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What can I do for you?

  • book covers for both digital and print distribution
  • photo-manipulations for your personal use
  • CD covers
  • various illustrations
You can contact me via note or my e-mail: You can also see my portfolio with book design projects at

How does it work?

  1. We talk about your needs, desires and requirements, and agree on a price and terms. I always answer messages within 48 hours.
  2. 1/3 of the price will need to be paid upfront.
  3. Completing the first version of an illustration/initial versions of a cover usually takes me up to 3-4 days. After that period, you will receive the preview images in low resolution, so that you can see whether you like the project and ask for changes if needed.
  4. Unless we agreed otherwise, you get three free rounds of revisions.
  5. After all the revisions are done and you're satisfied with how the image looks, I will require the rest of the price to be paid. As soon the payment is processed, you will receive the full-sized, high-resolution version of the commission. 
  6. I reserve the right to show the image in my portfolio. 


The final amount fully depends of the complexity of the image/design you want me to create, but to give you a general idea:
  •   photo-manipulation/illustration - $100 - $300 per image
  •   book cover (digital) - $350-$400 
  •   book cover (print) - $400 - $600
  •   CD cover - $150 - $350
Payment methods I accept:
  • Paypal
  • bank transfer if you have a Polish or Norwegian bank account
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What is a photo retouch? Have you a example?
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Sure - something like this:  Super Fly Honey - fashion retouching by Gejda  or this:  Rollover Retouch - 10 by Gejda
LittleDragonKid's avatar
so you add special effects to a photo?
And what is that for a negative comment below and why do you not remove it? its pretty toxic.
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No, it's not "special effects" - it's actually a quite complicated and time consuming process - read up on professional retouching if you want to know more. As for the comment below, it can't be hidden since it's been reported to help desk and the ticket is so far open.  
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Ohh, yeah i did now open the blue image and did see the before/after effect :D I did just watched the thumbnails^^. And thought "ok not much, just blue light" :)
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I really stink at typing up info like this. Is it ok if I use yours as a template? D:
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Sure, no problem! :D
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