gif versions individually at the time for each of them
konett may have it but they are very busy I haven't spoken to them in a long time I'll check though no guarantee's! 
and yes of course I was going to do it anyway don't worry. 
MosiKitty's avatar
I understand and I’m really sorry about all the hassle.
 Thank you again and I hope that you make more of these beautiful babs
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Could #02 be marked as closed please?
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Thanks again for #02 (all files received), he's beautiful. :heart:
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ohh anthro version of fleuros. this look awesome too, may want some in the future
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thank you <33 I'm glad they take your interest <3 
Never heared of Fulors so i had to look them up, but they look really cool. Thank you!
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Can the winner change where the transparency is like via the ref sheet?
Curious because I like the ones where the torso is mostly solid except for the ribs.
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AAAaaaa yes they can! we discussed this and seeing as we put that Luxtura can adjust the translucency of their skin with oils in the background we created for them, so feel free to change it as you wish! <3 
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Gelly-Bear's avatar
Bid here for o3.
Gelly-Bear's avatar
Bid here for o2.
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Heeeyyy <333 thank you so much for bidding!
its been 3 days and I'll be noting you now about payment 
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Replied via note. :)
Gelly-Bear's avatar
Bid here for o1. 
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