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In and out of place

By Gekster
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This piece seemed to have evolved even during the colouring stage. I've changed and rechanged certain details of it, such as colour or content till I came to this. The title suggests the not at all royalist appearance of the man, as opposed to the richness one could often find ni the homes of the well to do.

Look at his eyes. Is he watching you?
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I agree with LeChatQuiDanse about the coloring of his clothes. There seems to be a little dandy inside this officer :D Though, there's something about the background.. maybe it need more darker shading at some points. I can't see the shadow of the man, and only a bit of reflection from the table. Also, because it's a realistic style you maybe should use more colors when working on things.. you know, skin is justnot one color, it can have purple, red etc. in it so that it looks more lively. I think it's the same with all parts of the man. But overall, I like it :D I really like the way you pay much attention to the details and folds etc!
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Dandy? Him? Nah! This is... sacr...ah, never you mind. He is just a young, confident man. *grin* For the man I was actually wondering if I made him too tanned. In a way he feels like he's tanned even if he ought not to be. Perhaps he has been out serving for years and he has just returned or.. hm. I'll play with the reds in a next one, I promise. :) Must first decide what next one ought to be!

Thank you very much!
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You're welcome, as always :) Naah, he can be tanned, there's always good reasons for it ;)
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Gorgeous. The folds and shading are beautifully done. And the texture in the hair! I think my favourite part is his face, though; his expression is so great! :D Kinda arch and smug. And I love how the eyes are looking right at you.

And the background.... Can I live there? ;) So rich and elegant and, well, just plain pretty. I'm glad you put up with it. It is totally worth it and the way it contrasts with the man's uniform is awesome.
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He's a smug man, he is. Knows his worth, possibly just likes to pose like that and is confident of himself too. Try going left and right of the picture while looking at his eyes and tell me if they follow you or not ;).

Sure, sure! Though I think you shall need servants to clean that white floors and keep them like that! Might need some more furniture too and fluffy slippers, though I bet there's a fireplace somewhere close in that room. Might I suggest you buy a carpet for the room as well however? *grin* Glad the contrast is evident :D even with him being an officer!
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NICE work!! *applauds*
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Thank you! :) You don't need to applaud, really now!
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Amazing! I love all the details like on the table, to the folds of the boots, and the gorget, and the texture of the walls!
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Is gorget the word that you were told is not right? *chuckle* Thank you very much!

It was fun, although it lasted a while to be done with. But there were things I learned too while working on this piece so..!
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