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Hogwarts Crest

Feel free to use for anything that is non-profit.

To the admins of Hogwarts is Here. This was submitted to your competition without my consent and without crediting me. 

A guy named Yash Patel claims to have made this. Not true.
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This is the first high-detailed version of the Hogwarts Crest I've ever seen.
You did a great job, even details in the backgrounds. Thank you.

I might use it for a t-shirt or hoody for me.

Do you have this crest together with the motto of the school, "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus"?
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Saw this on Facebook, thought you might be interested-…

I'm pretty sure this doesn't fall under "non-profit"
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I am making my tattoo design for my sleeve if I add this part could i credit you when i post it to show my design? :3
Thank you very much <3
If I were to use your graphic on a t shirt for a non profit organization, how would you prefer me to credit your design? We will not be selling these shirts to the public, it's just for our group because we are doing a Harry Potter themed recruitment.
Could I use this on a t-shirt for my kid as part of a costume?
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How much is a commercial license to use your image? Thanks! :)
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Just use it for free.
Your artwork is awesome! Using it for our HP party!
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I used it and credited here…

Thank you for your work ^^
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Hei, can I use  the crest for my group app? I will certainly give you the credit for it.
and by the way, it's so amazing, I really like the color!
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thank you, I'm using it and it was great! :)
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No problem, enjoy!
Did you submit this to the 'Hogwarts is here' graphics design competition?? 
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Nope. What is it?
It's a big Harry Potter fan site and someone's using your design for the competition, so the owner's will be alerted that someone nicked your art. If anyone's going to enter this amazing design it should be it's owner. x
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Thanks for notifying me!

Your artwork is just simply awesome.  I want to let you know that we are starting up a non-profit organization called Hogwarts Running Club to raise money for cancer research.  Your artwork will be used on our Facebook page and we may even turn the four House crests into actual medals awarded to runners who complete certain running challenges later in the year.  I will make sure you get full credit for the artwork (with a link to your Deviant Art page) and invite you to checkout our Facebook page which should "go live" today or tomorrow.  Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

Hogwarts Running Club
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