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Wild Shapphire (Chapter 2)
Zora's Domain 10:27 pm

Rolling storm clouds battle and race over the horizon as the cries of the war rages endlessly below them. The monstrous clouds devour the bloody red skies like a sinister black demon. Swift lightning briefly flicker in the distance, licking the earth with its electrifying tongue as deafening thunder roared with fury. The land tremble from the savagery of the war as well as the weather's might. More lightening streak to sky, striking the trees of Kokiri forest and starting a fire. Thankfully, the timid forest children had long since evacuated the country, remaining hidden deep in the shadows of the wilderness where great, sacred beasts that are the cosmetic lunar wolves protected them from danger.
Zora's Domain shook and tremble as bombs and explosives went off in the distance. The cave rattle from the full force of the bombing or furious lightning slamming onto the roof. Many structures crumble and collapse, and many pa
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Hey everyone! Before I start I want to say thank you for those who commented on my last journal concerning my guinea pig. It means a lot to me and although I will always miss him, I am willing to look back at the good old times we shared together. He was one of the bestest friend I ever had. And now he is a furry little angel frolicking around in a place full of all the carrots he ever desire.

Now onto the news!

Following that blog, I hadn't been going downstairs as much because it'll always remind me of Rinnie. I would come down to play with him every day and we'd run around, snuggle, me being chased by him, me scolding him for his naughty antics (he use to love eating the mop for some odd reason) reward him with treats, watch him sleep on his rug, and let him give me kisses with his nose and whiskers or have him nibble gently. Afterwards, my mom notice I barely went downstairs anymore unless its to eat or play the Wii U, so she asked me if I would like another guinea pig. I decline, telling her it was too soon and that I don't want to give the impression of replacing Rinnie. Honestly, my mom was devastated with Rinnie's death as much as I was. She was Rinnie's grandma, and she loved him very much; always spoiling him while I discipline him. Rinnie would even sit next to her feet and watch her wash the dishes, lifting his nose in the air. My mom always had some veggies ready for him when she cooks or wash, and would toss him many tasty greens in his way. She was so use to it that a week after Rinnie's death she went to the room where he once lived in with the impression of giving him treats, only to nearly break down in tears as she stared at the empty spot where his cage one stood, being harshly reminded that our dear pet was forever gone. 

Fast forward to Oct 24th, it was my sister's birthday and my mom and her went out while I had my hair dried (I wanted to go too but my hair was still wet so I stayed behind). I expected them to come back with a sundae like my mom promised so I pretty much watch Jurassic Park 3 while waiting. An hour and a half later, my mom call me and told me to get Rinnie's cage ready. Knowing what she might have in store, I forgot the movie as I ran upstairs, got my jacket, retrieve the cage from outside, and prepare it. As soon as I was finish, my mom and sister came home with a box. Peering inside, my family was bless to see this beautiful sight;


Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! Meet the newest member of our family, Bethane! Apparently, my mom was originally going to buy a hamster, but just like with Rinnie, my sister went bonkers when she saw Beth and wanted to take her home. According to the employee working at the store, Bethane was overlooked by everyone who came to buy guinea pigs in favor of the more livelier ones. In fact she had been in that store for six whole months up to that point, watching her companions come and go over time. Nobody wanted her. She was always left alone, the costumer never giving her a second thought. My mom, being the guinea pig lady she is, was heartbroken by her story and immediately forgot about the hamster and told the employee to give them the lonely animal. (much to my sister's delight). Instantly my sis named her Bethane without any regard on the rest of the family's opinion for her name. I don't really care. I was too excited to have a new friend to look after to care about the odd obviously human name choice that doesn't exactly match her. But I digress.

Bethane was very scared at first and wouldn't let us touch her. That fear slowly melted away and each day she's getting better and better. I've been working with her all this time since the last journal update, and had been making many progress with her. She still needs work, but I'm very dedicated to make her feel as welcome as she can be!

It turns out my mom made the conscious decision to go to the pet store that day to bring home the hamster as mentioned before. She wouldn't had gone otherwise if Rinnie was still alive and Beth would've still been there either being overlooked like always or worse; someone buys her as snake food as some sick bastards do. I hate those bastards with a burning passion; they have no respect for the lives of these critters and I hope their legless pets will show them how it feels to be cornered with no way of fighting back and being slowly crush to death. Nothing against snakes, I actually love them equally along with all other animals. Its the brain-dead turds who own them and feed them live guinea pigs who I want to wring their little necks. Like badly. F**k them.

More on Beth will be added overtime. I hope you guys enjoy that little surprise!

And in memory of Rinnie, I had posted my first ever video of him begging for treats! Check it out: Rinnie's Video! For the first time ever, you guys will see Rinnie in action from when he was alive. This was a daily occurrence with him and it always a joy watching him beg. I'm so grateful for recording this when I did. Now I watch this 41 times. Nobody watched it yet, but I don't care. This is for my family.

Little Mikau Update-
Little Mikau chapter 5 will be delayed to mid to late December. I unwillingly slack off the last couple of weeks because of Bethane and my sister who won't stop talking about the new Pokemon games, which became super distracting. She's very excited because this will be her first time ever playing a Pokemon game. We grew up watching the anime, so we were fans of the concept even if we never touch the actual source material. Me? I'm quite curious myself and it wouldn't let me focus properly on the story, so I had to refresh my brain to calm myself down, because trying to write while having the adorable little Owl Pokemon turning into a Robinhood badass engraved in my conscious isn't exactly helping with anything. You can see what I am talking about here; Rowlet Evolution Line. I love thing so much. Thankfully, the craziness of the Pokemon hype is leaving me alone long enough to write key plot points and drafts in my notebook, which I keep for vital Fanfiction details. The good news is chapter 5 isn't going to be terribly long like the last one which needed to be moved to I want it to be the final chapter of Mikau being a tiny guppy before making him into a preteen. So because it shouldn't be too long, this means the chapter may come earlier. In fact I'm just writing the final draft of the chapter right now in another tab. So inspect some in a little over a month, maybe less.

Zoras Rule!

I'll see you later. Thank you for your time!

P.S Say no to live feeding! Its illegal in Britain (I think) so it should be banned in the United States. Its literary a whole new level of animal abuse, because at least in the wild it can go either way for both animals. In captivity the mouse, guinea pig, or whatever the sick bastards decided to sacrifice for their sadistic pleasure is trapped with no way of fighting back. They don't understand the dangers unlike their wild savvy cousins, they are domesticated for companionship, not raise in the ways of fighting for survival. Snakes are not domesticated, simply tamed. They know how to survive by instinct, and this is an unfair disadvantage for the prey animal. Not only do the victums suffer a slow, cruel death, the snake may get hurt in the process. Its the equivalent of pit fighting; they're are pitting animals against each other, and against the will of the sacrificed creature. So many things can go wrong for either animal. Why is this even legal to begin with? It must be stopped! 

And for all the stupid turds who'll defend this act of violence, here's a news flash for you. Snakes are also scavengers. If they find something interesting and fresh laying around, they'll take it. Just give them frozen mice, you psychos.  


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United States
Hello. :) I'm GeineaLombax, also a member of Fanfiction as well as LittleBigPlanet2 under the same names. My user name was suppose to be GuineaLombax, as a combination of two animals; a Guinea Pig and a Lombax. But I misspell guinea and yeah... I love animals and video games. Reading, writing, drawing/painting are just some of the things I do.

Favorite Creatures: Ratchet and Clank
Lombaxes: I named myself GL because I LOVE Lombaxes! They're the most epic animal race and I can't get enough of them. I love them so much that I made tons of different breeds base on real rodent species (don't ask.)

Favorite Creatures:The Legend of Zelda
Zoras: My favorite race in the Zelda series. They are beautiful, peaceful, and intelligent aquatic creatures. And their offsprings are so adorable. :) I just want to pet one. If Zoras were real, that would've been fun.

My top 5 favorite The Legend of Zelda games. These games are purely rated by my personal experiences and how much enjoyment I got from them. If you are one of THOSE people who attack other Zelda fans simply because a game you enjoyed more is not enjoyed by some, then GO AWAY. There no bull crap on my page and if it arise, you'll be forbidding from my little domain (blocked). You have been warned.

Number 5: Ocarina of Time-While I was late to the party by 17 years, I finally picked up a copy of Ocarina of Time (OoT) for the N64 (and on the same year the damn 3DS remake came out.) I had high expections for it, only to get bored unfortunately. While I had some fond memories of certain parts, I couldn't help but grew tire during my playthrough. I really wanted to like it... Still a great game though, and it gladly gain my respect. It just wasn't for me, at the N64 version. Maybe 3DS version will change my mind one day. I think the praise is a little too exaggerated though. (By little I mean A LOT).

Number 4 Skyward Sword-I enjoy this one alot, even with the sloppy controls (I'm a person who just doesn't care about those things, if I have fun, then that's all that matters) It was overall a neat little adventure that I revisit time to time.

Number 3 Spirit Tracks- This game is one of the only reason I kept my DS (don't like handhelds that much at all). It was a blast playing, going through all the land with a fast transportation. Spirit Track haters should back off.

Number 2 Twilight Princess-the so called "OoT 2.0" This quote alone gives me the impression of very defensive (or obsess) OoT fans who seems to refuse other Zelda games try to "top" the childhood classic. This is easily my second favorite Zelda game. A good balance of action, adventure, and some interesting puzzles. I don't mind people not liking it, they dislike whatever they want. But to call an OoT clone is going too far. Seriously, don't you folks have anything better to do rather then accusing another game of sharing certain elements from Ocarina? Seriously who cares, just play the game and judge as its own title, not an identity thief.

Number 1 Majora's Mask-You probably think this is nostalgia? Well not really. It hard to explain but nostalgia never really affected me. Sure I have fond child memories but that's pretty much it. It doesn't determine a great game. You think its because of the dark themes? Dark themes are great, but that doesn't excuse it to become my favorite over others games. I love this game for a simple reason. Not because its dark, or sad, or weird (I seen weirder Zelda games) but because of this. Its fun. It just did it right for me; gameplay, story, mood, and adventure. To me, it is a perfect balance of exploration, sidequests, and dungeon crawling, a balance which I always look for in games. The story is also interesting in terms of Zelda games...I'll let you decide. And despite its dark themes, I never notice it, for the bright colorful world of Termina always brings a smile to my face. I'm still waiting to see who might take its place one day. For its doing fine.

Favorite Animals: All of them! I'm an animal lover. ^-^


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