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Commission: Tsunade Pays Off Her Tab

By Geknebelt
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Looks like Tsunade's debts finally caught up with her!

Commissioned by Jaredb18 :iconjaredb18:

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This has got to be horrible!

mandytg's avatar

What a fabulousand wicked design

Geknebelt's avatar
Thanks a bunch! :D
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 I just happen to walk in....
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denkira7's avatar
Cool bondage, and her inviting mouth is in a very handy height... ;)
Geknebelt's avatar
Well-spotted, lol!
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I want to believe that she's either into this and volunteered to spend some time with the spanking machine to pay off her debts, or is doing it reluctantly but still figures it's easier than, you know, actually paying the money she owes.
HopeKakier's avatar
what i would do for this to happen xD
Geknebelt's avatar
Lol, you sound like a fun person XD
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She must of had a lot to pay off, tell you want thro if this was what would happen to you in real life then no one would dare to be in debt in the first place :D
Geknebelt's avatar
Haha, I feel like some people might go out of their way to get into debt if this was the result! ;)
WedgieSpanking101's avatar

Well i wouldn't mind being the one in charge to teach the girls how not to get in to debt :D
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
SO many ways she is paying off her debt.  No longer is Tsunade the Hokage now, she is just a "prostitute" lol.
Geknebelt's avatar
Well, she's drawing in customers for the bar! Paying off her debt one customer at a time!
lusaphira's avatar
Nice punishment.
MrBragas's avatar
Well this is going into the "save it before it gets removed" folder. Don't get me wrong this is hot as fuck, but this definitely breaks DA's TOS and all it takes is one busybody finding it while looking up Naruto art. :/
Geknebelt's avatar
...I actually didn't think this one did break DA's TOS. ^^; Spanking and nudity of adult women is A-OK so I figured it'd be fine. But yeah, you never know, sometimes the more 'shocking' looking ones get taken down to avoid scaring vanilla people XP
Glad you like it! Always a good idea to save my art anyway, haha.
Lilith-Crowe's avatar
I wouldn't mind that at all.
Geknebelt's avatar
You must have buns of steel! :0
Lilith-Crowe's avatar
I just like a little intense spanking.
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