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And the moon for company

By Gekster
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Perhaps I sall realise this one is too dark, and choose to lighten it up a bit. But.. finished for now, with sadly much of the detail lost to the night. This picture represents the longing for something one has lost (the boy had been put before the mast). The lad feels alone, lost in the new world not only because he had come to a new ship, but because the world of Tars seems much more frightening than that of some authority and protection. The only thing that remains the same, of course, is the moon. And this he chooses for company.

P.S.: ..His neckerchief is tied around his neck a bit like a 'neck-tie', while in his hands he holds his other somewhat more poorly chosen companion. A bottle of drink.
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Nah, he's luckily not on watch. He's just up on deck out of the hustle and bustle in a little 'corner', with his pal Mister Bottle. He's feeling upset, miserable and wishing he was a midshipman again. Still probably not a good thing to be doing though! That drinking!
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What? I never properly commented on this?! *facepalm*

Anywho. Brilliant job with the lighting here and the colouring/shading. And the tiny bit of light on his face is just beautiful! It's just a really lovely, sad piece. And major props for all the background details. Very nicely done. I can tell you, that netting would have driven me batty!
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It almost had! I've actually had a different background drawn up earlier, but then decided that the background was wrong and redrew most of it (even the gun had some work on it!). The dark took some of the detail as well in the end!

Thank you very much! *hug*
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Oooh, I love the glow of the moon on the boy's face--and the comfortable way in which he grips the bottle. ;-)
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He's a bit too comfortable with that bottle, is he not? ;)
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:iconplusfav: ...:thumbsup:...:handshake:... C'est le 'Blues' !
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Quite literally it is! Thank you :).
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This is awesome! :D I already said it, but it is. The poor lad!
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Aww, thank you! I hope the background is not too dark, although making it darker to make it more of a night, would make every detail disappear even more, but making it lighter, would make it not much of a night. Ack. :)
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