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It's All Good in the Hood

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This right here is the domme life that I crave ;) Who knew Anna could be so good at coordinating furniture sets? 

Commission for RedFangedWarhawk :iconredfangedwerehawk:, but he let me throw a lot of my own ideas into this. Originally Anna wasn't even gonna be part of it! Anyway, this drawing is being used for a BDSM-themed RPG game called Lustfall. You can find info about it here:

This is actually the second commission I've done for the game. The other one is too naughty for DA (though I did post it on Patreon a few months ago; hint--it involves Anna, Rebecca, a stockade and a strap-on ;)

My Patreon, where you can access my kinkier ideas while also supporting me, is here:
Remember Kinks & Quirks? I'm working on the tenth and final page of part 2 and will probably have it up this month over there, haha.

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Wow lol I would love to be the chair xD

Geknebelt's avatar

Would love to be the sitter ;P

qaywsxedc1's avatar
Some assembly required
Geknebelt's avatar

And every once in a while they need maintenance and servicing ;P

The girls look so great as sexy furniture.

totally love the sexy poster on the wall

Geknebelt's avatar

Thanks a lot! :D

I got the idea for the poster from an actual poster I saw online, haha

denkira7's avatar

Lovely furniture. Not everything has to be IKEA. :D

CalebRands's avatar

"Have a seat, young Skywalker."

Geknebelt's avatar

"Sometimes it makes funny noises when you sit on it but that's just the upholstery squeaking I swear"

CalebRands's avatar

"I see that this seat vibrates."

I love this furniture, I want the same if it's possible

The Type 0 negative shirt is a nice touch.

Geknebelt's avatar

Thank ya! I always like putting Anna in stoner/sludge metal shirts ;)

blackhare1's avatar

I really like this!

MissDomme's avatar
Love your style! Amazing work. Can’t decide with which girl I want to switch places 😁❤️
Geknebelt's avatar

Thank you very much! I'd definitely like to be Anna, the domme in this case :D

MissDomme's avatar
The chair it is then 😏🥰
Geknebelt's avatar

There are forniphilia tables as well!

MissDomme's avatar
The more restrictive the better ;)
gagged9876's avatar

Got a confession to make, I saw this morning in the morning and only saw one girl sitting and having a glass a wine. Just now in second view I noticed the other two girls.

Geknebelt's avatar

That's pretty funny, I didn't think anyone would miss the most important detail! Glad you took a second look :D

LoveAndBondage's avatar
There's that furniture stuff again! Always great when you are given some freedom with a more elaborate piece, too! :)
Geknebelt's avatar

Oh, definitely! Yeah, I definitely like working for this guy :D There's another one coming up but it's too graphic for DA, haha

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