Felting with yarn

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Hello guys, 

I bought a felting needle a week ago, but unfortunately i could n't find some one who sell felt at my country, also I can't order it online _ high shipping expenses!
Then I thought how about felting with yarn?! is it possible?! can i use my felting needle to attach yarn to my amigurumis?! or even more can i brush my yarn then start felting it and attaching it to my amigurumis? is that possible, is there any techniques that i can use and help in that?!
I really need help in that, because i want to attach felted eyes to my dolls.
Can anybody help me with that?!

Thank you ^_^ 
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I haven't done that much needle felting myself, but I don't see a problem in that especially if you have yarn that will felt in washing.
More slippery yarns might not stick that well. So I would go with natural fibers. :)