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Commission: Drum Solo ft. D.Va and Mei

By Geknebelt
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This commission is for KilomCFoxtrot :iconkilomcfoxtrot:! Thank you for all of your patience with me on this one! ^^;

There's always at least one closet kinkster in every group of friends, huh?

...well I guess if you're ever in doubt you can always put your friends into this contraption to see how they react!
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© 2019 - 2021 Geknebelt
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FFecchifan's avatar
Wow, that's a great idea! Love it.
coxbones's avatar
Oooooohh...all tuckered out and 3o more minutes to go!
Geknebelt's avatar
D.Va looks like she can take it ;)
WedgieSpanking101's avatar

Forget about sitting for at least a month after this :D

Nice work :)
Geknebelt's avatar
Yeah, seriously! XD
Thanks :)
JaniceNoyb's avatar
I have a sudden urge to take up the drums.....
blackforeststeve's avatar
A really beautiful presentation. You can not get enough of that ... Paddle La 
Geknebelt's avatar
TheforgottenSiren's avatar

so nice, this is what all good girls and bad girls need

Geknebelt's avatar
Damn straight ;)
NartuolovesHinata's avatar
love the nice touch of mei, being the bigger girl also gets the bigger sized gagged
Geknebelt's avatar
I should've made her paddle bigger too, now that I think about it! XD
NartuolovesHinata's avatar
Paddle looks like it might be hitting harder from how much her ass is being moved around so I think that makes up for it at least lol
Geknebelt's avatar
That's just 'cause it's got more ass to slap through before Mei really feels it ;P
jackcless's avatar
Am I crazy or was there a similar automated spanking device in like an old looney tunes episode or something like that??

I have a vivid memory of it being connected to a lie detector that would whistle. 
Geknebelt's avatar
Lol wow, fetishists have the sharpest memories I swear XD
kilomcfoxtrot's avatar
Close. It's based off the lie detector spanking machine from the practical pig cartoon. 
jackcless's avatar
Omg yes the three little pigs!!

I used to watch that episode on VHS over and over again like 20 years ago and haven’t seen it since.

Going back and watching it now as an adult I feel like that cartoon was directly responsible for a bunch of my sexual kinks. 😂 like damn the pig who built his house from stone could make one hell of a BDSM machine. 😂 
SchattenLotus's avatar
I bet People would "pay" to get locked up in such a Device for some time :XD: :laughing:
Geknebelt's avatar
This is the internet, I'm sure we can find someone XD
SchattenLotus's avatar
Hah!! MY butt was more red sometimes in my Life =P :XD: :D
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