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Unexpected reunions by Golavus Unexpected reunions :icongolavus:Golavus 94 35 hellsbelles-MforDG-10 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-10 :iconerikson1:erikson1 68 69
A party for the Red Rope Gang
“Tonight’s breaking news again. A manhunt is underway for a criminal gang responsible for a break-in which saw six women bound and gagged as their possessions were stolen. The gang responsible is believed to consist of three men of undetermined age, but they are armed and considered to be very dangerous. Police are urging residents in the Briarwood area to stay alert and only open the door to people they know.”
   “Hey look boys, we’re famous!” Beefy cheered, pointing at the newsreader on the TV as she read the details from their day of misdeeds. He gave a happy cackle, rubbing his hands with glee as he slouched into the sofa.
    His comrade Mincemeat looked up from the dining room table, where he was busy studying the jewels of Lady Littlesmith and her five daughters, figuring out their value. He was less enthused by his newfound notoriety. “Yeah but if this goes national then we’ll have to lay low for a lot longer t
:icongolavus:Golavus 39 35
hellsbelles-MforDG-9 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-9 :iconerikson1:erikson1 88 79 hellsbelles-MforDG-8 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-8 :iconerikson1:erikson1 128 108 hellsbelles-MforDG-7 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-7 :iconerikson1:erikson1 93 99 hellsbelles-MforDG-6 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-6 :iconerikson1:erikson1 166 90
Sara and the W.R.I.S - Freshers Week - Part 2
   “Bloody hell Owen!” I shrieked as I jumped out of my skin, breaking free from the arm that had grabbed me from behind.
   I spun on the spot and glared angrily at the young man wearing an expression that was a combination of mischief and now uncertainty. He gave a confused frown, his blue eyes staring at me behind his glasses, before he asked sheepishly, “Er, was it something I said?”
   “How about sneaking up on the girl with a history of getting herself kidnapped and grabbing her from behind?” I barked angrily. “You scared the hell out of me! How’d you even get in here anyway?”
     “Jaz was here when I arrived, she said I could wait until you turned up,” Owen explained, looking a bit embarrassed as he realised his mistake. “OK I’m sorry, that was a cock up. Will you let me make it up to you?”
    My heartbeat was now returning to its normal pa
:icongolavus:Golavus 29 37
hellsbelles-MforDG-5 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-5 :iconerikson1:erikson1 221 99
Inspiring Distress
Golavus could imagine it clearly.
The scene took place outdoors, in the American Southwest.  Ropes surrounded his character, Cowgirl Cathy, as she stood tied between two cactuses.  In the dust nearby lay a wooden crate filled with rattlesnakes… or, more accurately, formerly filled with rattlesnakes.  They slithered toward the feisty heroine, rattling and hissing, warning her away.
If only Cathy could get away!  The ropes were tied tight, and stretched to the cactuses to either side of her.  And the angry rattlesnakes grew closer and closer….
“This is going to be my best story yet!” Golavus told himself.
Knock, knock, knock!
“Oh, who could that be?” he grumbled, opening his front door.
“Hi-eeeee!  My name’s Hayley, and, as you can guess from my accent, yes, I’m an American!  I’m having a terrific time over here in England, where I’m making peoples’ lives better with these wonderful
:icondavid-presents:David-presents 15 8
Sara and the W.R.I.S - Freshers Week - Part 1
‘Beep beep beeeeeeep. Beep beep, beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.’
  I groaned. I knew what that irritatingly chirpy tune meant. Without opening my eyes, I turned my head on my pillow and dared to pull my arm from underneath the warm confines of my bedcovers. My hand rummaged about my bedside table for the still ringing smartphone, only finding my empty coffee stained mug and a crumb strewn plate. I groaned again as I opened my eyes to locate the source of the noise.
  That’s when the hangover hit me like a sledgehammer to my forehead. My brain felt like it was trapped in iron chains and my stomach churned as it desperately processed whatever sinful liquids I’d filled it with last night. Even trying to pull my head off my pillow took real effort. And all the while the phone continued its merry assault on my eardrums. Swearing under my breath, I reached over the side of my bed and finally my fingers established contact with my phone, placed wher
:icongolavus:Golavus 30 44
Having a ball at the ball by Golavus
Mature content
Having a ball at the ball :icongolavus:Golavus 148 23
hellsbelles-MforDG-4 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-4 :iconerikson1:erikson1 288 126
Mature content
Good News... and Bad News :iconmysteriousman9818:Mysteriousman9818 7 0
hellsbelles-MforDG-3 by erikson1 hellsbelles-MforDG-3 :iconerikson1:erikson1 164 116 A Marshal for Devil's Gulch 2 by erikson1 A Marshal for Devil's Gulch 2 :iconerikson1:erikson1 126 110


My only criticisms of these pictures are that in order to have the sea placed behind the model, the natural light of the sunset has lef...


The Lurking Fiend...
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Greetings.. Welcome to my little corner of Deviant Art!

I will be updating this as often as time, real life, and my naturally lazy nature will allow.. Meantime, enjoy the show!

I do occasionally do commissions, but I really have to want to do the pic in question. So you can ask, and if I let you down, I will do so gently!

I like to draw twisted things.. But I also have a sense of humour about it. Nothing morose, morbid, or miserable about me...honest guv!

I do reply to comments (at times), and to messages (at times), especially if they peak my interest...

I may or may not be alive. They haven't been brave enough to check yet.
... But to REALLY screw things up, you need a computer. Or in my case, an external hard drive that has died, taking with it years of photos, artwork, writing, music... you name it.

So, needless to say, while I am waiting to see what can be recovered, it's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Hopefully, normal service can be restored soon. Until then, here is some light music...

*cue tinny old recording of "The Girl From Ipanema"*



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