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LOLI MYNX - Commission

Commission of the lolita character, Mynx, belonging to ~Dungeon-dweller.

I experimented with a different palette than I'm used to in this image. The fashion does not really stay within the usual constraints of general lolita fashion law, but that's ok.

My commission info: [link]
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I don't usually favorite works like this, but the execution and some of the techniques you used here really seem pleasing to my eyes. The form outside the subject has nice negative space which makes this a very clean piece.
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I love the way this looks! I want a ghostie as a pet. The little devious >3 one!
AllixAssassin's avatar
I have an umbrella that looks like that, but in white xD
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As you are more liked, your powers grow stronger. You never cease to amaze me Senpai. Question: How do you do the lace? Do you draw it out? If so... *golf clap* Bravo.
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Ah maybe my powers come from the souls of those that peer at my art. O - O
As for the lace, yes. I started with a mesh looking material in the areas where there would be lace and then drew in all of the structuring and ornamental design. I really like lace so I figured I ought to get used to drawing it haha.
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On another note, I'll have to practice with small detail for clothing like lace and patterns. Any tips?
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Hmm, tips? I suppose patience is a big factor when designing lace. Also, pay attention to the structure. Make sure there's a harmony to the design and structure. Lace/patterns are a very interesting element that can add a lot of interest to a piece, but if used wrong or designed with laziness it can tear an images quality to bits.
ArtsyxFox's avatar
Oks. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you. >w<
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Love it, it's very awesome!
lynnies's avatar
wow this is sooo beautiful?!
kagepoopoo's avatar
It's so cute~ expecially the little ghosties~
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very cute :3 beautiful job~!
Pixelduhst's avatar
Amazing, as usual. :3
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