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Community Engagement Week - Wrap-up!

Fri Oct 12, 2018, 12:00 PM by Gejda:icongejda:

Community Engagement Week

...and we're done!

Our awesome event is now over, but we think this week has been very productive and rich in information. We hope you enjoyed all the great articles our contributors wrote - if you missed some, here's a quick recap: 

Oct 8th
Community Week Begins! by Gejda 
Pitch a Project by JenFruzz 

Oct 9th
How to Get Exposure on DA by brennennn 
Chat Event Announcement by Mrs-Durden 

Oct 10th
How to customize your DA experience by Rowye 
Drabble/Comic Challenge - Your DA Issue by Gejda 

Oct 11th
Mature Content 101 by Gejda 
How to deal with unwanted contact on DA by Astralseed

Oct 12th
Community projects by Mouselemur 
This wrap-up! by Gejda

Remember that there is still a hold a community feedback event in the #projecteducate chatroom at 1 PM PST today!

You also still have time to ender both the Pitch a Project and Drabble/Comic Challenge until October 19th - we will post the results on Sunday, October 21st!

Thanks for participating!

We're hoping to see you there for other projecteducate weeks and events, and if you'd like to keep in touch with news from all CR-related groups, remember to also watch communityrelations - it's the best way to keep yourself informed on all the cool events currently being organised!

As The Dark Turns To Day by parablev Fountain of Eternity by Aegis-Illustration
Know thyself by Cambion-Art Ich moechte dort sein by AnjaMillen
the last of our kind by ARGENTICIDE The Shadow Self by DarkCrea
Surfaced by TalXorFireBlack Nightmare by AlejandroDMarco
Retro 80's Catwoman by Jeffach Mirror. Mermaid V by Wagner
Question by yhenz ROOFTOP AMBUSH by umbatman
Riders of the apocalypse: Famine by DeathsProdigy Journey-to-the-abyss by Paradox-Off
Forest Fairy by Nisha2313 Cherry tenderness by Helea1
Stone Roses by InertiaRose Char by GraphPetr
Rise of Alpha by wasaps00 Elegance (finished YCH) by chertan-koraki
Dispersion... by ThyC-Graphics Red by Drake1024
The Creation of Us by HevonenStudios

Skin by Dan Leveille

Throwback Thursday #19

Thu Oct 11, 2018, 11:19 AM


Throwback Thursdays are a bi-weekly series of features over here at CRPhotomanipulation, organised by  Gejda and lauraypablo. We're going to show you four things - three Daily Deviations, three older tutorials, three random works from our gallery from last month, and three older stock photos. Once a month, you're going to see stunning works that are at least a year old, and two weeks later, you're going to see beautiful works from the month before. At the end of each journal, there's going to be a question and sometimes, a few words from us or other deviants from the community to start off a discussion. 

Also, we shamelessly stole the idea from CRLiterature. They were first. 

Let's start!


Dancing between dreams - Second DD! by SecretDarTiste
Halloween 2013 by UnidColor
give or take my love by Poisons-Kiss


Paint It Black Tutorial by saltwaterhermitTutoriel Magic forest by Laura-Graph
Bloody Snow tutorial by Ravietta


Stormy Oktober by Burtn3DE XC Louise Svensson Jaehde (SWE) and Utah Sun by LuDa-StockTrabocco by Sergiba


Alluvian Plain by MoodyBlue
Aphrodite (Greek mythology) by Lothiel-14
This Horizon by jorgeyu


Are you planning to take part in the Animal Spirit Guide Contest? Some awesome prizes and eternal fame await you!

Skin by Dan Leveille

Mature content 101

Thu Oct 11, 2018, 8:00 AM by Gejda:icongejda:

Community Engagement Week

Hello everyone!

In this article, we’ll focus on mature content. We’ll answer questions about what it actually is, what sort of categories and levels it has, what DA’s policy on graphic content and sexual themes is, what breaks the regulations and how you can report the pieces breaking it, and how you can customize your browsing experience to stop seeing things you don’t want. 

I will be copiously quoting from DA’s support center articles – if you’d like to go straight to the source, here are the links through which you can access them:

What is Mature Content?
What is DeviantArt's policy around "sexual themes"?
What is your policy on graphic content?
What are the restrictions around erotic and fetish content?
How can I customize my Browsing Preferences?
How do I report submissions?

What actually is mature content?

According to DA’s regulations, mature content enfolds:

  1. controversial political or religious opinions
  2. violence
  3. gore
  4. strong language
  5. nudity 
  6. themes involving sexual content

What does it mean, exactly? It means that any work that may not be suitable for some audiences needs to have a proper tag or warning, giving users the chance to choose whether they want to see it or not.

Does your work have lots of blood, guts hanging from bellies, swearwords or nudity? This also includes an uncovered female nipple, full nude feature or erotic art. If your answer is yes to any of these questions , you should consider tagging it as mature content. 

How to tag?

You can tag your work as mature during submission by simply clicking a checkbox. Since it’s a requirement, DA will not allow you to submit a work where you did not specify whether it’s sensitive or not – if you try, you will receive a prompt to click the right checkbox.

Screen 1 by Gejda

If your work is mature, then it will be hidden behind a special warning thumbnail for anyone who has the “Show Mature Content” checkbox unchecked in their Settings.

You also have the option to tag your submission later by editing your deviation.

Important thing to note here: using some form of self-censorship, like cropping, blurring, putting a red circle over the sensitive area etc. is not guaranteed to work. If the method you used is deemed not sufficient enough to comply with the policies, your work can still be tagged, or even removed if it breaks them.


There are two levels of Mature Content tags which you may choose. As you can read in FAQ:

  • Moderate: Choosing Moderate will mark your work as Mature Content, and deviants who have their mature content filter on will be met with a warning page. They can still choose to view your work, however.
  • Strict: Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) will not be able to click through the warning filter in order to view your work. 
In addition, you may also choose to flag your material with one of the specific tags, which will give the viewer a hint as to what kind of image will they see behind the filter. Again, quoting the FAQ:

  • Nudity: This flag is appropriate if your work contains explicit nudity; revealing the genitalia of a model or fictional character or revealing a full female breast including nipples. 
  • Sexual Themes: This flag is appropriate if your material contains references to sex, overt sexuality, including sexually based humor or other mild or moderately sexual themes. 
  • Violence/Gore: This flag is appropriate for realistic bloody or violent imagery, generally associated with horror and macabre, but can also apply to photojournalism or written work.
  • Strong Language: This flag can be applied to deviations containing profanity, vulgarity, and otherwise coarse or offensive language at the discretion of the submitter.
  • Ideologically Sensitive: This tag is intended to be used in the event that your work contains a controversial opinion, religious, political, social, or otherwise which can be considered offensive.

How can I hide mature content?

To hide mature content from your browsing, hover over your profile icon on the right side of the top menu and go into “Settings”. From the menu on the left side of the screen, choose “Browsing” under “Personal”, and then uncheck the box “Show Deviations with Mature Content”.

Screen 2 by Gejda

Doing this will hide all deviations tagged as mature from your browsing.

Exclamation  Keep in mind that if you’re younger than 18, you won’t be able to see mature deviations anyway and you won’t be able to make them visible.

If there is a particular member whose work you don’t want to see, you also have the option to hide it by blocking them. To do that, you can use the Report link found under the Watch button, just under and to the right of the deviation thumbnail or journal entry. If you choose the option “I just don’t want to see this”, the deviation will be hidden from you. If you decide to block the deviant completely, their works will be hidden from you as well, also while browsing.

What is allowed and what is not allowed?

The material not allowed on DA can be generally described as explicit. That goes for both violent and sexual themes. What does it mean exactly?


Your work can be removed if it displays actual self-harm, shows an actual injury, cruelty or death. Fictional depictions of these may be allowed – for example achieved through make-up or other effects – but images of actual injury or death are not.

Sexual content

DA is probably one of the most inclusive art communities currently active on the Internet – which means that you can submit works with mild sexual or erotic themes, however with some restrictions. Remember that tagging your work as mature does not mean you can ignore these restrictions.

All models or fictional characters shown/described in such works must be 18 or older. In this case, unlike the graphic content clause described above, it does not matter whether or not the model/character in question is fictional or not. And yes, it also applies to fan art.

When it comes to nudity, DA forbids pornography – remember though that not everything that you consider pornographic will also be considered such by DeviantART.

Here’s what falls under the pornography clause:

  • Masturbation - Hands should not be shown or described as coming into contact with genitalia in a manner which appears to represent masturbation.
  • Sexual Intercourse - Subjects should not shown or described in explicit detail as engaging in sexual intercourse. This includes depictions of sexual penetration, oral to genital contact, genital to anal contact, and oral to anal contact as well as other similar positions or interactions.
  • Vaginal, Penile, or Anal Penetration - This includes depictions of any object being inserted into the vagina, penis, or anus.
  • Sexual Body Fluids (actual or simulated) - There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants, including substitute materials which appear to act as replacements or "stand-ins" for these fluids.
  • Bodily Waste - There should be no depiction of urine, feces, or other bodily waste.
  • Erections - There should be no use of imagery depicting an erect penis, however there may be exceptions granted to illustrations created for legitimate medical or educational purposes.
  • Vaginal or Anal Spreading - Female subjects should not be depicted with their labia spread or parted in any manner by hand or manipulated open or parted by any other artificial means or object. Neither sex should show the anus manually opened in a similar fashion.
  • Adult Oriented (sexual) Toys - "Adult toys" consisting of dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, and similar items which are crafted to realistically represent a phallus or "receptive" vagina are not allowed. Items and devices which do not depict a male or female organ in a realistic fashion will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for acceptability in a submission. 

How can I report a submission?

If you see an image, a file or a journal that breaks the rules as described above in same way, you have the option to report it. Here’s how to do it, as described in this support article: How do I report submissions?

  • Click the “Report” link found immediately below the Watch button, just under and to the right of the deviation thumbnail or journal entry.

Screen 3 by Gejda

Disclaimer: Rowye's work here does not, obviously, break any rules - the screenshot is here just to show you the placement of the Report button. ;)

  • You will be offered a small window featuring four basic initial options to classify your report.

Screen 4 by Gejda

  • “I just don’t want to see this” enables you to exclude the deviation in question from your DeviantART experience and does not file any actual report. By selecting this option, the deviation will no longer be shown to you during your personal browsing. This is intended to assist members in avoiding content which they do not wish to view but which otherwise may be acceptable for submission under DeviantART policies.
  • Content ranging from explicit sexual material, abusive posts, and spam advertising can be reported to the staff this way.
  • Keep in mind that works of art often address controversial issues and evoke diverse and passionate response. It is not surprising that some artistic expression will prove to be personally offensive to some viewers. Even if it may be offensive, it may not necessarily violate DeviantART terms of service or require removal.

By selecting any of the other three options (“It’s inappropriate”, “It violates intellectual property rights”, “It’s something else”), you will be able to make further selections and provide additional information about why you believe the deviation in question should be reviewed by the staff.

If you choose “It’s inappropriate”, you’ll be prompted to explain whether or not the deviation is sexually explicit, needs a Mature Content tag or includes Underage Sexual Content.

If you choose “It violates intellectual property rights”, you will be prompted to declare whether or not you are the copyright holder. To minimize the risk of someone claiming that the work is theirs when it’s not the case, DeviantART will only take reports from the copyright owner. You can read more here about DA’s copyright policies and on how to file a proper DMCA (copyright infringement notification notice):….

If you choose “This is something else”, you’ll also have several options to choose from: “This deviation is misplaced”, meaning it was placed in the wrong category, “This is spam, malware, or warez”, “This is abuse”, meaning hate speech, personal attacks or death threats, or “This is self or animal harm”, meaning depictions of realistic violence, gore, self-harm or animal harm.

Your reports, with the exception of DMCA notices, are completely anonymous. All reports you file enter a general queue within the Moderation System, where they will be reviewed in a particular order of priority by a member of the DeviantART administration. DMCA takedown notices enter a special high-priority area. 

That’s it!

Okay, folks – that will be all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on complicated issues and give you answers you were looking for!


Community Engagement Week

Challenge yourself!

If you've been a member of DA for a while, then you probably have encountered at least one thing that annoyed you or confused you - it's kind of inevitable with a site as enormous as DeviantART. This challenge will allow you to tell us all about it - how did you overcome your issue? How did you manage to turn it around? What did you learn - about the site, about yourself or others - along the way? 

And so - we challenge you to draw a comic strip or write a short drabble about overcoming your DA issue. 


The inspiration for this event were comic strips drawn by kozispoon - here's a few examples: 

Site Update Reactions by kozispoon
Triple Combo by kozispoon
Insta-ban by kozispoonI Spy, you spy by kozispoon


Post a thumbnail of your entry in the comments under this article. You have to submit it before 23:59 PST on Friday, the 19th of October. 

Here's how to post a thumb if you're wondering about it: How do I link to other deviants, deviations, or pages?

And here's a time helpful zone converter if you'd like to check what time will be 23:59 PST in your time zone: Converter

The results will be posted on Sunday, 21st of October. 


Same as the other event of this week, the Pitch a Project contest run by JenFruzz, the prizes of this challenge are hidden - we want you to participate without an incentive such as points! 

Rest assured, though - the prizes will happen. Depending on the amount of entries and their quality, we will most likely assign prizes to many contestants. 


The judges will be announced soon!

Let's start!

We can't wait to see what you come up with! :la:

Community Engagement Week begins!

Mon Oct 8, 2018, 8:00 AM by Gejda:icongejda:

Community Engagement Week


This week is will run between Oct 8 - 12th, and it's  a very special week - it's totally about you. 
We all wish sometimes that some things on DA were different - there are features we're not big fans of, there's too much of this and too little of that. We find workarounds, we look for solutions, we scour the FAQ and journals for answers to our burning questions. Guess what - this week, many of said questions will be answered in an easy and accessible way. We'll post detailed articles, we'll have challenging and unique contests, and we'll invite you to talk with us in the #projecteducate chatroom for a community feedback event.

This whole thing began with a journal posted by Rowye, in which he talked about his thoughts about DA: Some thoughts about DA and Photomanip Feature. With a generous point donation from the staff who responded to his arguments, we put together a great team of deviants who will share their knowledge of DA and inner workings of their communities. Check out the schedule below!


Oct. 8

As the first article after this intro, you'll be challenged to Pitch a Project. This is a unique event with unique rules, and will require all your creativity and enthusiasm - I won't spoil the details now, but you can be sure it's going to be fantastic! You'll have time to prepare your entry until Oct 19th, and the results will be posted on Oct 21st. 

Oct. 9

On Tuesday, you're going to see an article and an announcement - brennennn will tell you How to Get Exposure on DA, and suggest some ways in which you can get involved with the community. We will also announce when and where the chat event will take place!

Oct. 10

On Wednesday, Rowye will tell you How to customize your DA experience - a while back, he posted a journal where he asked for input from other deviants, so you can be sure it's going to be a detailed and interesting read! Later, you can expect another small challenge - we will ask you to create a short comic or write a drabble. 

Oct. 11

Thursday brings two serious subjects - an article by Gejda on what constitutes mature content and how to report it, and an article by Astralseed on bullying - or How to deal with unwanted contact on DA. 

Oct. 12

On the last day of our Community Week, Mouselemur will talk about community projects - how to find them, how to get involved, and what sort of projects are currently running. As the last point of this list, we'll do a quick wrap-up - and summarize your and our impressions, and hold a community feedback event in the #projecteducate chatroom in the evening!


This is going to be a positive week full of education, information and fun events. We acknowledge that there are things that many of you - and us - want to change, and we want to focus on helping you understand and use the way DA works in the best possible way. We'd like to challenge you to take advantage of the tools we have - and the ones you maybe didn't know about, and will find out thanks to our articles - to make the best out of your DA experience. 

Let's begin! 

September Challenge Winner

Thu Oct 4, 2018, 9:58 AM

This time we're not announcing the next challenge - instead, you can expect a full-blown contest to start in two weeks! It will be the Animal Spirit Guide Contest run by Pendragon-Arts, and you can read about it here:

September Winner

The winner of our Modern Warfare Challenge is panjoool with his work No Mercy!

NO MERCY by panjoool

Congrats, we will contact you regarding your prize soon! 


Skin by Dan Leveille

Throwback Thursday #17

Thu Sep 13, 2018, 4:00 AM

Hello there!

Throwback Thursdays are a bi-weekly series of features over here at CRPhotomanipulation, organised by  Gejda and lauraypablo. We're going to show you four things - three Daily Deviations, three older tutorials, three random works from our gallery from last month, and three older stock photos. Once a month, you're going to see stunning works that are at least a year old, and two weeks later, you're going to see beautiful works from the month before. At the end of each journal, there's going to be a question and sometimes, a few words from us or other deviants from the community to start off a discussion.

Also, we shamelessly stole the idea from CRLiterature. They were first.

Let's start!

Awesome DDs

WHITE RABBIT by saritaangel07
Prisoner Of Dark Thoughts by moonchild-ljilja
Mermaid *Goodbye* by brandrificus

Fascinating tutorials

Exercise 44 Results: Slime Time Step by Step by CGCookiePrincess Peach's castle by IncantataNight from day Tutorial for Psd by annewipf

Outstanding Stock Photos

Flying Papers png by moonchild-ljiljaHeavy Warmblood Mare Trotting on Pasture by LuDa-StockForest maiden - Stock Model Reference 18 by faestock

Beautiful images

Nocturnal Mysticism by AWPhotography607White Ducks Lodge by annewipf
Here for business by Mylene-C

Throwback Question

How did your summer go? Did you learn anything useful? Did you find any new resources you'd like to share? And, of course, did you simply have a good time? :D 

Skin by Dan Leveille

September Challenge

Mon Sep 3, 2018, 9:34 AM

September Challenge: 

Modern Warfare

Summer is slowly coming to its end, so hopefully you're all rested and ready to go back to creating - we definitely are! This is why there will be a few comebacks this month, so stay tuned! ;) 

September's challenge theme is Modern Warfare. This means all the soldiers, guns, covert operations, sneaking behind enemy lines, technology, spies... and everything else you can think of! Or maybe you want to create a conceptual piece? Or show a fantasy creature in a war-torn land? We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Soldier fella (Works) 

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general September folder.

Besides that, all the standard rules apply:

Don't forget to credit all stock used and use only legitimate stock!

Only ONE entry per person per month. :) (Smile)

To enter, turn in your deviation to the "September 2018 Challenge" gallery folder (Don't get this confused with the folder for regular art submissions, or we'll move challenge folders to Favorites instead of Gallery.)

Your entry must be made and submitted no earlier thanSeptember 3rd, 2018 and no later than 11:59 PM PT on September 30th, 2018.

Don't forget that the prize is a 3-month Core membership (or 1200 points, your choice) from Community Relations!


Lacking inspiration? Take a look at the works below!

war by arlek-inThe War Unleashed by Jay-Hobbit
War by FictionChick
War by kimsol
The War by FantasyArt0102
Cold War Transmissions by FrozenStarRo
Angel in the war by mmmprod
War Remains by Ahmad-Tahhan
Ruins of War by RoadioArts
Dawn of All-Out War by Jovan-Porto
Shadow of The Cold War Era (2016) by Kiriya


Skin by Dan Leveille

Erebus by Attack-At-Dawn The Woodland Creature by charmedy

Cadence Of Her Last Breath by MoodyBlue The Guardian by Pyrogas-Artworks

Hope by Pincons Dreams In My Mind by Kryseis-Art

The Arrival by Ellysiumn Goodbye My Friend by isildurion

The Winds of Arabella by ManifestedSoul Destroyed by apanyadong

Crimson Tide by Cyren-NaliniTiger Lick by WalkingGedis 
Morning coffee by SvetlanaKLimova Love in Venice by da505

Final by NaouriRedouane1998 The sun and the moon by Amaranta-G

the listener by old-timer-dev The Alabaster Faun (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

The Dragon Keeper by bonbonka COM: good dreary morning by redemptari

 Dead lake by the-Scarlet-Queen Celestial Waters by Phatpuppyart-Studios


Skin by Dan Leveille

Voyage to the Unknown

Fri Aug 24, 2018, 9:11 AM

Voyage to the Unknown is a project started by Mrs-Durden

The idea is to browse through 1 category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process! 

This time I chose: Fanart/Traditional Art! 

Enjoy the awesome works below! :)

Bulbasaur #001 by Stitchy-FaceHowl's Flower Field by theGrayStrayNorth by point-maitimo
Breath of the Wild - Our Last Hope by OlyveeINDIANA JONES Pencil by RUIZBURGOSKing of the Elves by JankaLateckovaNeverwinter Nights - Sharwyn by s0ulafein
Tom Hiddleston : Loki - Drawing by JakubQaazAdamskiLittle Chara by NEKKIU
Racing with the eagle by Teradiam
Darth Maul by NickyBarkla
Good Morning Rapunzel by B-AGT
King of the Woodland Realm by Kinko-White
Fire, Wind And Earth (CELLAR DARLING FANART) by CelticBotan

Skin by Dan Leveille
Propaganda by davidsibande  Maturity by LuLebel
Stairway to Heaven by Danilo-Costa oh lonesome stars by xXNamaste
Deep Forest Creature by Madink2000 Falling Asleep by alltelleringet
A Life On Earth by Kahinienn Monster by morawless
Reina blanca by EstebanSayhueque Stereotype organisms by EvgenShvets
Catharsis by LuneBleu Universe by Ennya7
Mister Indigo98 by IndigoMR Cosmic Gate by kuschelirmel
Galactic Worship by allimli Once In A Blue Shroom by needcaffine
Mesmerising by alkab-art Kingdom of the Dark Souls by adrianamusettidavila
Ellie by Darkraven002 rkgk by FlyingGinger
Surround Me by mockingale Sweet Moment by panjoool

July Winner and...

Fri Aug 3, 2018, 1:21 PM

...a short vacation!

You're on vacation, we're on vacation - which means that the challenges will have a month-long break, and start over in September with some new enthusiasm. ;) 

Don't worry - all the other group activities will go on as planned! 

July Winner

The winner of our June's Thieves and Robbers challenge is no1intheworld with his work The Night Invader! Congrats!

The Night Invader by no1intheworld

We will contact you soon regarding your prize. 

See you in September! ;) 

Examples of good stock sites

Version 2.0, updated on: xx.08.2018.
New positions have a New *tag.

Please note that this list is meant to give an overview of available stock sites that we would recommend to use, but it is in no way meant to be complete, and we do not take responsibility for the legitimacy of every photo uploaded on these websites. We recommend that you check the rules of every stock photo you download there and the specific Terms of Use (ToU) of the website.

The following list is divided into several subsections, paid and free stocks, and attribution required or not required.***

What does attribution mean exactly? It basically says that you're obliged to credit the stock provider whenever you use their stock in your work.

Active photomanip groups

You are running a photomanip group or you are a member of an active one that you want us to include in this list? Please let me know! Nod Note: this list is photomanipulation only!

:iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconwe-heart-photomanip: :iconphotomanip-only: :iconphotomanip-contests: :iconmaniptuts: :iconobscuremanips: :iconphotomanipulationart: :iconcastle-of-manips: :iconmanip4fun: :iconphotomanipulation101: :iconmanipulationhelpdesk: :iconintermediate-manips: :iconmanipulation-central: :iconphoto-manipulnation: :iconmanipulating-dreams: :iconsimplemanipulations: :iconi-love-manipulations: :iconmodel-manuliplations: :iconquality-manips: :iconmarvelousmanips: :iconuniquemanipulation: :iconfotomanipulationz: :iconmaniptreasures: :iconmanipartist: :iconphotomanipulatorsx3: :iconphotomanip--club: :iconimanipulate: :iconthe-imaginarium: :icondigitalartandphoto: :iconindependent-manips: :icontablet-for-u: :iconart-revival: :iconunusual-manips: :iconeeriemirage: :iconthen-there-was-light: :iconphotomanip--club: :iconghostlylights: :iconstewed-tomatoes: :iconspicy-manips: :iconxr-manips: 









Semi-official Community Relations group for the Mixed Media and Photomanipulation galleries on dA.
Your hub for Photomanipulation Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.


Community Relations Stamp by communityrelations


Photomanip DD Round Up for June 2018

Sat Jul 14, 2018, 3:49 AM
Halo by Ban27 PRIMORDIAL EARTH II by stardock
Halloween. Tales from the crypt by Vera-Orlova Sleeping Awake by bakashin
Magical Sky Touch by QAuZ Co-sheirm by Zephyrio
OF SPARROWS AND SORROWS by renevene Lift Off by xLocky
Snail steampunk by Avi-li Entomology - The dying light by JoeDiamondD
Thief of Pride by Secretadmires Dragonslayers by sekiq
commission: Perfect Storm by jasmine-autumn my imagination only by Lolita-Artz
Horror? by Poglazovs Infinite Spirit by Mish-A-Man
The Town by NM-art

July Challenge and June Winner

Tue Jul 3, 2018, 9:55 AM

July Challenge: Thieves and Robbers

Ready for a new challenge? We are!

This time, your theme is Thieves and Robbers, which means that every pickpocket, burglar, shoplifter, mugger and poacher counts. Do you like heist movies (have you seen June's Ocean's Eight?)? Have you ever read a story about some dashing rogue with daggers strapped to his back? This is your chance to visualise all those characters and win an awesome prize!

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general June folder.

Besides that, all the standard rules apply:

Don't forget to credit all stock used and use only legitimate stock!

Only ONE entry per person per month. :) (Smile)

To enter, turn in your deviation to the "July 2018 Challenge" gallery folder (Don't get this confused with the folder for regular art submissions, or we'll move challenge folders to Favorites instead of Gallery.)

Your entry must be made and submitted no earlier than July 3rd, 2018 and no later than 11:59 PM PT on July 31st, 2018.

Don't forget that the prize is a 3-month Core membership (or 1200 points, your choice) from Community Relations!

June Winner

The winner of our June's Jurassic World challenge is Cold-Tommy-Gin with his work Hide And Seek! Congrats

Hide And Seek by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Get Inspired!

What`s Yours Is Mine by Nikulina-Helena
Ambuscade by MaliciaRoseNoireAssassin by annewipf
The Thief Mage by LuLebel
Thief of Pride by Secretadmires
Burke and Hare by ChrisRawlinsThe Master Thief (Commission) + Video by Nikulina-Helena

Blend it: Lighting for Beginners

Tue Jul 3, 2018, 8:00 AM by Gejda:icongejda:

Tutorial Tuesdays


Hi there! In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at something we all struggle with - lighting. After reviewing the basics, we will analyse several common lighting situations and share some useful resources to help you with further learning.

This tutorial is a part of our new monthly series at CRPhotomanipulation - and we're looking forward to delivering some great content! Let's start!

The Basics

First things first - let's take a look at the anatomy of light and shadow. 

Ball by Gejda

On the image you can see above, there are several terms that you should remember - each of these elements is essential to creating realistic images. Firstly - the light here comes from our upper left side, hence why on the very top of the ball you can see a highlight (1). The transition from the part of the ball covered with light to the part covered with shadow starts at the terminator (2) (keep in mind that if we're talking about a soft, diffuse lighting, you're most likely not going to be able to distinguish as clear a line/border as you can do here). Below the ball you can see two types of shadows marked - an occlusion shadow (3) and a cast shadow (4). Another thing marked is reflected light (5)

Okay - let's talk a bit more about all those words. 

1) Highlight - is, as the name suggests, the brightest part of an illuminated object. It will be visible particularly on highly reflective surfaces (take a look at shiny metal, for example, or plastic, or glass) and forms on a direct line from the light source. 

2) The terminator - can be distinguished especially in direct lighting. It's basically a border between the illuminated part of an object and the one in shadow, and can actually be the darkest part on the object. Like said above, though, if the lighting is soft and diffused, you might not be able to see the terminator at all, since the transition from light to shadow will be very gradual. 

3) Occlusion shadow - remember this. If you're having problems with your objects looking like they're floating, check if you added an occlusion shadow - if not, there's the root of your problem. Basically, you can describe it as a small and very dark shadow right below the object. They form when two objects are close enough together to block out all the light. You can also see occlusion shadows forming where materials push together in folds or at points of contact with the ground, or at the inside corner of the room where two walls meet.

4) Cast shadow - this is the "basic" shadow - and it occurs whenever a form intercepts direct light. These can have a myriad of shapes and colours. For example, a soft light will cast a shadow with a blurry edge, while a hard light will cast a shadow with a sharp edge. On the image above there are two different light sources, which results in two cast shadows in two different directions. Remember! If you're working a portrait and add, for example, longer hair to your character, it will also need to cast a shadow!

5) Reflected light - each object that receives strong light becomes its own source of light. And colour and light go together. On the image above, the ball reflects a slight gray colour on the red floor, and red seeps into the shadow on the ball. In most natural environments, the colour of the shadow will be the sum of all sources of reflected illumination combined with the colour of the object. Still, a thing to remember - reflected light falls off quickly. This means it will disappear very fast the farther you get from the source, unless the source is very large.

Common lighting scenarios

1) Sunlight

Field-clouds-sky-earth-46160 by Gejda
Pexels-photo-1195975 by Gejda

In settings like the ones above, the light source is pretty easy to determine - duh, it's where the sun is, of course. Right? Sure. Though not really. 

On a clear, sunny day, you have three different light sources - the sun itself, the blue sky, and the reflected light from illuminated objects. The sun is the most important part, but not the only one, which is something you need to remember. Here's a great short tutorial on reflected skylight: Click! by toerning.

Sunlight is pretty direct - in contrast to that, skylight is soft, diffused, and basically directionless - meaning, it comes from all directions at once. The amount and colour of light will depend mostly on the cloud cover, season and time of the day.

Martin-jernberg-207530-unsplash by Gejda
Pexels-photo-414105 by Gejda

At midday,
the shadows will be sharpest and the light brightest. Strong light bleaches out colours, which will look less saturated than at other times during the day. The one thing that will benefit from this type of light is water, which means midday will be a good setting for all your tropical and nautical scenes. 

Pexels-photo-403570 by Gejda
Pexels-photo-551578 by Gejda

During the afternoon, light becomes progressively warmer as it goes down. Everything will take on a yellowish cast, and the sky will be a deeper, more saturated blue. As the day progresses and we near the evening, you'll encounter what the photographers call the golden hour, which occurs most often roughly an hour before sunset. The light then is considered particularly photogenic - the illuminated parts of your object will have a warm, orange/yellow cast to them, and the shadows will have a blue tint. All colours will appear highly saturated.

Pexels-photo-462023 by Gejda

At sunset, contrast will be low, and shadows will become darker and very long. With clear sky, they might take on a rich, blue cast. The clouds will be lit from below, which means you can create some dramatic scenes with lots of red, orange, pink and yellow. 

Pexels-photo-149246 by Gejda

Derek-story-307410-unsplash (1) by Gejda

At dusk, the sun is below the horizon, so the main light source will be the sky. This gives you the opportunity to create a scene with soft, delicate colours, subtle shadows and low contrast. On a clear day, you might notice a phenomenon called alpenglow, which is a distinct pink glow on the eastern sky. It will cast a noticeable pink light on reflective surfaces, but is too weak to affect darker ones, such as foliage. 

2) Overcast light

On cloudy days, sunlight will be diffused by the cloud layer, making it soft and eliminating contrasts between light and shadow. Colours might appear brighter and purer than they do in direct sunlight. The sky will seem light gray or white, and the lighting will allow you to evenly expose a bigger scene. The shadows will be soft and not very visible. 

Pexels-photo-395196 by Gejda

3) Fire/candlelight

Candlelight and fire light (including fireplaces, bonfires, lanterns etc.) are yellow-orange in colour and quite weak - which means that light will drop off rapidly as your object recedes from the flame. The source will be surrounded by a halo of warm, orange colour. Remember that light sources that require fire - candles, fireplaces - are often placed close to the ground or a low object such as a table, which means you need to account for the direction - the objects and characters around them will be lit mostly from below. 

Pexels-photo-256560 by Gejda

Pexels-photo-278600 by Gejda

4) Moonlight

The light of a full moon is roughly 450,000 times weaker than direct sunlight. Still, the sky still has some light in it, so it will always be lighter than the land. The colours will be very desaturated, and any natural light will be incredibly soft and diffused. If you're working with a scene set in our time, remember about light pollution - even quite far away from a big city you can still see a faint orange reflection on the night sky. 

Sky-clouds-moon-horizon by Gejda

Pexels-photo-178837 by Gejda

5) Indoor artificial lighting

Most sources of indoor light are soft and diffused (unless, of course, you have a bare lightbulb or a spotlight) - that's what we use lampshades for. A lot of indoor lighting until recently was based on tungsten lighting, but it is steadily being replaced by newer technologies. Tungsten lighting is warm and orangey in colour, but a lot of modern lights are white. 

The most important factor with indoor lighting is that you're likely to have multiple light sources, so you need think about how they interact with one another - your objects might have multiple shadows and highlights, for example. Bulbs are not the only objects emitting light, too - remember that computer screens, smartphones and a countless number of other modern devices also can be a part of your scene. 

If your scenario takes place in an office, stations and public buildings - basically anywhere where cost is more important than mood - you will probably see fluorescent lighting, which can be slightly greenish. 

Pexels-photo by Gejda
Pexels-photo-669996 by Gejda


From DeviantART:

Why shadows aren't gray by ArtByRianaBlue Reflected Light by toerningA Note on Light and Colour by toerningBasic Lighting Tutorial by Alenas


  • James Gurney, Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter
  • Richard Yot, Light for Visual Artists
  • Scott Robertson, How to Render: The Fundamentals of Light, Shadow and Reflectivity
  • P. Jasmine Katatikarn, Michael Tanzillo, Lighting for Animation: the Art of Visual Storytelling
  • Jeremy Birn, Digital Lighting and Rendering 
... and what do YOU recommend?

Important: Don't look at the fact that some of these books aren't specifically about YOUR medium; you can get a lot out of a lighting book created for animators even if you aren't an animator yourself! 


...among many others!



Gnomon Workshop:

Look also at Skillshare, Udemy and Pluralsight. 

Almost The End

This article obviously doesn't exhaust the subject - there's a ton of more advanced or simply different things you still need to learn. Still, we hope it's a good start and that we managed to explain one or two things. 

That's it. Go create!

*All the photos used in this article are on CC0 license and come from either or

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June Challenge and May Winner

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June Challenge: Jurassic World

Everyone had a dinosaur phase in their childhood, right? :D  emote : Dino approves New Dino :dinosrawr:   

If you missed that vital step of nerdy development, here's your chance to make up for it - or if you didn't, to revisit your childhood fantasies! This month's theme is Jurassic World, which means everything with dinos is going to be perfect. Do you want to recreate a scene form the movies? Prove that the old trilogy is better than the one currently releasing its second movie? Or maybe... create your very own dinosaur? As always, it's up to you! 

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general June folder.

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May Winner

The May challenge winner is JoeDiamondD with his work Entomology! Congratulations!

Entomology - The dying light by JoeDiamondD

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