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Mechanic: Dreadbound

Update:  Dreadbound Kickstarter is active from May 25th - June 29th! Pledge now to make this a reality!

The Mechanic is a character featured in the soon-to-be launched Kickstarter campaign for Dreadbound: a sci-fi survival board game!

The Mechanic was never meant to be a part of the Dawn Sweeper crew. She snuck on as a stowaway during a routine docking in Parun and lurked about the ship for a long while before she was discovered. Her hermit-like tendencies go hand-in-hand with her tinkering, engineering obsessions. Viewed as something of an intrusion at first, the crew could not deny the benefits of the mysterious repairs being made to their otherwise neglected vessel so they accepted her. While she is a hard worker, the Mechanic tends to be the most introvert, naive crew member. 

Dreadbound is a board game soon to be on Kickstarter! Follow me here and on Facebook to be updated as I can share progress!
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awww she looks so cute :) 
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Love the character, design and art!
Good luck with the project!
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