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Dark elf - final picture)) I think.

Robert Salvatore, a series of books about a Dark Elf
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Oh I love this, great work!
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Difficult to do dark on dark but you pulled it off!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
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Marvelous drow! Is he like Drizzt, or his good with being evil?
From the looks of him - I'd say the latter :>
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невероятно круто!!!!!!
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Это потрясающе, у меня просто слов нет!
Нравится все: и выражение лица, и клинок, и работа в целом))
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Какая потрясающая детализация и, вместе с тем, отсутствие перегруженности общего плана!
Редко кому удается выдержать такой баланс, но у Вас всегда получается отменно!)

Еще одна потрясающая работа в мою фан-коллекцию Вашего имени :D
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Спасибо, очень рада, что Вам нравится)) 
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He looks really cool ^^
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I hope, thanks ))
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Fantastic! I love the duality about this, both the mask side put up for most other Drow in their culture, i.e pretending to be "friends" but then stabbing them in the back the next minute; yet it also has that sinister - pure unadulterated hatred which shows on the right side of his face. Love the subtle complexities and nuances in this picture. It is deceptively minimalistic but incredibly intricate all at once.

I also appreciate your sketchy yet refined style in painting. It is especially fantastic in the hair and in the gloves. Well done indeed!
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Thank you very much! You are all very well noticed))) sorry for my english (((
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You are quite welcome. No worries, I understand your meaning! c:
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Pretty :> Great job on his facial structure.
Gellihana-art's avatar
I love the face, thank you))

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Thank you for using the correct term and actual physical qualities. Drow will rise again!
Gellihana-art's avatar
I very much hope that this will happen))
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:iconiloveitmoreplz: I APPLAUD YOU, YOU TALENTED AMAZING PERSON! :iconjokerclapplz:
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I love his eyes. I love the position and his dagger ^^
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