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The Death of Boromir

Illustration for the book by Tolkien Lord of the Rings. Fanart.
Boromir's Death Scene
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Wonderful. This is how I imagine Legolas as well. The book described him as wearing soft shoes. The depictions of Aragorn and Boromir as beardless Numenorean men really hit the mark. This is how Tolkien would have imagined them.

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I love this to pieces! Boromir's death is one of my favorite scenes in LotR, and this totally does it justice.
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Looks a wee bit different than the movies.
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This was from the book, not the film. I liked the film version, but the book version is much more emotional.
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Can't forget that tragic scene. 
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Oh my heart I just---Danisnotonfire: FEELS

Ugh but that gif feels too.... irreverent for this.... but still.... oh gads, what have you done. The composition. I'm going to die. It's too beautiful.

How in the world has this evaded my favorites for so long.

Oh my gosh.
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He may have made some mistakes, but till the end Boromir was a hero, this scene really captured the true nobility in his character
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Вопрос к тебе как к автору. Он уже мёртв на этой картине, или только в процессе?
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Умер. Момент прощания.
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"I would have followed you anywhere. My brother... my captain..... my....... King."
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I love this part in the book. not because of what happens but Tolkien's writing is amazing and this does it justice. I like the symbolization of the broken sword as well esp when that is usually reserved for Aragorn's line.
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When I read the book I couldn't believe he died so early. I thought, "there's still hundreds of pages left!" :(
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I stumbled into the MAD SKILLS section of deviantart! This looks awesome!
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very moving art work:(
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I am a fan of all things LOTR, excellent work!
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wow... wish I could draw like that. This is like my favorite scene in the entire series.
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I cried when I read this part
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May I post this (and a few others of your awesome art) on my Lord of the Rings facebook page with a link back to your DA page?
Вон та тетенька с луком стоит с таким удрученным выражением лица будто это она стрелами истыкала.
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