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Commish: Mischievous Maids Meet Mistress Tangent!

By Geknebelt
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Character  Anna (geknebelt)
Boninja88 :iconboninja88: commissioned me to draw Anna and Rebecca being trained by the lovely real-life dominatrix, Mistress Tangent! 

Anna and Rebecca certainly make nice pets, don't they? I wouldn't mind making them crawl for me... ;) Mistress Tangent is certainly enjoying them. Maybe later she'll take them into the bedroom and have the girls show just how animalistic they really are!  
Oh, in case you're interested, here's Mistress Tangent's Twitter:…


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© 2021 Geknebelt
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Ooh nice! Anna letting her subby side come out to play for a change? :D

TheCovertPervert's avatar

Always interesting to see Anna being a sub.

Geknebelt's avatar

Agreed! Thank you! ^^

KindlyCruel's avatar

Ooh my, this is delightful! What good well-behaved maids <3

Geknebelt's avatar

Thank you very much!

gggg12331's avatar

Good little pet slaves

LoveAndBondage's avatar
I always love to see Rebecca all dolled up, but it's great to see Anna that way too, especially on the occasions she decides to Switch
Geknebelt's avatar

Yeah, I love putting Anna in these situations occasionally ;)


LoveAndBondage's avatar
And hey, why not? She seems to enjoy it well enough at least some of the time.
I suspect she enjoys any quality time she's able to have with Rebecca ;)
Jeuretics's avatar

Absolutely delicious maid outfits. Mouth-watering, even.

Geknebelt's avatar

Thank you very much! I adore a good maid outfit so I wanted to put a lot into these ones :)

diesel561's avatar

Nice. I love when they are both subs. Great stuff.

Geknebelt's avatar

Thanks a lot! I love it when Anna's submissive too, but I have to make sure to be very sparing about that or else people won't think of her as nearly as dommy as she should be, haha

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I love it. I might commission you again in the future.

Geknebelt's avatar

If I have the space, I'm sure I'd enjoy that! :D

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