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Tali Zorah

Tali Zorah Vas Normandy.

I made her without the mask, but...I don't know, maybe I'll upload the other image.
It's some kind of speedpainting (just that I spent many hours to finish it :lmao: ).

thank you for watching my stuff.


Edit: Hoooray!, here's the unmasked version.
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Even after the third playthough where ive sworn myself NOT to pick tali as my gf... i failed... damn you bioware....
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I think that is Tali's sultry Come Hither look. 
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amazing colors
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Tali is my all-time favorite Mass Effect character, and I especially love this piece!!!
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This is a great Tali. Thanks for sharing!
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my only question is... why does her right hand have 3 fingers?
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Because quarians have 3 fingers, the problem in that hand is that I didn't finish it, so that's why it looks weird.
Thank you very much.
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Fantastic job, Tali is my fav Mass Effect lady.
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The unmasked version rocks, but this one is just so perfectly Tali. Love the details you put on her skin! She definitely has the coolest costume out of all the characters in Mass Effect.
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I like the colors of the space in the background
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This is to great to look at, Seriously!
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Even in mask is beautiful :D That is our Tali, hell yeah!
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:blowkiss: Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful. Just beautiful!!
This is gorgeous.
This is the best Tali fan art I've ever seen.
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Background, outfit and details merge into very lovely fan-art! ^^ Good job! :clap:
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Real good stuff! :clap:
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Great drawing =D beautiful amazing artwork and i love it! Amazing drawing and i could picture Quarians looking like that under their helmets, sorta. Like being like purple pinkish with the purble blue sparkles and clear eyes although i think they mgiht be quite clear, like have pale skin if u look closely at Tali's helmet or through her helmet but i like your version better. I think they look better as this rather than like being pale
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Your rendition is amazing! I worry I'll be disappointed with the developers design for her in ME3 after seeing these. Excellent :)
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