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MMDxRWBY OC - Jaida Everett + DOWNLOAD


She's the team leader and I want her to have a rocket launcher or something.

montecore ula vx tda mqdl xs zeze

:bulletred: No redistributing THIS model.
:bulletgreen: Editing and distributing edits of this model is OKAY.
:bulletgreen: Headswaps, taking textures, or taking parts is OKAY.

:star: DIRECT DOWNLOAD :star:

for some reason direct download isnt working for everyone, so I put a mirror on Mediafire!…

So if that wasn't clear, you can edit this model and distribute your edits!! Please feel free to take parts, but make sure to credit myself, 3030, and the other modelers and editors!

She's on the same team as Coraline and Adria who you can see + download here:
MMDxRWBY OC - Coraline Stoker + DOWNLOAD by 3030e MMDxRWBY OC - Adria Shelley + DOWNLOAD SOON by 3030e
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Your Download Link is dead ! Waaaah! Waaaah! :( (Sad) 
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Aaaw download link broken :(
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Wonderful model, and a cute OC you got X3
can i use this model on vrchat?
Excuse me>< I want to make a video on this child. OK?
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I love the colours here!
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Realmente incrível esse modelo.

qual das opções você escolhe:
1 > ser amado e menosprezado?           
2> ser odiado é temido?
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Never mind, I googled her name and found the meaning of it. I am curious though, did you choose it for her clothing or what is the reason (cause I see no green anywhere else or am I totally color blind?)
KnightyNightey's avatar
Just a silly question, but what does Jaida mean? Also, a very nice design of the character, giving very cared details to the clothings :)

Have a nice day :)
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Hey there, amazing work! I love Jaida *-*

I used her, Adria and Coraline in an animation series, I hope that's ok. You can check out the trailer for it in my gallery.
Have an amazing day! :) <3
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Oh, my goodness. Now THIS is a girl who will kick some butt. She is WAY too perfect to take parts from. I shall treat her with great care. 
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Hi, Um, me and a load of other people have been asking this, and I kinda have OCs of my own that I wanna make in models like this, so what program/s did you use to make this?
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They use PMD Editor or PMX Editor (PMDE/PMXE). Those are quite obscure programs used to make models specifically for the program MikuMikuDance. Unfortunately there's no official guide for any of those, but there's tonnes of user-made tutorials like this one here:…
If you plan to use PMDE or PMXE you're going to have to learn how to animate the models in MMD since that's the only place where you can load them into (and idk if you can convert .pmd or .pmx files into something Blender/whatever can use)
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Hi, what program was this colored in?
ellie-the-midgardian's avatar
pmd editor or pmx editor
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Downloaded. May I say, the amount of detail and work you spend in your models; wow, is really worth of admiration.
Keep going with your amazing work !
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May i know what base that is?
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TDA Off Neru!
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Thank you, very much.
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nice model OMG!! no dl link available :(
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The download is in the description! : o
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the dropbox is break erro 403, Thank you very much for the link mf
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