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medieval city

30x20 inch PRINTS for SALE here: [link]
medieval city concept
bryce photoshop
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Hi there! Really impressed with this photo, and I was wondering if I could use this as a cover image for one of my songs. In the song description, I will include links to both your profile here on DeviantArt and to this particular photo. Again, great picture, and thank you for your patience.

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Great work 
I used ur stock Here :…
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This is not stock. Please don't use my art.
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I already used it cause u dont leave any comments and warning said some like that
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That doesn't matter, sir. You do not have permission to use my art in any way, at any time.
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Ok im sry for this time i thought that i can use it and btw good job i like it
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thank you sir.
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What kind of art digital painting.?
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Great - was this made with Photoshop?
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thanks. yes, bryce and photoshop
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What kind of software is bryce?
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wow this is really cool, I love just how detailed this city is, It kind of reminds me of dark souls 3. it has medieval aspects in there too. I love the character and warmth of the design, the atmosphere and security and warmth. it's kind of like living in hogwarts, there is a special feeling with belonging to a large castle or city complex. 
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That's exactly the feel I was going for. It was fun to spend time with it because I could so easily lose myself in it.
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This is amaaaazing. So beautiful. :)
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A wonderful piece. Although dark, it's many lights suggest a city more welcoming than forbidding.
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thank you :) That is what i was hoping for. i think i made it dark so the lights would stand out.
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Just beautiful, so beautiful.. I would happily live there in a heartbeat if it were real. :D
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I love this! It's god mood and feeling. I can maginethe lives of the people in this village in these mountains building their houses as close to the summit of this hill as possible, and the town just growing as more people seek its safety.
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looks safe enough, I hope these mountains are difficult to cross.
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It has so many details! Looks incredible :3 great work
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