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It's Because of Our Plans Man.

"It's because of our plans man..."

Model: Moira

Birds photographed by Alison Millcock
Image details
Image size
428x800px 374.02 KB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/180 second
Focal Length
35 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 18, 2011, 7:47:11 PM
Sensor Size
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Gee I was going to write you a nice long critical response for this work but after my close to 200hour fortnight I am stuffed so Ill just tell you that putting aside my hate for the imagery you used (which is just 100's of girls at uni who used the combination of thread, birds and dripping paint in their work) I will just give you some short quick notes.
1) I always love how slick your photoshopping is.
2) I don't like you composition, needs to be a)canvas longer or b) move your central image
3) I love where your working is heading at the moment, you seem to be freeing your images up and exploring you skills, crossing your mediums and seem more expressive.
4) Some parts of the image look strange as it seems to move from 3D to 2D (e.g. if you move your eyes from one bird to a peg to the face) and you images and messes with the depth arrangement (it is hard to tell which element sits in front of one, or behind the other etc), which I am not sure is intentional or not. If it was than I think it is an interesting effect if a little confusing on the eyes (but if you have conceptual justification than I say why the F not), if not than something you should look out for because it can mess up an image if you don't keep track of it.
5) was awesome seeing you the other day, need to catch up when I am not so zombie, oh and the flour you where looking for you can use bread flour to replace it (I did some research for you when I got home :) )
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Brychan thanks heaps. I really should send this stuff to you before putting it all out there.

Firstly... Thanks for the slick comment. I appreciate it much

2. Yep... your very right. When this comes to print I will indeed give it more canvas.

3. Yeah it is meant to fuck with depth and change from 2d to 3d a littttle bit but not as much as you are saying. I do think that the details in shadows are lost a bit at this small size so you cant actually see the shadows behind the right bird, Ill show you the bigger version later on and hopefully its a bit less confusing. However on second thought maybe that shadow needs to be a bit more prominent because I have covered it in texture a bit. *ponders*. yes yes.

and yeah catch up would be awesome. whens uni holidays?
annny hooze, thanks dude!
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Uni holidays finish not the Monday coming up but the next!

Glad I can help, but really it is only tiny things in the picture and on a whole it is some nice work :)
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Oh wow this is beautiful in ways I can't even put into words!
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thanks fine sir
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There are no words that I can type that describe fully how this piece makes me feel.
I fucking love your work!
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<3 I cannot get over it being Miss Moi!!! This is too pretty miss! <3 <3
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