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Aragorn in Rivendell

Illustration for the book by Tolkien Lord of the Rings. Fanart.
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This is stunning, and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Went looking for Aragorn images for inspiration, with the thought in my mind: “Aragorn, but no the REAL Aragorn, the way I KNOW he looks” and I stopped here. SO beautifully done! About 12 years late but I’m glad I found this, thanks for sharing!

This is the Aragorn I imagine in the book. When I first read TLOTR, though not explicitly stated, the hobbits saw that Aragorn and Boromir were sometimes indistinguishable from the Elves, meaning they were beardless. The prince of Dol Amroth, related to the people of Gondor, could be mistaken as en Elf for his fair looks and probably the beardless face. Frodo saw that Aragorn and Boromir were alike in their manner of speech and appearance. Beautiful. It really captures the essence of Aragorn in the book.

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So glad to find this art on DA after so many years! It'seems my favourite art with my favourite character! love-love-love Thank you for it!

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Здорово,  когда встречаешь альтернативу фильму, тем более такую замечательную)
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Thanks for this! This has actually inspired my own mental image of Aragorn.
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Love it. Gritty, hardcore, kind of good-looking, and definitely not Viggo. What more could a book freak want?
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This is a lot like I always pictured him. :)
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Красивая картинка!
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I wonderful picture!
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Love the background and Aragorn's face and pose. Brilliant!
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So wonderful painting character of Aragorn, perfect in each detail.
I love your whole gallery !
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This is a really nice version of him. He's got so much character
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Gorgeously painted, especially the background, and I love how distinct his face is.
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I've seen all of your works in my messages and...I'm just completely blown away, I'm sitting here with my tongue on the floor as I type...

Incredible, inceredible. :D
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great vision and wonderfully done.
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I really like your depiction of Aragorn.
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A beautiful picture, and the mood in it!
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no previous comments?
how can this be..

this is amazing >.<
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