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mines of Moria

LOTR again )
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I was always disappointed that Tolkien only allowed for 5 wizards in Middle-Earth!  I would gladly have created a character who was Gandalf's apprentice!
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This is not "Harry Potter"; in Tolkien's Eä those characters are Maiar - a lesser kind of ainur - an angelical race that aided the Valar - the powers, or the most powerful Ainur, understood by men to be Gods -. Tolkien's legendarium was not superficial to the point that "magic" sprang out from a wand all the time, it is described in a more subtle way, although there are fantastical moments.
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Not Harry Potter, but D&D...or at least, any of a hundred mythical legends from Britain, Wales, or Finland! :)
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I would contend that Tolkien's legendarium is Germanic in its nature and not Celtic or Finnish <<although there are influences of the Finnish and Celtic languages on the constructed languages Tolkien designed, and so also Ancient Greek and Latin>>, but Finnish and Celtic mythologies were not employed, but rather Germanic Scandinavian mythology and Christian mythology. The book's literature is vastly influenced by Old English and Renascence and Baroque English literature periods. So, the answer is no. D&D is an amœba of different influences that was heavily influenced by Tolkien's works and many other tales and mythologies of Europe, but has no profound works of literature.

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I know.  That is the one thing I had against the stories Tolkien wrote.  If he were alive, I would've asked him about that. 
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All your Tolkien work amazes me...
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the detail on the wall :O love your work
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Wonderful use of light and shadow. I love it.
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I love this!
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Your art is so well done and beautiful ^^
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Нравится. :)
.. жаль только одного.. что не по Волкодаву.. :)
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его ж прочитать надо сперва, а я не в силахЪ ))
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uhh, epic much? XD
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loevly work!

I really like the dwarven carvings in the wall!
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Amazing one. Especially the cold light from Gandalf's staff and all these details. :)
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Awesome looking pic, nicely done!
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Totally marvelous!
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