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Free Fall

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It catches the feeling.
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Badass. I love how visceral the freedom of this pose is. Beautifully executed!
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I am beholden to you for this is my rebirth

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wooooooooooooo!!! stunning i likey!!!! do u have it like laarrrrrrrrrgeeeee to cover my studio wall ;)
HI Geironimo,

I love your image "Free Fall." I just hopped on Deviant for the first time this evening looking for images to use for a promo trailer for a book I've just written. I wanted to know if I might have your permission to use this image in my trailer. I will highly recommend your work in return for anyone looking for a great digital artist.


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Thank u specialnezz :)
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Drit kult ( i mangel på bedre ord :D )
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Takker og bukker zpurvie! :)
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Bare hyggelig :)
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Thank u tooloolo :)
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Sorry it's so late, but your most welcome ^^
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Great work!!! :)
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Thanks u adni18! :)
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This rocks! Like the particle effects around the legs and gridwork and ribbon effect around the arms. I have to ask'd you do the gridwork?
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Thanks Atomark! :)

Do u mean the wings?
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You're welcome!

Yes...the wings...I love the grid-like design; it's so subtle, yet so intriguing. I have always wanted to incorporate this type of element into some of my work. Was just curious if you had a dedicated program that you use for it or whether you did it by hand in Illustrator (or other vector program) or Photoshop or something.

Strangely enough, Tron (the original movie) is what made me love the grid design in general. Not that you needed to know that. :)
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