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  • June 16, 2000
  • Argentina
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Seasons Greetings From Gege And Evie


▫▫️ 2nd year Environmental Engineering student ♻️

▫️ Ex-Olympic in Biology (National Olympiad and pre-IBO selection, 2015 & 2016)👩‍🔬

▫️ Self-taught hobby artist (mainly traditional,sometimes digital)🖍️

▫️ Hobby writer of novels and tales (fantasy,terror,fantastic literature,science fiction,crime fiction)📒

▫️ I like taking pictures of landscapes,buildings,animals and microorganisms. I usually use cameras from smartphones.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Vicent van Gogh,Claude Monet, Dokinana,Vladimir Kush,Leonid Afremov,Aymsbaggin, HollyRoseBriar,AeIita
Favourite Movies
Frozen,Moana,Enemy at the Gates,Top Secret,Stardust,Coraline,Corpse Bride,Maleficent,Mirror Mirror,Anastasia,every Disney movie
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls,Gargoyles,Combo Ninos,Miraculous Ladybug,The Big Bang Theory,Cosmos,Sea Princesses,American Dragon,Emperor's new school,Phineas and Ferb
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Green Day,Nightwish,Tarja Turunen,Avril Lavigne,Within Temptation,Imperial Age, Evanescence, Колдстрим
Favourite Books
"The little prince","Do androids dream of electric sheep?" "Alice's adventures in wonderland","Alice Through the looking glass","On the origins of species","Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde","Around the world in 80 days"
Favourite Games
Old games like Snake,Street Fighter,Space Invaders,Tetris,Gargoyles SEGA
Favourite Gaming Platform
Arcade machines,PC
Tools of the Trade
Color pencils,markers,photoshop,window's paint,acrylic paint,watercolor pencils,reciclable trash

About Me

Hi,welcome to my page! I am Gege and i'm an environmental engineering student whose greatest loves are natural sciences-mainly Biology- and art. Art alongside reading has been my hobby since when i was around 4 years old. When i was in primary school,i started to develop a liking for writing,which got stronger during secondary school so i've always enjoy writing for school projects.Here i'm posting both kinds of artwork,those done during school years and those done on spare time.I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery! About the stuff i like,i love cartoons and movies,specially Disney's ones,my favorite kinds of movies are comical,animated,documentaries and historical.I also like other sciences like History and Geography. My favorite kinds of music are rock,symphonic metal and orchestral. I got an interest on Russian culture,in a way kinda similar to people who like Japanese culture,i like some Russian animated movies and i listen to some of their rock/metal bands. I also like a lot gothic architecture and things related to goth aesthetic

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Welcome to the marvelous Empire of Moskova

Legend Says [ANIMATION]

Read my on going novel,"Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars"!

In the exotic kingdom of Moskova,a lot of cultures live in the shadows of Tsar Ivar's bloody reign.Two Kozzakhi kids,Aliosha and Dylara will have to undertake the adventure of their lives for fulfiling an ancient prophecy. In this journey they'll meet new friends,learn about their own people's past and face a lot of risks for saving their kingdom of the darkness.


Click on my upper gallery for reading the chapters!


Meet the main characters!

You'd rather not see what's behind you


Get to know the country!

Map of Moskova (English)


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Amazing art of my characters done by amazing people! It includes fan art, DTIYS, trades, commissions...

Gege Art Trade
Megatronic Legacy (1991): Neo Demon Squad
Megatronic Legacy: Demon Squad Team
Megatronic Legacy: Mikhai Rankash Model Preview
Ilustracion Aliosha Takhmanov
Megatronic Legacy: Mikhai and Etna Model Pose Test
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Dylara Vs Mikhai
Blue Star
Dylara and Brooke
Aliosha commision by SolarDiscomfort
Gene16 DTIYS
Gene16 DTIYS Challenge
Genie Dylara in Shantaeverse (trade/collab)

by Fantom-Phrost hmoodydoodyTH BrookeTheDragonDoggo Sori-Eminia lilychilli FlankerD ObscuredTitan aerithIy

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Hello my friends! How have you been? About me, since my country's economy is facing a hard time and there's a big possibility of having political instability in the near future I decided to open a Redbubble shop featuring my designs! So, if you always wanted to have cute merch of my characters and would like to support me, you could consider buying some stuff from here! More designs and products coming soon!
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I don't really post call outs on here but the user @/glitchedv0idheart has been harassing and molesting friends from a Discord server where I am, she's so been having pretty disgusting attitudes like using her medical condition to justify her bad behavior and breaking the rules of this site several times. If you know her, just block her.
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Hi peeps! I forgot making an announcement on this but I unfortunately had to update my commission prices due to the rising inflation rate. The update is also available on my Commissions tab here on Deviant Art.
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